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Attorneys at Law Borenius provides reliable and comprehensive business law advice.

Our over 30 strong team of lawyers is well known for their creative approach, which in addition to solving legal problems, often helps our clients discover new business opportunities.

Together with our partner firms in Finland, Latvia and Lithuania we form the Borenius Group – approximately 200 lawyers at your disposal.

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Articles Published by Borenius Attorneys at Law

 Prohibition on Competition by Management Board Members - Estonia

A brief overview of what restrictions affect the competitive activities of a management board member and the most practical ways to manage restrictions in order to avoid disputes.

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 Why Is Renewable Energy Support Necessary? - Estonia

The Minister of Economic Affairs and Communication stated recently that support for renewable energy should be reduced. It is commendable that politicians are thinking about ways to reduce the price of electricity. But before going to all the trouble of amending laws, decisions should be carefully analyzed.

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 Making and Breaking Employment Contracts with Foreigners Living in Estonia

The Employment Contracts Act is the main legislation regulating employers’ obligations and liabilities in labor relations and it is therefore of great importance for employers to be acquainted with its requirements. However, a number of other legal acts lay down employer obligations and liability. One of these is the Aliens Act.

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 Public Procurement Act – Amendments and Problems - Estonia

The amendments to the Estonian Public Procurement Act are enacted in two stages – the majority of amendments entered into force on July 1st this year, while the rest will take effect as of January 1st, 2011. We hereby provide an overview of the most important amendments and the remaining problems.

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 New Guideline to Clarify Roles of Collateral Agents and Underwriters

Since most credit institutions (including banks) provide collateral agent services as well as acting as underwriters, the regulation stipulated in the Financial Supervision Authority's latest advisory guideline entitled Generally Recognized Professional Requirements upon Rendering Investment Services and Non-Core Services will introduce some new rules of play.

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 In Anticipation of the EUR

Estonia is likely to enter the EURO zone as of January 1, 2011. Read the amendments already agreed to enter the Commercial Code.

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