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Bill Daniels Law Offices, APC is dedicated to the betterment of society by safeguarding the rights of employees and consumers through passionate and aggressive representation. Our attorneys have been council and co-council on high stakes litigation and complex cases.

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 3 Insurance Rules after Disaster Hits Your Home

If you suffer a disaster and have to make a claim on your insurance, keep these three principles in mind.

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 Gloom, Doom and Statistics; Who Moved the Cheese?

Fewer cases means less work to go around, while at the same time ever more lawyers compete. So, what to do? The simple answer has to be: First adapt and then, thrive.

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 Five Fatal Bad Faith Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Put in the time and gather the knowledge. Bad faith litigation is not a practice area for the faint of heart. Remember to avoid the five common mistakes.

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 The Cost of Bias in the Legal Profession

The ultimate cost of bias goes beyond undermining the rights of those whom our justice system is intended to serve. It also has a profound corrosive effect on practitioners and the judiciary.

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 Using Daubert, Kumho Tire and Kelly To Your Advantage

Product liability cases not only live and die by expert testimony, they often require that the trial attorney introduce cutting edge scientific and engineering testimony to prove liability, damages or both. Judges are charged as the gatekeepers who will determine what expert testimony ultimately reaches the trier of fact. Being in a position to convince the gatekeeper to open the gate is critical in meeting the plaintiff's burden at trial.

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 When Genuine Issues Argue Against a Genuine Dispute

There is a notion in the insurance bar that bad faith law is a powerful tool for consumer rights that might easily be taken away if abused. It is that old notion of “killing the golden goose.” As guardians of consumer rights, we have a duty and responsibility to preserve them as best we can.

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 Why Campbell Doesn’t Necessarily Mean We’re in the Soup

What practical effect does Campbell present for a California product liability practitioner?

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 Due Process; Limits on Punitive Damages, not Civil Penalties

The Court of Appeal distinguished between remedial civil penalties and punitive damages in Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority v. Superior Court (2004) 123 Cal.App.4th 261, and held that a government entity is not immune from civil penalties imposed by the Unruh Civil Rights Act (Civil Code section 52 et seq.) under Government Code section 818, which bars imposing punitive damages against public entities.

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 Protect Yourself from Rescission: The Insurance Industry's Deadly Trick

Rescission is when insurance companies retroactively cancel policies and it is increasingly popular in the insurance industry as a way of beating legitimate claims and increasing insurance company profits at the expense of consumers. The problem has become so critical that it is a growing topic of news stories and comment.

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 When Rental Car Companies Add to the Carnage Safe and Sound Vehicles

Car rental companies should not be overlooked where a defective rental vehicle causes injury or death. Vehicle Code § 24010 sets forth the standard in clear, concise terms that no person engaged in the rental of any vehicle, for periods of 30 days or less, shall rent, lease or otherwise allow the operation of such vehicle unless all the requirements are met including: The vehicle is mechanically sound and safe to operate.

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 A Class Act

Class actions are a way for groups of people with common problems to seek a solution in a convenient format. Class actions typically seek to solve simple questions that impact large number of people. Whether all of an insurance company’s claims personnel are entitled to overtime or whether all of the bank’s credit card customers were overcharged because of a single, unfair, interest calculation are good examples of problems that class actions best address.

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 Picking Experts

We all use experts in our cases. Sometime more, sometimes less. They are a necessary part of what we do and many of them we love.

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 On Dealing with Lien Claimants

Recognizing and acting on liens is an important part of any practice.

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 Is There A Genuine Dispute or Is It Bad Faith?

Attorneys counseling either insureds or carriers need to have a grasp of this doctrine as well, whether they are providing advice during the course of a claim or in the midst of bad faith litigation.

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 Everything Matters: Secrets of Building a Better Plaintiff Practice

Seven rules you might keep in mind while you’re building a better practice.

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 Discovery and Depositions in the Bad Faith Case: What You Need to Know

Insurance bad faith cases are usually hard fought and can be bitter. Generally speaking, when we take on a carrier for acting contrary to its insured's interests and allege those actions are malicious justifying punitive damages, the folks on the defense side tend to take it personally.

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 5 Tips for Understanding Class Actions

The law has changed so the judges are now supposed to look hard at settlements to make sure the class is receiving something of substance where there is a legitimate legal claim. So read the notice closely. You may be pleasantly surprised that the legal system is working for you, just as it should.

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 Exposing Carriers Who Abuse Efficient Proximate Cause

Whenever there are two or more causes of a loss, it is likely that the carrier’s investigation will focus on exaggerating an excluded cause and ignoring any fact that argues for coverage.

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 Deposition Stipulations or Do You Know What You’re Giving Up?

We all know about admonitions and we all use them more often than not to start a deposition. Sometimes, dispensing with admonitions with a well-coached witness helps unbalance the carefully prepared testifier, which means there’s a heightened chance of obtaining testimony that more closely resembles the truth. Other times it’s just the opposite.

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 Bringing OSHA Regulations Back to the Courtroom

Construction work is difficult, demanding and often dangerous. Pursuing a third party claim for a construction injury can be equally trying.

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 Asking for Whom the Statute Tolls: Continuing Representation and the Statute of Limitations

As a general rule, the statute of limitations for legal malpractice claims is tolled during the time that an attorney continues to represent a client. The Supreme Court acknowledged that introducing tolling into the limitations equation came with a cost.

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 Aguilar and the New Face of Summary Judgment

As consumer attorneys, we must once meet the challenge by adopting a fresh approach to preparing for and defeating summary judgment. We must do our utmost to ensure our clients may seek justice before a jury of their peers.

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 Coping With California Firestorm Claims and Ten Do's and Dont's for Insureds

The fact is, whenever there is catastrophe, insurance problems rear their ugly head. The first thing that needs to be done in advising on a catastrophic insurance claim is to get a copy of every policy that might possibly provide coverage for the damaged property and read them all from front to back.

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 A Class Action Primer

A class action is different than a “mass tort,” which tends to involve problems such as when a large number of people are injured in different ways by a single type of defective drug or product. A motion for class certification is one of the defining events in a class action, because simply filing a complaint does not by itself a class action make.

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 When Catastrophe Comes Calling and Ten Insurance Claim Do’s and Don’ts

It seems that Southern California is the land of natural disaster. Between fire, flood, earthquake and the occasional stray hurricane, we get more than our share of Mother Nature’s wrath. The best place to start is at the beginning. So far as an insurance claim is concerned, the beginning and the end is always the policy.

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Videos Provided by Bill Daniels Law Offices, APC

How to give a deposition

Some tips from a California trial attorney on how you can prepare for your deposition.

Preparing documents in response to Request for Production

Some tips from a California trial attorney when you receive a Request for Production. Preparing your documents for any case is important. This video covers 7 important tips to gathering documents.

Rules to follow when answering Interrogatories

Responding to interrogatories properly is essential. Interrogatories can be used to help or hurt your case. While the laws concerning discovering vary from state to state, there are some common principles to keep in mind. Some tips from a California trial attorney in this short video covering 6 rules to follow.

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