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Bohrer Law Firm, LLC is a personal injury law firm based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana providing legal representation to clients with personal injury claims throughout Louisiana, as well as Arkansas, Mississippi and Texas. The firmís partners combine nearly 50 years of legal experience between them and have earned several professional accolades and distinctions, including membership to the prestigious Million Dollar Advocates Forum. This distinction is reserved for the top lawyers across the country who have been able to successfully settlements in excess of several million dollars for their clients.

The Bohrer Law Firm is dedicated to obtaining justice for injury victims, and the firmís attorneys have handled all manner of personal injury cases from simple cases like slip-and-fall accidents to serious or catastrophic injuries (such as those involving the spine or brain, and/or causing permanent damage), and wrongful death. The firm also handles matters of toxic exposure, and maritime injuries including injuries to maritime workers falling under the Jones Act. Additionally they also handle class action lawsuits including a class suit against Fordís F-150 trucks.

If you or a loved one has suffered an injury, it is crucial to contact an attorney to consult the details of your case immediately. Insurance companies care only about their profits and want to minimize their payments to you however they can. The attorneys at the Bohrer Law Firm will never back down to insurance companies and large corporations, and theyíll help you get the compensation you deserve. Adequate compensation accounts for not only the cost of immediate medical expenses but also ongoing medical expenses, lost wages and loss of ability to earn, and pain and suffering. All of these factors must be accounted for and the team at Bohrer Law Firm can make sure you get what you deserve.

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 Louisiana Makes Texting-While-Driving a Primary Offense

On August 15, a new Louisiana law making texting-while-driving a primary offense took effect. Prior to that date, drivers could be ticketed for texting while behind the wheel, however, the driver had to be pulled over for another violation, such as speeding, before the ticket could be written. Now, police officers will be able to pull over and ticket drivers solely for texting or checking e-mail while driving.

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 Families Await Answers Following Oil Rig Explosion off Louisiana Coast

The Coast Guard has called off its search for 11 oil rig workers missing after the explosion of Deep Water Horizon last Tuesday. Assumed dead, the 11 missing workers join 17 other victims injured in the accident - four of whom remain in critical condition.

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 BP Oil Spill and Exposure to Chemicals

There are myriad concerns surrounding the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, chief among them is the current and potential harm to the ecosystem. Not only did 11 workers lose their lives in this catastrophe, but also there is the possibility that more people will become sick due to the chemicals BP is using to control the oil spill.emicals BP is using to control the oil spill.

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