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Law Firm Overview

Bay State IP, LLC is a full service intellectual property firm based in Boston, Massachusetts and representing clients across the country and abroad, ranging from individual inventors and start-ups to mid-size corporations. Practice areas and services encompass U.S.
and international patents and trademarks, opinions, re-exam and re-issue, trademark searches, opposition and cancellation, enforcement and defense, copyrights, intellectual property licensing, domain name disputes, and other services and litigation related to intellectual property. Through its strategic alliance with other attorneys and law firms, they can provide a myriad of additional legal services for business, corporate, and litigation needs.

The attorneys, including a Registered Patent Attorney, have diverse backgrounds including technical knowledge. Together, they are admitted to the Commonwealth and District Courts of Massachusetts as well as the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

The Bay State IP group is committed to providing state of the art services, in a personal manner, in order to secure, protect and enforce clients’ intellectual property. Tailoring their services and strategies to meet each specific need in an ever-changing world, they assist clients in securing and protecting their intellectual property rights.

Year this Office was Established: 2011

Languages: English

Areas of Law

Additional Areas of Law: US Patent; International Patent; Patent Search; Patent Opinion; Patent Re-Exam & Re-Issue; US Trademark; International Trademark; Trademark Search; Enforcement/Defense of IP; Opposition/Cancellation; Domain Name Disputes; IP Licensing; Acquiring a Copyright.

Areas of Law Description

Our intellectual property law practice includes:

- Patents

Our team at Bay State IP works with clients in the following areas regarding patent applications and prosecution: Working with clients through the invention disclosure process to identify inventive matter and avoid mere ideas or abstract concepts; Providing patentability searches to determine the most relevant prior art to a client’s proposed invention to evaluate whether to file a patent application; Preparation and drafting of US Provisional, Utility and Design applications; Working with a network of foreign associates to prepare and file patent applications outside of the United States; and, Representation in Interference, Reissue, and Reexamination Proceedings.

- Trademarks

Our team at Bay State IP works with clients in the following areas regarding trademark applications and prosecution: Working with clients through the trademark conception and disclosure process to ensure that the matter disclosed clearly identifies the client's mark; Providing trademark searches to determine the most relevant registrations and applications in order to evaluate whether to file a trademark application; Preparation, drafting and prosecution to registration of US trademark applications; Working with a network of foreign associates to prepare and file patent applications outside of the United States, whether via Madrid Protocol or directly with the foreign associates; and, Representation in Opposition and Cancellation Proceedings.

- Litigation

Our Boston Patent Attorney and Boston Trademark Attorney can help protect your valuable Intellectual Property against theft or infringement. For some clients, the issuance of a patent or registration of a trademark completes the substantive work in securing protection for their innovations.

- Licensing

Our team at Bay State IP provides representation on the transactional aspects of all areas of Intellectual Property, including drafting licensing agreements, along with preparing non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements. Whether you are looking to sell the rights to your Intellectual Property or conversely looking to acquire someone else’s assets, our team is able to work with you through negotiations to ensure you receive the maximum benefit for your assets.

- Copyrights

Our Boston Copyright Attorney at Bay State IP will help in securing protection for books, published books, translations, derivative works, maps, dramatic works, paintings, photographs, sound recordings, motion pictures, and computer programs whether you are an artist, author and employing entity, is essential in all industries.


Adam Bruno Mr. Adam J. Bruno
Intellectual Property


  • American Bar Association
  • Boston Patent Law Association
  • Boston IP American Inn of Court
  • American Intellectual Property Law Association

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