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Law Firm Overview

Barnea Law Firm is an international law firm based in Tel Aviv with a truly global reach. They provide comprehensive legal service to both domestic and foreign clients. The firm combines in-depth knowledge in all areas of commercial law together with practical experience in a diverse range of business fields, including infrastructure, technology, biotechnology, public and private investment, energy, water, and Kibbutzim.

The office has a unique reputation and extensive experience in providing legal support on cross-border transactions, representing foreign entities working in Israel as well as Israeli companies operating overseas. Clients include leading Israeli and international corporations engaged in varied activities.

Barnea is a multi-lingual legal hub and their lawyers know how to bridge culture gaps. Barnea takes pride in the high quality service that it provides and the close relationships that it develops with its clients because working together and understanding each other makes all things possible.

Languages: English, French, Dutch, Russian, Spanish

Areas of Law

Additional Areas of Law: China and the Far East; Infrastructure; Internet Law; Kibbutz Sector; NPO; Private Clients.


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Capital Markets, Corporate Law, Science and Technology, Securities


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 Developments in the Relations between Banks and Fintech Companies in Israel

The Tel Aviv District Court recently issued its ruling in a proceeding that has been underway for several months. The proceeding concerns a fintech company who filed a motion for an injunction that would prevent a bank from unilaterally modifying the terms and conditions for the fintech company’s bank account.

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 Fintech: Challenge and Potential

Fintech combines for the first time the worlds of financial services and technology, as banks and insurance companies serve as fintech’s main playing fields. As such, both sectors must become more efficient and acquire the technological solutions that will help them fulfill their roles.

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 Digital Currency: A Glossary for Beginners

Do you keep hearing people talk about blockchain, bitcoins, and ICOs with no idea what they mean? – Here’s a short glossary to help you understand what the fuss is all about.

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 Ministry of Communications to Form a Tender Committee for the Allocation of a New Cellular Spectrum in Israel

The Ministry of Communications has appointed a tender committee to formulate and draw up a tender for the allocation of a spectrum for the provision of advanced cellular services.

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 Blocking Online Gambling Websites – New Israeli Legislation

The Israeli parliament has enacted new legislation that will authorize Israeli courts to issue orders that block, inter alia, online gambling websites . This new Act, which enters into force on September 26, 2017, is the result of, inter alia, an Israeli Supreme Court judgement that prevented the Israeli Police from blocking access and closing down websites on the basis of its “terrestrial” authority to close down premises that are used to commit an offense.

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 Revision of the Regulations Requiring Websites and Applications to be Accessible for People with Disabilities in Israel

The Knesset Labor, Welfare and Health Committee recently approved a comprehensive revision of Regulation 35 of the Accessibility to Online Services Regulations under the Equal Rights for People with Disabilities Regulations (Service Accessibility Adjustments), 2013.

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 Israeli Innovation in Bolstering the Water Supply

One of the great ironies of life on earth is that, on a planet that is approximately 75 percent covered in water, the demand for safe drinking water is higher than the supply. Fresh water makes up only about 2.5% of the total water supply, and for a continuously growing population, this creates some limits. Fortunately, technological innovations are creating solutions for a world that needs more water, and Israel is leading the way.

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 EU Privacy – Which Jurisdiction Applies?

In an opinion issued to the European Court of Justice, the Advocate General of the Court stated that according to current legislation, any data protection authority in the European Union can take action against a breach of the privacy legislation enforced by that authority, even if the entity alleged to have contravened the legislation is located in another Member State.

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 Cryptocurrency and Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) in Israel

It is nearly impossible to keep track of the developments in the cryptocurrency and ICO arena, with new digital currencies being launched and new ICOs records frequently being broken. Recently, the record was broken once again, when Filecoin’s ICO raised about USD 200 million in one hour (!), after having raised about USD 52 million from investment funds and private investors in the presale ahead of the ICO.

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 Internet Companies: Beware of Mandatory Israeli Court Jurisdiction

Recently, the Israeli Attorney General, in a legal opinion filed with the Israeli Supreme Court as part of an appeal filed by Facebook, opined that foreign companies (specifically those that do business via the internet) may not escape Israeli court jurisdiction even if the terms and conditions posted on their website state otherwise.

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 New Lending Platform Regulations in Israel

Recently, the Knesset approved an amendment to the Supervision of Financial Services Law, which regulates the activities of online lending platforms that broker between people and businesses under a peer-to-peer (P2P) model.

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 The New Fair Rent Law in Israel – What Do You Need to Know?

In July 2017, the Fair Rent Law (Temporary Order and Legislative Amendments), 5776 – 2015 was enacted, an initiative of MPs Stav Shaffir and Roy Folkman. The main objectives of the New Law are to regulate the relationship between tenants and landlords and to define the minimum conditions for an apartment to be deemed “fit for dwelling.”

