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Bailey & Partners is a personal injury law firm based in Santa Monica, serving personal injury clients in Los Angeles and across the globe. The firm uniquely specializes in the realm of aviation business and wrongful death related to aircraft crashes. Bailey & Partners is the law firm of choice for many clients who have suffered through a wrongful death as the result of a plane crash or helicopter accident.

The attorneys at Baily & Partners are skilled in negotiation and trial practice, have a deep commitment to winning, and are ready to get results. With more than 25 years of legal experience, the firmís proven track record and result-driven service has allowed them to become a highly reputable firm amongst clients and colleagues. This allows them to handle any case of any level of complexity with confidence and ease.

lf you have survived a plane or helicopter crash or are suffering as the result of a wrongful death in your family, it is in your best interest to consult an experienced attorney as soon as possible. The knowledgeable and experienced attorneys at Bailey & Partners will work tirelessly to hold accountable those responsible for your suffering.

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 Los Angeles Aviation Law Attorney Patrick Bailey Comments on Asiana Flight 214 Crash

Patrick Bailey, an experienced pilot and aviation accident attorney, analyses what he believes caused the July 6 crash at San Francisco International Airport.

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 Brain Injuries

Brain injuries can be devastating to the lives of both the victim and his or her family. Medical bills can add-up quickly and overwhelm most families. If you or a loved one has sustained a brain injury due the negligent or wrongful act of another, you can hold them responsible for your damages.

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 The Tragedy of Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse is one of the most damaging acts that can be committed against another human being. The physical and mental injury caused by such abuse can leave deep emotional scars that can last a lifetime.

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 Motorcyclist Survey Shows Lack of Protective Gear still Widespread

In spite of all the statistics, a recent survey shows that there are too many motorcyclists who are riding without wearing helmets and other protective gear.

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 Impact of Brain Injury

There are an estimated 2,000,000 to 6,000,000 people in the United States who suffer from brain injury. Many of these suffer from Traumatic Brain Injury which is sustained by a blow or a massive force applied to the head. Situations that typically end in brain injuries include serious truck or other accidents, and falls.

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 Bicycle Helmets Are not Just for Children

Itís not just children who can minimize the risks of suffering a head injury in a bicycle accident by wearing helmets. The New York Times is drawing attention to the fact that thousands of bicycle accident-related head injuries in adults every year can be prevented through the use of bike helmets.

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 Is Your Rx A Ticking Time Bomb?

This article is meant for anyone who purchases prescription drugs. It will help you to protect yourself against the mislabeling of pharmaceuticals which could have an adverse effect on you.

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Los Angeles Trial and Personal Injury Attorney

One of the key attributes of this law firm is the fact that Patrick and I have a significant amount of trial experience. Patrick and I take on every case and meet with every client with one major thought in mind and that is to take it all the way through the finish, to trial.

Thatís the great equalizer, having 12 men and women from the community. That is our bill of rights in force. And if youíre going to represent your client to the max to hopefully bring in the best compensation you possibly can for your client. Itís probably going to happen in the courtroom.

A lot of law firms are more interested are more interested in trying to maximize a settlement value as quickly as they can without paying attention to that very very key concept. what is in the best interest of the client. we will go the distance for the client in order to maximize the recovery whether it be by settlement just before trial or if it means taking the case all the way through verdict. We are not the type of people who are going to flinch or otherwise be insecure in any respect whatsoever about completing the case and doing all that is necessary in order to maximize value for the client.

Aviation Completion Center - Customized Private Jet Business Litigation

Another segment of aviation law is completion centers. A completion center is an operation that a client hires to complete the interior of a VVIP or a very very important project. The interior of a jet. And the interior of a jet can easily be 25 million dollars. So what goes wrong with the completion in a completion center. Probably 3 words come to mind. Delay Delay Delay. The types of damages that a client would suffer in a failed completion of the interior of their jet. The first that comes to mind is well someoneís got to complete the jet properly. So they have to hire another completion center. And during that delay of hiring another completion center they no longer have another airplane to fly. So they have to acquire what we call supplemental lift that is buy a charter from another charter operator or buy time on another jet. All of those are damages. And if the completion center wound up damaging the aircraft, now you have a diminution in value of the aircraft. Itís a very challenging area of aviation law. That is completing the interior of a jet because of the millions and millions of dollars that are at issue. So itís really a segment of business aviation litigation that we specialize in.

Pharmaceutical Negligence Attorney - Defective Drug Lawyer

In the area of pharmaceutical negligence, the first place that you look at is whoís the defendant. Is it a manufacturer, is it a seller, is it a distributor, is it a hospital. Is it a pharmacy thatís compounding medications for a user. And once you identify the defendant you need to identify, what went wrong. Was it a failure to warn about possible side effects? Was it a failure to research about possible side effects.

These cases are tricky, all of them are. Especially when youíre dealing with people who have experienced a significant amount of anxiety and depression along with their physical injuries. So we have the power and the ability to refer them to excellent additional legal help as special neurologists, psychologists, physiatrists, people of this nature that these particular injured victims may not have access to

A consumer of pharmaceuticals needs to be told the truth. about What am I putting in my body? What is it going to do? And what are the dangers. Keeping that information away from the consumer is more than negligence, thatís willful disregard.

Personal Injury and Wrongful Death Attorney Los Angeles

Bailey & Partners is a law firm thatís dedicated 100% to its clients. We practice aviation law wrongful death and serious injury cases. People have asked me why I became a trial attorney. And the simple answer is because I became convinced thatís where I can help my clients the best.

Bailey & Partners has a lot of unique attributes. The attorneys here have in excess of 60 years of experience. Most of that experience is in the area of personal injury, catastrophic injury, pharmaceutical and wrongful death

Being trial attorneys for over 30 years now We have the resources, the skills and more importantly the dedication to win for our clients.

In every case that Patrick and I handle we consider it important to focus on three critical areas and thatís preparation, preparation and more preparation. Now that typically involves meeting with the client early on after a catastrophic accident or a sever injury and determining exactly where they are in their process of rehabilitation.

When a client has suffered a significant loss they need a lot more than just legal services, they need a team thatís dedicated to their success. And thatís what we do here at Bailey and Partners.

Aviation Accident Attorney - Plane Crash Lawyers

Bailey & Partners has been involved in aviation cases since the beginning of the firm, 30 years ago. Thatís what we do. Itís also my passion. Iím a flight instructor for airplanes, for instruments, for multi engine. I flew as a charter captain under part 135. So, itís in my blood stream, itís in the blood stream of the people that we work with and weíve litigated aviation cases across the country.

Before a lawyer should take on an aviation case theyíve really got to have the experience to bring to bear all of the skills that are absolutely essential to win.

It may start with the investigation of the crash Knowing what to look for, ground scars, what was the weather reported to be Was there a design defect in the airplane so If you havenít been there, if you havenít sat in the left seat and know what itís like to night..alone.. when itís dark and raining. You really donít understand some of the struggles that the pilot went through or some of the struggles the pilot should never have confronted because of a lack of experience.

All of these play, what could be a pivotal role. And if you donít understand how all those pieces come together, then you may miss the point. So whoever you choose for your lawyer, make sure that he or she has a significant aviation background or you could be at a significant disadvantage.

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