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Law Firm Overview

Arnone & Sicomo is a full service international law firm based in Palermo and offices in Milan, Rome, Cuneo, Trento, Catania, London, Madrid, Brussel and Istanbul, offering Italian, English, Spanish, French, and Arabic speaking clients skilled and knowledgeable assistance in a wide variety of personal and professional legal affairs with confidentiality, commitment, and professionalism.

Practice areas include Criminal Law and Criminal Business Law, Customs Law, Corporate and Commercial Law, Real Estate, Data Protection Law, Probate and Family Law, Immigration, Tax and Financial Law, Administrative Law, Labor and Social Security Law, Insurance Law and Personal Injury, Canon and Ecclesiastical Law, and Litigation representation in European Institutions such as the European Court of Human rights, the European Court of Justice and the European Union Court.

The firm’s legal team provides services to both Italian and foreign individuals and companies requiring international legal assistance using a range of complementary and innovative services for complex matters that require an interdisciplinary approach.

Languages: Italian, French, English, Arabic, Chinese, Spanish.

Areas of Law

Additional Areas of Law: Criminal Business Law; Canon and Ecclesiastical Law; Pension Law; Debt Collection; Obstruction of a Public Official; Corruption; Extortion; Abusive Use of Profession; Property Crimes; Computer Fraud; Receiving Stolen Goods; Financial, Bankruptcy and Corporate Crimes; Financial Illegalities; Fraudulent Bankruptcy; Market Rigging; Insider Trading; Market Manipulation; Tax Crimes; Cybercrimes; Phishing; Maritime Crimes; Environmental Offenses; Unlawful Detention; Stalking; Sexual Violence; Building and Planning Offenses; Rental Agreements; Real Estate Due Diligence; European Antitrust Law; Commercial Contracts; Due Diligence; Unfair Trade Practices; Property Leasing; Misleading Advertising; Economic Geopolitics; Property Rights Litigation; Right to Education; Health Medical Law; Social Security Litigation; Road Accident Cases; Property Damage Claim and Personal Injury; International Child Adoption and Legal Custody; Legal Recognition in Italy of LGBT Families; Asylum and International Protection; Enforcement Proceedings.


Donatella Sicomo Ms. Donatella Sicomo
Commercial Ship Accident, Criminal Law, Cruise Ship Accidents, Customs Law, Health Care

Of Counsel

Francesco Giallombardo Mr. Francesco Giallombardo
Of Counsel
Labor Law

Cristiana Girolimetto Ms. Cristiana Girolimetto
Of Counsel
Marketing Law

Laura Muscarella Ms. Laura Muscarella
Of Counsel
Child Abuse, Child Pornography, Domestic Violence, Juvenile Law, Sex Crimes

Gianluigi Sciabica Mr. Gianluigi Sciabica
Of Counsel

Giuseppe Serio Mr. Giuseppe Serio
Of Counsel
Alternative Dispute Resolution, Appellate Practice, Arbitration, Business Litigation, Civil Litigation

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 Opening a Representative Office in Italy

The representative office is the easiest operating mode for foreign companies.

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 Buying a Property in Italy

An essential guide to buying your property in Italy includes: how to move, what to do, taxes to pay and laws to comply with.

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 Compensation for Passengers in Car Accidents in Italy

Compensation for Passengers in Car Accidents in Italy: when you shall request for compensation of damages and how to receive it in short terms and without any trouble.

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 Marriage in Italy for Foreigners

The migratory trend, increased in recent years, has led to the exponential growth of the marriages between foreigners citizens in Italy and in particular in places such as Venice, Florence, Lake Como, Verona, Amalfi Coast, Rome, Portofino, Puglia and the splendid Taormina.

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 Italy work visa

Italy work visa: read here to clearly and simply understand about the procedure to apply for your subordinate or autonomous work visa.

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 Italian Inheritance Law

Italian Inheritance Law has new regulations to consider and procedures for you to accept or to disclaim your rightful inheritance.

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 Study in Italy: Visa and Resident Permits

One of the many things foreign students need to know before applying to any Italian university is how to have the visa and resident permit issued.

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 Italian Inheritance Law

Italian Inheritance Law: new regulations to consider and procedure to accept or to disclaim your rightful inheritance

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 Detention and Drug Dealing in Italy

The possession and distribution of drugs is a very delicate issue, especially in relation to the specific aspect of the statute of limitation.

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 Divorce in Italy

All you need to know about divorce in Italy: Latest updates about quick divorce, divorce by mutual consent, contested divorce and how to obtain it in a short time and without a hitch.

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 Debt Collection in Italy

What to do and how to proceed in order not to lose your money if your debtor resides in Italy.

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 Italian Visa: How to Obtain It

An Italian visa is essential to transit or to stay in the so-called “Bel Paese”.

