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Law Firm Overview

Ayman Sultan Law Firm in Cairo, Egypt, helps clients deal with problems occurring in a number of legal areas. The firm are experts in criminal law, litigation, business law in Egypt, dealing with courts in Egypt, real estate and marriage. The firm represents both clients in Egypt and outside the country.

Attorneys provide legal advice for businesses and families, protecting their rights and managing cases using their resources. They investigate criminal cases thoroughly and handle business cases with expertise on how to file contracts or establish a business in the country.

Lawyers at Ayman Sultan Law Firm provide petitions and appeals. They take time to consider cases from all viewpoints before devising a strategy. They come up with the most effective solution to the clients' problems. They have a reputation for getting the job done whatever that job may be.

Year this Office was Established: 2007

Languages: English, Arabic, French, Russian

Areas of Law

Additional Areas of Law: Legal Advice; Drafting of Contracts; Drafting Legal Documents; Implementation of Foreign Judgments; Personal Civil Status; Marriage; Real Estate Law Disputes.

Areas of Law Description

- Criminal Legal Cases in Egypt

You may contact with our lawyers at any stage of criminal workflow even if you already got the verdict. You have to remember about any legal appeals what is always possible. Our lawyers do research according to full knowledge of Criminal Law of Egyptian Legal System. Based on a big experience we orient in any situation very fast and may react immediately. Our specialists are ready to defend your side in any court or instance.

- Business in Egypt

Establishing and management of companies for the different industries in Egypt. Most popular of them are import and export through the Alexandria port and Port Said, restaurant tourist business, hotel industry.

- Personal Status, Family Law. Marriage & Divorce

There are many cases of signing marriage contracts and especially this service helps to foreigners. Ministry of foreign office in Egypt and the law of Egypt insists to finish a lot of steps of being married and having children. But the process of divorce is often harder for both sides and harder if you have children together. We are well experienced in that field and we saw enough cases of divorcing and getting children to mother (whatever citizenship she is).

- Arbitration & Resolution of Disputes

It is very clear and easy to win the case of arbitration if you have a professional attorney protecting you in the court. The primary target of our company is to make procedure fast for our customers (especially for foreigners or juridical organizations). We minimize the risks for commercial companies and personal clients in most of cases of arbitration before the process started.

- Support of Business Commercial Contracts & Claims Support

Ayman Sultan Law Firm supports commercial companies of any rise period or bankruptcy or usual proceedings with customers or partners. We provide services of starting of official companies, legal support in the registration and working of small and medium business, bankruptcy of big organizations by the team of lawyers, liquidation of creating companies in Egypt, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Lebanon or any Middle East cities. We also check and consider financial cases in commercial contracts.

- Implementation of Foreign Judgments

We offer to conduct your business with foreign companies in your new step of growth, we provide the legal signing of contracts between two or more organizations. During the preparing of contracts we analyze the law of the partner's country and explain to our customers how things goes in any happening.

- Real Estate Services in Egypt

If you are a foreigner you may think how to buy an apartment near the Red Sea. And fortunately the business of real estate in Hurghada, Sharm-el-Sheikh, Cairo or any other cities is growing good independently of revolution time of 2009. We offer to conduct all the procedures of buying and entering into the owner's rights.
If you are Egyptian and want to buy an apartment we are to your services as a legal adviser.


Mr. Emad Abd Elaziz Elborginy

Mr. Ayman Sultan Muhammad Khalifa
Accident, Arbitration, Banking and Finance, Business Litigation, Commercial Litigation


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Articles Published by Ayman Sultan Law Firm

 Crimes Against Foreigners in Egypt

Murders of or by foreigners in Egypt – Thankfully these cases are rare, but unfortunately they aren’t unheard of. Not the most common of foreigner crimes in Egypt, murder (or a killing) can be classified as follows: self-defence, manslaughter, deliberate murder. In terms of statistics, self-defence is usually behind a foreigner killing an Egyptian citizen.

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 Financial Fraud and Theft as Crimes Against Foreigners in Cairo, Hurghada, Sharm

Financial fraud – the most common and most profitable ‘business’ activity that turns to foreign residents. Real estate fraud, illicit car sales, cheated insurance, denial of services that you have paid for–you name it. You should seek protection from a law firm in Egypt in any of these cases; don’t wait and be protected from the very start.

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 How to Buy Residential and Commercial Real Estate in Egypt

Law description for business commercial companies established in Egypt. These rights have described according to the International Law in Egypt. Also the article says about private property in Cairo, Hurghada. But there are other rules for Sharm-El-Sheikh.

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 Car Accidents in Egypt with Foreigners

Be absolutely free from the driving rules - is the most popular "law" in the Egypt for car holders. There are probably only women drive carefully but that fact doesn't decrease the count of accidents with people on the streets. Car accident may happen with anyone in any country. Here an a real example of financial fraud according to the car troubles.

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 Theft in Egypt - Mistakes of Foreigner's Make

Mistakes foreigners make in Egypt when theft has happened to them.

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 Why Do Foreigners Need a Lawyer in Egypt?

Foreigners in Egypt often have to deal with unpleasant situations, from minor annoyances like stolen change to serious instances like vehicle thefts, beatings and perhaps even real threats to life. In most, if not all cases, an international lawyer should be involved immediately. It’s not because some Egyptians (i.e., criminals in Egypt) have a rather vague notion of ‘just’ and ‘right’, but rather so that you always know how to come out on top of a situation and are protected at every step.

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