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Law Firm Overview

Braumiller Law Group, PLLC is a Customs and International Trade law firm based in Dallas, Texas with affiliate offices in the U.S. and Mexico.
Services include import and export processes, Customs matters, licensing and agreements, deemed exports and technology transfers, duty drawback recovery, foreign trade zones, international trade and markets access, Mexican trade law, domestic and international corporate transactions, NAFTA and other free trade agreements, staffing and training, audits and compliance procedures, as well as litigation and international arbitration and mediation.

Adrienne Braumiller, the firm’s founder, has more than 25 years of relevant experience including having served on government committees. She is licensed to practice before the Supreme Court of Texas, the U.S. District Court of Texas-Northern District, the Court of Appeals of the District of Columbia, and the U.S. Court of International Trade. She has been ranked as a top lawyer by Chambers and Partners both globally and in the U.S. for the past (3) years.

The Braumiller Law Group legal team understands how to navigate the intricate maze of global trade regulations and related matters. With professionalism, integrity, and multi-lingual service, they develop strategies designed to optimize global trade business practices for their clients.

Areas of Law

Additional Areas of Law: Deemed Exports & Technology Transfers; Duty Drawback Recovery; Foreign-Trade Zones; Mexican Trade Law; Domestic & International Corporate Transactions; NAFTA & Other Free Trade Agreements.

Areas of Law Description

Our attorneys and consultants offer expertise in:

Import Process and Customs Matters

• C-TPAT Applications and Cargo Security Assessments
• Explanation of the entry process, required documents, and reasonable care obligation
• Classification, valuation, country of origin determinations and ruling requests
• Development of Import Compliance Programs/Manual and Desktop Procedures
• Protest preparation and filings
• Liquidated Damages and penalty petitions, forfeiture and seizure petitions/negotiations
• Record keeping requirements and penalty petitions
• Prior Disclosures, Post-Entry Amendments and other penalty avoidance options
• Customs Broker training, representation, and compliance issues
• Importer Self-Assessment Program applications, guidance and compliance
• Focused Assessments, Customs audits, and investigations
• Internal reviews, compliance audits and Compliance Improvement Plans
• Other governmental agency requirements and determinations
• Embargoes and import restrictions
• Non-resident Importer procedures and compliance
• Specialized product-driven training tailored to client’s needs
• Due diligence assessments for import law compliance

Export Process

• Commodity classification assistance and application filings
• Administering agency jurisdictional determinations
• License determinations, applications and negotiations
• Export Management System development and compliance protocols
• Tailored training based on industry concerns
• Internal reviews and penalty avoidance
• Voluntary disclosures and corrective actions
• Government investigations, penalties and denial proceedings
• Embargoes and export restrictions
• Foreign import requirements and standards
• Defense industry commodity classification, registration, licensing and reporting requirements (ITAR)
• Specialized product-driven training tailored to client’s needs
• Due diligence assessments for export law compliance

North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and Other Free Trade Agreements

• Cost-benefit analysis of savings and risks
• Product analysis for qualification and proper marking
• Development of written compliance procedures
• Specialized product-driven training tailored to client’s needs
• Internal review of NAFTA/ FTA Certificate of Origin and supporting records
• Representation before Mexican, Canadian and U.S. Customs Authorities during NAFTA verifications/ audits
• Representation before the appropriate foreign and U.S. Customs Authorities during FTA verifications/ audits
• Penalty petitions and penalty avoidance

Merger and Acquisition Trade Compliance Due Diligence Reviews

• Identifying import and export compliance concerns
• Mitigating potential liability for violations
• Developing corrective and remedial measures
• Efficiently integrating acquisition targets into existing compliance programs

Foreign-Trade Zones

• Application establishing a Zone or Subzone
• Coordination and negotiations with FTZ grantee and taxing units
• Conduct of Economic analysis, feasibility studies and justification
• Preparation of Zone Activations
• Development of procedures, manuals, and training
• Liquidated Damages and Penalty Petitions, Prior Disclosures and other corrective actions
• Compliance reviews

Duty Drawback Recovery

• Analysis and evaluation of systems to capture import and export data
• Preparation of required applications
• Development of procedures, manuals, and training
• Compilation and preparation of drawback claims
• Assistance in any drawback audit conducted
• Preparation of protests challenging rejected drawback claims
• Penalty petitions and penalty avoidance
• Compliance Reviews and corrective procedures

International Trade and Market Access

• Trade Policy – domestic and international trade regulation research and guidance
• Antidumping and Countervailing Duties – interpretation, compliance protocol, representation
• Internal reviews to measure compliance levels

Mexico and Latin America

• Import/export, NAFTA and tax issues
• Maquiladoras and temporary import programs
• International trade and trade policy
• Civil, Corporate, and Business matters
• Immigration and Foreign Investment
• Corporate formation and organization
• Commercial agreements
• General counsel and legal support services - including litigation management

FCPA Compliance and Training

• The firm has developed customized policies and training sessions for clients in diverse industries
• We also conduct FCPA internal reviews and risk assessments through our forensic accounting team


Adrienne Braumiller Adrienne Braumiller
Corporate Governance, Corporate Law, Customs Law, E-Commerce, Import and Export



  • Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals

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