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Bertolino LLP is an experienced, dedicated law firm serving the legal needs of businesses and individuals throughout central and south Texas area. Whether your legal matter is personal or financial in nature, the experienced, aggressive and hardworking attorneys at Bertolino LLP can help.

Bertolino LLP features a team of intelligent, aggressive, successful and knowledgeable attorneys who are each experienced in their unique areas of practice. To better serve the needs of a diverse client base, our Firm handles a wide range of legal matters with expertise, including family law, criminal law, personal injury, real estate law, contracts, medical malpractice, eminent domain, election law, immigration law, medical licensing and boards, inverse condemnation, corporate law, business formations, and business law and litigation.

Our clients appreciate our ability to deliver highly sophisticated legal advice, documentation, and litigation services in a prompt and economical manner. As a small firm, we can maintain direct communication with our clients without delegation or confusion. We also provide personal attention that you rarely find with medium to large law firms.

At the same time, our contract and advisory services are designed to keep you out of court to the greatest extent possible. Our ability to draft precise documentation that covers your objectives with respect to any personal or business transaction extends not only to the agreements that are central to your life and business operations, but also to such matters as estate planning and real estate transactions.

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Articles Published by Bertolino LLP

 The Importance of Putting Your Children First in Texas Divorce Cases

Child custody (or child conservatorship as it is called in Texas) becomes one of the most important areas to resolve when finalizing the divorce details. With knowledge of Texas state laws guiding your decisions, and a willingness to work with your spouse, you can make this life transition as smooth as possible for your kids.

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 Electronic Evidence Meets Right to Privacy in Texas Divorce Cases

There is a false sense of security that takes place when we log on to the internet, our smart phones, or some other form of electronic communication. Many of us seem to think that our true selves are separated from these pieces of technology and that our words and actions are anonymous and floating somewhere through the netherworld of cell phone towers and W-Fi hotspots.

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 Is Arizona a Reflection or Distraction from Federal Immigration Reform and Should Texas Follow Its Lead?

If you were to ask people what the most contentious policy issue in our country was during the 1980s and 1990s, abortion would certainly rank at or near the top of the tallied list. While the debate over reproductive rights continues to create a political battlefield, another issue seems to have taken its place as the most prevalent topic to stir up debate. Our nationís immigration policy, and specifically how our government should handle the people who are in our country illegally.

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 Texas Medical Professionals and the Licensing Complaint Process: What to Expect Every Step of the Way

The reality is that if you are a doctor, nurse, dentist, or other medical professional in the state of Texas, there is a good chance that you will be called upon to defend your reputation (and your license) at some point in your career. This article will target Texas medical professionals and will explain the licensing complaint process from the moment that an accusation is made through any possible appeals to the determined findings and subsequent punishment.

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 Military Members Who are Facing Bankruptcy in Texas Have Legal Protections

There is no doubt that the amazing men and women who serve in the United States military are the finest our country has to offer. They have made the choice to risk their lives to protect each one of us and we can never repay them enough.

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Youíve worked for years to become a vocational nurse, registered nurse, or nurse practitioner in Texas. Ignoring a board of nursing complaint that has been lodged against you, regardless of whether it has any merit, could severely jeopardize your career and livelihood. What should you DO if you receive a notice of investigation in the mail?

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