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 Marriage Annulment in Italy

A decree of nullity of marriage (commonly synthesized as “marriage annulment” or “Sacra Rota annulment”) corresponds to the decree of nullity of the sacrament of marriage.

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 Arrested in Italy: How Does It Take Place and How to File an Appeal

Arrest, as a measure that restricts personal liberty, is carried out by the Criminal Police against an individual who is caught while committing a criminal offence (i.e. flagranza propria) or against “whom right after committing the offence is chased by the criminal police, by the aggrieved party or by other parties, or whom is caught with things or evidence that prove he committed the offence right before” (i.e. flagranza impropria).

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 Due Diligence in Italy: What It Is and What It Is About

The concept of due diligence derives from the Anglo-American experience. It has to be intended as an investigation procedure aimed at investigating and assessing a company’s (the so-called “target”) contents, in order to allow evaluations of mainly economic nature (report).

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 Vehicular Manslaughter in Italy: A New Criminal Offense

Vehicular homicide in Italy is governed by Article 589 bis of the Criminal Code, as separate criminal offense introduced by the new law no. 41 dated March 23rd 2016 on vehicular homicide.

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 Drink-Driving in Italy

Drink-Driving in Italy is an offence punished with contravention, and of competence of the Court in monocratic composition, in accordance with articles 186 and 186 bis of the Traffic Code.

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 European Arrest Warrant

The European arrest warrant (EAW) is a legal procedure which consists in the request by an EU Member State's judicial authority to another State to arrest and surrender an individual who lives within its own territory.

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 Extradition in Italy

Extradition is a mechanism for international cooperation among sovereign States, it consists in the procedure by which a State (the requested State) turns over to another State (the requesting State) an individual charged with a crime committed in the requesting State, for purpose of being prosecuted or punished by final sentence.

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 Setting Up a Company in Italy: Advantages for Foreign Investors

Italy represents a very attractive Country for foreign investors who want to set up a company. This is due to the great success of the "made in Italy" products on the world market for many years.

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 Unlawful Building in Italy

Unlawful building in Italy occurs whenever an urban intervention without the required license is undertaken. It constitutes an infringement both on penal and administrative level.

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 Car Accident Compensation in Italy

How to request and obtain compensation in case of injuries.

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 Claims for damages for unfair detention in Italy

Compensation for the damages caused by unfair detention in Italy is governed by Articles 314 and 315 of the Criminal Procedure Code.

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 European Injunction: How to Submit the Application and How to Make an Objection

The European Parliament and the Council adopted on 12 December 2006 the Regulation (EC) No 1896/2006 establishing a European proceeding for injunction order aimed to rapid and effective collection of commercial claims arisen from cross-border legal disputes – in which at least one of the parties' domicile or residence is in one of the European Union Member States and it is different from that of the court seized (except from Denmark).

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 Criminal Rehabilitation in Italy: How to Obtain Deletion of Criminal Records

The criminal rehabilitation procedure in Italy allows persons who have been convicted of a crime by a judgement having the force of res judicata or by criminal judgement not objected to request, to obtain deletion of offences from the italian criminal record and subsequently discharge of the offences, provided that certain requirements are met.

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 Italian Criminal Record Check

Italian Criminal Record Check: How to submit a request.

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 Transcription of Foreign Decree Absolute in Italy

Transcription of foreign decree absolute: All you need to know to request it.

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 SIS Schengen: What It Is and What Is Its Use

SIS Schengen: The Schengen Infomation System and what to do in case an unlawful alert is issued.

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 BREXIT Consequences

Brexit's economic and financial consequences mean that the United Kingdom is the new fiscal haven.

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 Italian Criminal Procedure

Italian criminal procedure: Safeguards for Foreigners.

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 BREXIT: Hunt for Dual Citizenship and Italian Citizenship

BREXIT: the path towards divorce between the United Kingdom and Brussels June 23, 2016, represents a memorable day for the European Union (if still definable this way), since on that day the British were called to express through a consultative and not binding referendum their own will to continue benefiting from the right of being European citizens.

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 Crowdfunding Start-Up: What it Is and How it Works in Italy and the EU

Crowdfunding is an alternative source of funding that makes use of the web, and of the virtual environment, in order to put ideas in contact with other ideas, projects, people or groups of people and capital.

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 Elective Residence Visa in Italy

The elective residence visa allows to enter Italy and is for all foreigners interested in settling in the territory, whenever there is an interest in purchasing a property.

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 Compensation from a Skiing Accident

Ski accident damage: compensation in civil and criminal matters.

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 SME Internationalization: Business Strategies in Italy

SME Internationalization: How to expand business to overseas markets.

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 Flat Tax in Italy

Flat tax: What is it, how it works and benefits.

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 Real Estate Investments in Italy

Buying property in Italy: How to buy a house in Italy.

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