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Articles Published by Beitia-Carrillo Consultores & Asociados

 Financial Action Task Force (FATF)

Firstly, is important to understand the cause of money laundry crime. Usually, is related to drugs traffic, terrorism, trafficking of humans, others international crimes. In 1989, the group of seven (G-7), composed in those days by Italy, United Kingdom, France, Canada, United States, West Germany and Japan, create Financial Action Task Force (FATF).

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 Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act - Panama

In 2014, essentially all the financial institutions operating in Panama will be required to submit information to the United States (IRS) authorities, concerning “American citizen” in Panama.

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 Doble Taxation Treaty - Panama

Territoriality Tax Rule or Territorially tax system means “Do not pay taxes in Panama incomes for offshore source”, is a major fiscal benefits for foreign investors, however the country was victimize for Criminal Organization, choosing our jurisdiction for laundry money activities.

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 Open a Bank Account in Panama

The authors offer an overview of the process to obtain a bank account in Panama.

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 Why Bankig in Panama?

Stability is important to consider when you decide to open an offshore bank account…Why Panama?

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 Efficacy of Maritime Liens in Panama

Geographic position, Maritime Security, International Banking center, Maritime Courts and the Panama Canal are some of the benefits that The Republic of Panama have 8,144 vessels according to the Maritime Authority

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