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Bishop Law Office, P.C. is an experienced, dedicated law firm located in Phoenix and Tempe, Arizona. Our firm seeks to obtain the best results for our clients, and to provide quality family law services at a reasonable cost. We are committed to settling cases early in the proceedings without sacrificing our client’s interests. If litigation is necessary, Bishop & Martin Law Office attorneys are very experienced and aggressively seek to obtain the best results for our clients. Bishop & Martin Law Office has two convenient locations for its clients in Phoenix Arizona (right off Hwy 51) and Tempe, Arizona (right off I-10 by IKEA).

The founder of the firm, Bill Bishop, is one of a limited number of family law and divorce attorneys in Arizona who is a certified family law specialist in the State Bar of Arizona. (See Certified Specialist). Only approximately 80 attorneys in the State Of Arizona have obtained such distinction. Bishop & Martin Law Office has obtained the highest rating possible by Martindale-Hubbell Rating System (i.e. less than 5% of law firms have obtained such rating), and is listed in the Martindale-Hubbell Bar Registrar of Preeminent Lawyers.

Our firm has selected what we consider the best family law attorneys available to provide you with the professional and competent legal services that you deserve. Bishop & Martin Law Office specializes in divorce and family law and does not practice in other areas of the law in order to provide its clients with the most experience and knowledge for their family law case.

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Articles Published by Bishop Law Office, PC

 A Summary of the Child Support Guidelines in Arizona

Child Support in Arizona is determined pursuant to the Arizona Child Support Guidelines. The Arizona Child Support Guidelines can be somewhat complex in application where various factors are in dispute. The following is a basic description of how the Child Support Guidelines work for the reader's ease of understanding.

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 Attorney Bill Bishop Featured as Attorney of the Month in Attorney at Law Magazine

Family law attorney Bill Bishop is featured as Attorney of the Month in the September 2010 issue of Attorney at Law Magazine.

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 When Fathers Have Joint Custody, Children May Benefit

Years ago, the concept of "Mr. Mom" - a dad raising the kids - was a novelty, a punch line and certainly not the norm. Today, with about half of all marriages ending in divorce and parenting roles becoming less rigid, fathers with significant custody rights have become more common.

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 Some Arizona Lawmakers Have Sought to Extend Divorce Waiting Period

Thinking about a quick divorce in Arizona? Some legislators would like that make that option a thing of the past.

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 Divorce is Complicated by Bad Economy

Conventional wisdom says that divorce rates increase as the economy decreases. The reason for this is simple: Some couples who were staying together because the money was good are finding themselves arguing more about their finances and finding fewer reasons to stay together; other couples are simply pushed to the edge by economic stresses.

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