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Bona Law PC is a boutique business litigation law firm located in La Jolla, California, representing both plaintiffs and defendants nationally and internationally. Practice areas encompass antitrust and competition law including issues surrounding antitrust actions against state and local government entities; business litigation in matters ranging from basic breach of contract and real estate actions to complex multi-jurisdictional disputes; appellate litigation in state and federal courts including the United States Supreme Court; and amicus curiae briefs.

A Harvard Law School graduate, Attorney Jarod M. Bona has more than 15 years of legal experience, including as a former federal appellate clerk; together, the legal team has more than 50 years of combined experience. With their breadth and depth of expertise, the lawyers provide counseling and representation to individual clients as well as other attorneys.

Bona Law PC is dedicated to partnering with its clients to create custom strategies in their legal matters and is focused on providing clients with outstanding value through the highest level of advice and advocacy.

Year this Office was Established: 2014

Languages: English

Areas of Law

Additional Areas of Law: Appellate Litigation; Real- state Litigation; Challenges to Government Conduct.


Jarod Bona Mr. Jarod Bona
Administrative Law, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Antitrust and Trade Regulation, Appellate Practice, Arbitration

Aaron Gott Mr. Aaron Gott
Appellate Practice, Business Litigation, Competition Law, Government

William Markham Mr. William Markham
Antitrust and Trade Regulation, Appellate Practice, Business Litigation, Competition Law, Government


  • California Bar Association
  • District of Columbia Bar Association
  • Bar Association of San Diego County
  • The French-American Chamber of Commerce

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Articles Published by Bona Law PC

 Lithium Ion Batteries, Indirect Purchaser Antitrust Class Actions, and the Reality of Pricing

It isn’t easy to be an indirect purchaser antitrust class action plaintiff. Not only do you have to satisfy the difficult standards for class certification (discussed here), but you also have to prove that the direct purchasers passed on an overcharge from defendants’ alleged anticompetitive conduct. Before we go further, let’s talk about how direct purchasers and indirect purchasers fit into antitrust class action cases.

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 What California Real Estate Investors Should Know about Buying Apartment Buildings

Apartment buildings can be an excellent investment for California real estate investors. Factors like the size and style of the building, the type of units available, and of course, the location are all important. An apartment building owner can manage the property directly or delegate this role to a manager, but liability for breaches of a lease agreement, or for violations of California landlord-tenant law, will ultimately fall on the owner rather than the manager.

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 Resale Price Maintenance, Horizontal Conspiracies, and Antitrust Law

If you are looking for controversy, you came to the right place. Today, we discuss resale price maintenance, one of the most contentious issues in all of antitrust. If you look around and see a bunch of antitrust economists, hide your screen so they don’t start arguing with each other. Trust me; that is the last thing you want to experience.

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 Anti-SLAPP Motions in California

The U.S. court system handles a vast array of civil lawsuits, from small personal or business disputes to massive corporate matters. In any system of this size, abuses are bound to happen. One notable abuse of the judicial system involves the strategic use of meritless lawsuits, known as SLAPPs, to silence or suppress dissent, criticism, or certain other constitutionally protected activities. California law provides strong protections for businesses and people who are subjects of a SLAPP.

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 Does a Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) Policy Violate Antitrust Laws in the United States?

We see many antitrust issues in the distribution world—and from all business perspectives: supplier, wholesale distributor, authorized retailer, and unauthorized retailer, among others. And at the retail level, we hear from both internet and brick-and-mortar stores.

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 How the Foreign Investment in Real Property Tax Act Can Affect California Real Estate Investments

California offers a vast array of opportunities for real estate investors from around the world. In the San Diego area, for example, investors can participate in new residential and commercial developments, purchase distressed properties with the goal of rehabilitating and selling them, or acquire properties for rental, among many other options.

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 What Are the Elements for a Tortious Interference Claim under California Law?

The law of contracts governs a wide range of business and commercial activity, allowing individuals and businesses to take risks with the knowledge that they have legal recourse. Breach of contract claims, however, are only possible between parties to a binding contract. This does not cover many situations in which someone else interferes in a contractual or economic relationship.

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 Is an Anticompetitive Contract Clause an Ancillary Restraint that Will Survive Antitrust Scrutiny?

Setting prices or allocating markets with your competitor is a terrible idea. Doing so is likely to lead to civil litigation and perhaps even criminal penalties.

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 The Requirements of an HSR Antitrust Filing for a Merger or Acquisition in the United States

In the United States, mergers and acquisitions involving companies of a certain size must be reviewed by one of the competition authorities—the Federal Trade Commission or the Department of Justice.

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 Real Estate Financing for California Real Estate Investors

The financial commitments required in real estate investing can vary in size and scope, from purchasing a handful of shares in a real estate investment trust (REIT) or real estate syndicate to purchasing a house or office building.

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 Bid-Rigging Is a Per Se Violation of the Antitrust Laws

Bid rigging violates the U.S. antitrust laws.

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 What California Real Estate Investors Should Know about Commercial Leases

Real estate investment can take many forms and offers many ways to obtain a return on one’s investment.

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 Organizing a Real Estate Syndicate and Securities in California

Real estate syndication allows you to put your private savings into real estate investments when other financing isn’t available for them. The syndicator’s responsibilities and obligations to an investment group and the investors’ responsibilities to each other are determined by how the syndication is organized.

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 When Is the Filed Rate Doctrine a Defense to an Antitrust Lawsuit?

The doctrine of federal antitrust law includes several immunities and exemptions—entire areas that are off limits to certain antitrust actions. This can be confusing, especially because these “exceptions” arise, grow, and shrink over time, at the seeming whim of federal courts.

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 Antitrust Laws Do Not Allow Real Estate Agents to Jointly Fix or Set Prices or Commissions

If you have sold or purchased a home recently, you might be under the impression that real estate commissions—the price to engage a real estate broker—are fixed or otherwise set by law in different geographic markets. They aren’t—to do so amounts to price-fixing, which is a per se violation of the antitrust laws.

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 Why Is Antitrust Compliance Counseling and Training so Important for Companies?

If, like me, you have ever spoken to someone that faces criminal indictment by a federal grand jury following a Justice Department antitrust investigation, you know why antitrust compliance counseling and training is a big deal—you don’t need reasons; hearing the crackle of the voice is enough to understand.

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 Exclusive Dealing Under the U.S. Antitrust Laws

Are you unable to compete for certain customers because those customers are bound by exclusive-dealing agreements with your competitors? Or are you a competitor who has or is considering an exclusive-dealing agreement?

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 What Are the Elements for a Monopolization Claim under the Federal Antitrust Laws?

Do you or your competitor have a monopoly in a particular market? If so, your conduct or their conduct might enter the territory of the Sherman Act—Section 2—called monopolization. If you are in Europe or other jurisdictions outside of the United States, instead of monopoly, people will refer to the company with extreme market power as “dominant.”

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 What is the Biggest Mistake that District Courts Make in Antitrust Cases?

This articles describes how federal trial courts sometimes confuse the pleading standards for antitrust cases.

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 Are Resale Price Maintenance Agreements Legal Under the Antitrust Laws?

The legality of resale price maintenance agreements under US antitrust law.

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 Do I Have a Lanham Claim Against My Competitor for False Advertising?

The elements that a party must prove to prevail on a Lanham Act Claim for False Advertising.

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 The Colgate Doctrine and Other Alternatives to Resale-Price-Maintenance Agreements

Resale-price-maintenance agreements (or vertical price-fixing) are still illegal under the law of certain states. This article discusses alternatives to resale-price maintenance agreements that are less likely to violate the antitrust laws.

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