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The Weimer and Boyce Attorneys were police officers in the Commonwealth of Virginia before they pursued their careers of defending those accused of serious crime(s) and personal injury. Their knowledge and insight into how investigations are carried out, how the court process work, and what needs to be done for their clients best interests, are ways their previous careers in law enforcement has given them experience.

The charge is not what matters in criminal defense cases, proof is what matters. The prosecutor is obliged to prove that defendants do not have anything to prove. We carry out our own investigation just like we do in civil cases. It is our job to decide whether there is sufficient evidence for the prosecutor to convict. Even if they do, it is still possible that they might not be able to prove it beyond reasonable doubt in court, and then the defendant is not guilty.

However, if it is proven in court, we do our best to lessen the effects on our clients by weighing the advantages and disadvantages of any plea, conferring with the client, keeping him or her updated.

The law firm of Weimer and Boyce possesses knowledge regarding how courts function, how investigations are done, and what is needed to be done to control facts and evidence in a case due to our long experience. Contact us on our number for us to let you know how we can help.

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