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 Risks in Boards of Directors’ Work in Israel

“How did the board approve this?” Headlines like this pop up each time it is announced the Israel Securities Authority is investigating a public company’s transactions with its controlling shareholder, such as the latest allegations of deals between Bezeq and its controlling shareholder. But the real question that should be asked is, “Was the board given the right tools to perform its work?”

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 China Increased Tech Investments in Israel

Within a nation exceeding 8.5 million people, Israel is a world leader in technology and innovation, consistently producing an impressive number of tech startups.

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 Israel’s New Opportunity in Renewable Energy

Israel has for years led the world in technology and entrepreneurial growth and development. After building in a number of key tech areas like cyber security and biotech, the nation has turned its sights on bolstering capabilities in renewable energy.

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 The Life Science Industry in Israel

The life sciences are advancing at dramatic rates in capabilities and goals. For most of human existence, we have been trying to keep up with the path of diseases as they emerge. Now, we are starting to push more toward prevention and improvement of life in a forward-looking manner. Israel sits at the front of the developmental curve, with over 1,200 active life sciences companies. With its national innovative drive and start-up mentality, Israel provides fertile ground for growth in the sector.

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 Big Data, Big Legal Minefield in Israel: Underlying the rise of Artificial Intelligence is Big Data and Machine Learning

The speed in which vast and complex “bits” can now be processed is staggering. This information is being collected, stored and analyzed to drive efficiency and create actionable intelligence – translating into increased revenues. In short, in today’s world data is power.

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 How Blockchain Will Revolutionize a Paper World in Israel and Beyond

In many ways, electronic communications dominate the world as we know it. We “talk” through email, text, and social media, to the point that the written letter is almost an anachronism. Still, some areas still thrive on paper. Real estate, for example, depends on paper deeds and documentation to confirm authenticity.

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 Israeli Leadership and Growth in Smart Mobility

Technological solutions are developing every day, world-wide. In Israel, the transportation sector provides impressive examples of innovation at work. Urban growth naturally reaches a saturation point, at which people either need to move or commute farther each day, creating higher costs and greater safety concerns.

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 Preparing for the Second Round of Startup Funding in Israel

Funding your startup company is an inexact science. The first round of funding helps get your company established, but often leads to a realization that you need more. After the first round, new issues and growing capital requirements emerge and you need to adjust course moving forward. To help you build your company successfully, you should know what the challenges are in each stage you are in, and to be prepared for them.

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 Ten Golden Tips for Distribution Agreements in Israel

Distributors, agents, resellers and OEM partners all share the same commercial function of selling goods to end users. Thus, although there are significant differences between the legal statuses of each of these players, this article below treats all of them collectively as “distributors”.

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 Antitrust Authority in Israel Continues Its Trend of Stricter Punishment

The Israel Antitrust Authority (‘’IAA’’) has announced its intention to impose a financial sanction in the sum of NIS 25,640,000 on Bitan Wines, due to its violation of the terms of the merger between Bitan Wines and the Mega supermarket chain.

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 The Right to Review Digital Database in Israel

Within the scope of a new directive published recently by the database registrar at the Israeli Law, Information and Technology Authority, entities, such as service-providers, that retain recordings of telephone conversations or chat correspondence with their customers will be forced to enable their customers (the subjects of the information) to also access information of this type.

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 Carve-out Plans for Company Employees in Israel

One of the common remuneration mechanisms in startups and technology companies is the granting of options to employees in addition to or, sometimes, in lieu of, the traditional remuneration component – the cash salary.

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 Draft Circular on Taxation of Activities Using Virtual Currencies in Israel

Following the Ministry of Finance’s repeated announcements in recent years that it would publish the Israel Tax Authority’s official position with regard to taxation of virtual currencies (bitcoins and the like), the ITA recently published a draft circular in this regard (“the Draft”).

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 International Taxation – New Draft Bill Will Require Foreign Companies to Report and Pay Tax in Israel

The Israel Tax Authority (“ITA”) is promoting legislation that will require foreign companies not subject to the Israeli tax regime today to report and even pay tax in Israel.

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 Draft Guide to Cyber Threat Information Sharing in Israel

The Antitrust Authority published for public comments a new guidelines draft on the subject of information-sharing between competitors for the purpose of contending with cyber threats.

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 Japan-Israel Relations: Advancing Technology

For many years now, Israel’s emergence and growth on the world’s economic stage has captured the attention of national and private investors all over the globe.

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 Foreign Corporations in Israel also Have No Immunity

The purpose of the Israeli Restrictive Trade Practices Law is to encourage and maintain competition in the country. The law does not explicitly relate to foreign corporations and businessmen and, therefore, its ex-territorial application is becoming more and more critical.

