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In business, it's how you handle the rough spots that defines your ability to succeed. Today's business leaders need lawyers who understand today's courtroom, today's juries, ADR, appellate strategies, and even the media. They want lawyers who are high-energy and flexible, who are as at home in trial as they are anywhere. They want impeccable ethics and unwavering service. They demand lawyers with a demonstrable, exceptional record of success. In short, they want value.

We are civil trial lawyers. Our natural arena is the highly structured conflict which is a civil trial. And because civil trial work is our focus, our raison d'etre, it is an arena in which we have enjoyed considerable success.

Founded in 1987, the firm has become a significant force in trial law. We enjoy an ongoing relationship with many national and international companies. The quality of the clients we represent is a direct result of our remarkable track record.

Our expertise, success record, client base, and reputation form a "preponderance of evidence" positioning Beirne, Maynard & Parsons as an unparalleled resource in civil litigation.

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