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Law Firm Overview

ASV Law is a leading international law firm, based in Mayfair in central London. ASV Law is a market leader for individuals and businesses in the sport, music, media & entertainment, reputation management, digital, and creative industries. The firm is highly regarded for negotiation, litigation, arbitration, and commercial work in Europe, North America, South America, and the Middle East.

We have a unique global client base including governments, sport organizations, high profile individuals, and luxury brands. Our personal approach and expert multi-jurisdictional service are renowned for professionalism, discretion, and efficiency. We also advise on legal issues faced by those in the public eye with a specific focus on privacy rights such as digital and social media defamation, information protection, and image rights.

At ASV Law, we are dedicated to working strategically towards each client’s individual goal. Noted for innovative lawyering and expert negotiation, we also handle crises with objective support so that your business can continue to operate with minimal disruption.

Languages: French, Italian, Spanish, English

Areas of Law

Additional Areas of Law: Endorsement Law; Online Defamation; Reputation Management.

Areas of Law Description

- International Law

As International and European Registered Lawyers we successfully litigated in many jurisdictions, including assisting clients in front of the Supreme Court of California or the Paris' Court of Appeal. In brief, we cover :

• Strategic Dispute Resolution
• International Litigation
• International Federation Advocacy
• Tribunal du Sport
• International Arbitration
• International Credit recovery
• International Contracts
• European Public Procurement

- Litigation and Arbitration

When you are faced with a difficult situation, and no option is left but fighting for your rights and making your voice heard, Arbitration and Litigation are normally the chosen paths. You may have been sued, you need representation, you need an advocate to your rights and to be prepared for any "side effects" litigation may have. In Brief, we advocate in:

• Civil Courts
• Commercial Courts
• Employment Tribunals
• Organizations, Federations and Selected Committees
• Tribunal du Sport/ Court Arbitral du Sport
• International Courts

- Sport

Sport law is one of the prime dedicated areas of ASV Law. Dedicated to Athletes, Rights Holders and Federations ASV Law strategic approach of sport law means that we are regularly instructed to act internationally (Emirates, Kingdom of Bahrain, Singapore, Europe and USA). In brief, we cover :

• Event sponsorship
• The maximization of media and marketing rights
• Competition and broadcasting rights
• Intellectual property rights
• Anti-ambush marketing
• General liability in sport
• Contracting and competition
• Anti-ticket touting
• Anti-corruption
• Drafting and negotiation of rules and regulations for series and competitions
• Disciplinary and anti-doping proceedings (federations and cas)
• Bringing and defending challenges to the decision of governing bodies (from red cards, suspensions etc.)
• Club takeovers, player transfers, terminations
• Exploitation of commercial rights
• Sport disputes and dispute resolution (Special Bodies CAS etc.)

- Media and Entertainment

Our clients are often at the center of the media's attention, not always willingly so. ASV Law has developed extensive experience to protect you discreetly and using our expertise in media legal matters. In brief:

• Injunctions
• Libel and defamation (also online)
• Media rights negotiation and distribution
• Image rights
• Passing off actions
• WIPO disputes and Arbitration
• OFCOM and Press Complaints Commission (PCC)
• Rights Tenders
• Digital Platform Contracts
• Spokespersons for clients (when required)

- Online Defamation

Our Clients are often in the public eye and with the variety of social media platforms in today's technologically advanced world, it is imperative to protect the online reputation and identity of each of our Clients.

• Deal with all the images, reputation, defamatory matters and unwanted publicity
• Removal of defamatory articles
• Buy back of image rights

- Commercial Law

When you need to close a commercial deal, to negotiate a contract for an important deal, event or endorsement, you need all the help you can get to get it right. In a world of commoditized legal services, we offer a bespoke commercial service. And we commit to it. To that effect we assist clients during their crucial negotiations, not just to formalize the agreed. Our commercial services offering reflects the variety and importance of the business deals you do.

• Commercial Law Services
• Licensing/ Image rights/ endorsement
• Sponsorship and Activation Contracts
• Broadcasting and TV distribution
• Public Procurement
• General Contracts
• Commercial Litigation
• Commercial Advocacy and Arbitration

- Crisis Transformation

The world we are part of moves very fast. And you can't be left behind. Our Clients are normally prepared for it. However at times they can find themselves confronted to unjustified or unwanted media attention. We have joined forces with a reputable PR crisis company and have created a product designed to:

• Anticipate any media impact you may be involved with.
• Manage the press coverage of your matter
• Cooperate with the journalists and media to the desired extent the case may require
• Protect your reputation


Simon Vumbaca Mr. Simon Vumbaca
International Law, Litigation, Media, Sports and Recreation



  • CCBE/European Bar
  • Law Society of England & Wales
  • Consejo General de la Abogacia Espaniola

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