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Arias Ozzello & Gignac LLP is an experienced class action trial law firm representing clients throughout the United States. We have represented millions of class participants and recovered millions in damages. In fact, we have tried numerous class action cases – not a common occurrence with most class action attorneys. We do not take on a class action case unless we are prepared to try it.

Our philosophy, both as litigators and business advisors, is to provide comprehensive and aggressive legal services in a cost-effective and efficient manner. The firm's goal is to use an understanding of its client's business, personal and economic needs to fashion real world solutions to complex problems. Our litigation practice has garnered millions of dollars for our clients in both class action, personal injury and business litigation matters.

The firm's experience in business and litigation matters has given it a reputation of being meticulous as well as practical. The firm's success in the courtroom also has brought it well-deserved praise. Our victories in several lengthy trials and our success at the appellate court level have confirmed our dedication to our clients and our perseverance in protecting their interests. Arias Ozzello & Gignac's business law practice embraces the same philosophy and approach. The firm is committed to working in small, efficient teams to provide the right advice and expertise in a timely manner. The firm strives to recognize both the economic or personal significance of a matter to the client and the need to deliver a result within a legal budget which is not disproportionate to the importance of the matter.

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The Need for Stroke and Heart Attack Medication - According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, stroke is the fourth leading cause of death in the U.S. Healthy blood vessels allow oxygen and other nutrients to flow to the brain. When a clot is formed that blocks the brain’s input of blood, a stroke may result, resulting in mild, moderate or severe impairment - or death.

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 Pradaxa Shows Significant Side Effects

Pradaxa is an anticoagulant, or blood thinner, that was approved by the FDA in Oct. 2011 to prevent blood clots in patients who experience atrial fibrillation, or irregular heartbeat. When the heart does not beat in a regular, healthy rhythm, blood may collect in the heart and clots may form as it collects. If a clot is pumped into the bloodstream and it reaches the brain, a stroke may result. Pradaxa was designed to thin the blood, allowing it to flow freely without clotting.

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