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 Innovations in the Israeli Partnerships Legislation

In recent decades, corporate laws in general and partnership laws in particular have undergone significant changes throughout the world, including expansion of the model of limited liability applicable to companies to partnerships as well.

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 New Financial Services Law in Israel Establishes Mandatory Licensing Requirement for Financial Service-Providers

The Control of Financial Services (Regulated Financial Services) Law, 5776 – 2016 (“the Law”) was promulgated in August 2016. The Law establishes, a mandatory licensing requirement for financial service-providers – credit providers or providers of financial asset services (jointly: “Financial Services”).

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 Oil and Natural Gas Israeli Market Is Now Open and Is Seeking New Players

The Israeli Ministry of National Infrastructure, Energy and Water Resources (the “Ministry”) has recently published a call for bids, to invite international energy players to submit offers for the exploration of the offshore soil within the Israeli Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ).

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 First Conviction Pursuant to Israeli “FCPA” – Following the Footsteps of the US

It is sometimes difficult to identify historical milestones as they occur, especially if they are small and sometimes may seem almost insignificant. However, on December 15, 2016, in a magistrate court in Tel-Aviv a historic event occurred: for the first time in Israel, an Israeli company was convinced for bribing a foreign public official.

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 Three Technological Predictions for the Next 5 Years

The world around us is changing. In labs and living rooms around the world, people are creating new technologies and finding new applications for existing and emerging technologies. The products and services available to everyone thus expand exponentially every year. In the next five years, then, you can expect massive growth in what we can do. Three areas in particular will provide important developments.

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 Performing a Legal Due Diligence – Think before You Act

We have encountered numerous instances recently whereby investors were about to make an investment without performing a prior legal due diligence examination. There are various reasons put forward by investors for not performing a due diligence examination, such as: the contemplated investment is in a young company, insufficient budget, cost-benefit considerations, the volume of the investment, timetables, long-standing work relations between the investors and the corporation, and the like.

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 Doing Business in Israel: a Nation Friendly to Business Investment

Companies, countries, and individuals who are interested in doing business abroad are looking more and more towards Israel. This has not occurred by accident. Israel has devised and implemented national policies to make it a world leader in technology and innovation. The result is a nation friendly to business investment. With the right business and legal guidance, investors are discovering tremendous potential in this small but sophisticated country.

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 Israeli Leadership in Water Technologies

Despite the fact that water covers three quarters of Earth’s surface, countries all over the world suffer from potential or current water shortages. Water consumption well outpaces supply, particularly in arid nations that struggle to meet their agricultural water needs.

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 Class Actions in Israel- Overview and Contemporary Trends

The Israeli Class Action Law came into force in 2006, and formally regulates the proceedings applying to class actions in Israel. This type of action was available in Israel before 2006, but was much less developed.

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 Cybersecurity in Israel: Protecting Your Investments

Your company faces potential threats every day from hackers and online criminals. Whether they are interested in stealing money, absconding with information, or just harassing and creating embarrassment for your organization, you need to be prepared to stop them.

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 From a Start-Up Nation to a Cyber Security Nation: The Evolution of Israel as a Security Leader

Most people who think about leading global players in online security concerns think big: the United States, China, and Russia. Quietly, though, Israel has emerged as a world leader in this area.

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 4 Things to Know About the Sharing Economy in Israel

It is possible to believe the innovations of the Sharing Economy are due to a collective and empowering business model that places the emphasis on the individual and that this is a revolutionary outgrowth of information accessibility. However, one would be dismissing the very economic fundamentals that are the foundation for future growth and prosperity of the larger global economy.

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 Non Israelis – 10 Essential Tips When Purchasing Residential Property in Israel

Purchasing a residential property is generally one of the most profound, expensive and important decisions you make in your life. Even more so when purchasing a residential property in Israel.

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 Trademark Protection: Registration and Enforcement in Israel

Part of how any company moves from start-up to growing and thriving is to create a recognizable brand under which it operates. The brand provides a way to identify and distinguish yourself with customers, and it all begins with images that you use to represent yourself–and no one else–to the world. To prevent others from using the same or similar images, though, you need to obtain trademark protection.

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 Raising Funds and Selling Your Start-Up in Israel: Be Prepared

By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” Wise words from Benjamin Franklin. From day one most Israeli entrepreneurs are already looking for their exit. Unfortunately they are not always prepared and preparation is the key.

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 Reverse Vesting and Holdback – Good News for Entrepreneurs in Israel?

“In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” Benjamin Franklin strikes again. However, in the world of high tech and Israeli tax there has been some uncertainty as to whether entrepreneurs, whose shares are subject to a reverse vesting mechanism or a holdback upon their sale, should be paying income or capital gains tax.

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 Officers’ Remuneration in Israel – Are New York and London following TASE’s lead?

Nearly every discussion on the status of the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE) questions whether Israel’s corporate governance rules have contributed to the downtrend in the number of companies listing on it.

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