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Bogaru, Braun Noviello & Associates provides a full spectrum of trusted legal services to entrepreneurs and businesses investing, working, and living in Romania. The firm's team of local and international lawyers possess a wide net of overlapping specialties, each geared toward foreseeing and

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 Lack of Specific Regulation for Harassment Will Continue to Affect the Efficiency of Work Relations

Although according to European Union reports, all Member States must deal with the regulation of bullying with top priority, the Romanian legislature has not included in the new Criminal Code provisions criminalizing bullying. The need of integration was stated in the Romanian doctrine to adjust legislation and regulation of moral harassment at work by making it consistent through all national laws and regulations.

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 Law No. 148/2012 on the Legal Framework of Electronic Documents - Romania

Romania has recently passed into law, Law no. 148/2012 which establishes the legal framework for the issuing of electronic documents (invoices, tax bills, receipts) which will contain data regarding economic operations such as exchange or sale of goods or services. This is a further step to modernise the financial and banking system in Romania. As electronic commerce continues to expand Romania will continue to be at the fore front of this industry.

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 Redundancy of Personnel - Romania

In the course of running a business and in a financial crisis, employers sometimes have to consider making some of their employees redundant. This is not a situation which is pleasant, but it is necessary and the employer has to ensure that the legal formalities are complied with. This article is intended to provide an outline of, and to draw the readerís attention to the provisions of Romanian law and possible consequences.

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 Employment Law in Romania

For foreign employers sometimes it is important to consider when is an employee at work and when is he not. Whilst this may seem a strange question recent decisions and practice in Romania have raised the enquiry as to what is the correct answer. The question is important also for foreign employers who send their employees to work on projects to Romania. This note is intended to draw the readerís attention to the provisions of Romanian law, recent decisions and possible consequences.

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