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 Best Practice for Technology Manufacturing Contracts - Taiwan

Here in Asia, itís surprising how often tech companies will team up with a business partner and commence manufacturing, with no contract in place, placing trust in a few emails, oral conversations and purchase orders. I know, because they will then come to me, after problems have arisen, with questions about their legal rights. Much risk and uncertainty can be eliminated if the parties will first negotiate and sign a basic manufacturing agreement.

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 Best Practice for Joint Development Agreements - Taiwan

Companies that wish to produce new technologies often choose to jointly develop it with others. That option is popular, as it allows two companies to share their respective strengths, resources and expertise. It is also risky, because each party relies on the other and may be required to share sensitive trade-secrets and other intellectual property rights. However, handled properly, the risks can be minimized and a mutually beneficial relationship can flourish.

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 10 Tips for Drafting Non-Disclosure Agreements - Taiwan

Like Rodney Dangerfield, Non-Disclosure Agreements (ďNDAsĒ) often get no respect. Business persons may plunge into negotiations, revealing confidential information with no agreement in place, or Legal may issue the same form agreement in every case, as if one-size-fits-all. Well, like any contract, the NDA can provide vital protection, but should be drafted with care. Here are 10 tips to consider.

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 U.S. Patent Liability Based on Foreign Sales or Manufacturing - Taiwan

Can a company that does business only in Asia, with all of its manufacturing, sales and deliveries taking place there pursuant to contracts signed in Asia, be held liable for infringement under the U.S. Patent Act? Yes, quite possibly, as explained in this article by an international technology attorney based in Taipei, Taiwan.

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 10 Tips for Drafting Indemnification Provisions - Taiwan

One encounters indemnification provisions so often in so many diverse agreements that itís almost tempting to regard them as routine boilerplate. To do so would be a big mistake. This article provides valuable tips for negotiating and drafting appropriate contract language. The article was produced by the International Technology Law Blog, a publication of Asia Law, a firm of international attorneys based in Taipei, Taiwan that provides legal services for companies doing business in Asia.

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 Responding to Patent Licensing Demands - Taiwan

Patent licensing demands can be extremely costly to resolve, often running into millions of dollars. Fortunately, when handled skillfully, in-house counsel should be able to successfully dispose of most licensing demands at little or no cost, without the need for licensing or litigation.

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