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We, at Belcheva & Karadjova LLP, are committed to our customer's success and understand that customer satisfaction is still the name of the game.

Our head office is based in the city of Pazardzhik, Central Bulgaria. It is very near to Plovdiv - the second largest town in the country and the major economic, transport, commercial and cultural center of Southern Bulgaria. The location of the town in the central part of the country, between the Black Sea coast with resorts like Sunny Beach on one hand and popular mountain ski resorts like Bansko, Borovetz and Pamporovo on the other, allows Belcheva Law Offices and its lawyers and solicitors to cover the whole territory of Bulgaria.

Founder of the legal practice and present leader of the legal team of lawyers, solicitors and barristers, working in collaboration, is attorney Ganka Belcheva. She is a graduate of The Russian Language School of Plovdiv and has a masters degree in History and Russian Philology from the Department of History of the University of Veliko Tarnovo and in master's degree in Law from the Department of Law of the University of Blagoevgrad. She has been practicing as a legal professional since 1999 when she became member of the Pazardzhik Bar Association.

Areas of Law

Articles Published by Belcheva & Karadjova LLP

 Statutory Interest Rates Overdue Payments Bulgaria

Statutory interest is due when the debtor is in default. Bulgarian law determines when the debtor has fallen into default. It is different for the various types of commitments. Of course and in Bulgaria on overdue payments may be charged interest rate. How can we determine these rates? Is there a formula?

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 Competition Law in Bulgaria

Bulgarian Competition Law is designed to protect and foster competition and free enterprise in economic activity. Over the years the law was repeatedly changed by the legislature to meet the requirements of economic life.

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 Bulgarian Company Formations

Bulgarian legislation allows several company formations. The matter is under regulation of Bulgarian Commercial Act regarding incorporation, corporate transaction, liability, bankruptcy etc. Unregulated matter are redirected at general Bulgarian civil legislation.

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 International Sale Contract

International sale is when one of its elements it is connected with the legal order of another state or country. Uniform regulation of international sales is contained in the Vienna Convention (IC) of the United Nations on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods.

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 IP and Trademarks in Bulgaria

The trademark as an exclusive right shall be acquired by registration in the Bulgarian Patent Office. Rights to register belong to the first applicant. Matter regulating trademarks contained in Marks and the geographic names Act. This law provides the conditions and the order for registration of the marks and the geographic names, the rights ensuing from it and the protection of these rights.

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 Bulgarian Corporate Income Tax Rate 2012

Planning all corporate taxes: income taxes, VAT, withholding taxes, dividends taxes and considering the tax impact on your business, should play a significant role in every financial step your company in Bulgaria undertakes. Even if you consider that your business is not currently in need, you can seek for taxing information as at the moment Bulgarian system almost apply tax free levying of income for residents and non residents.

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 Bulgarian Business Advantages

The location of Bulgaria makes it strategically advantageous for accessing the developing markets in Eastern Europe and Turkey. It is also a largely unspoilt rural country with enormous business tourism potential. It has a coastline along the Black Sea and lovely mountains making for potential investment opportunities.

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