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Brightwell Law is an estate planning, Medicaid, elder and probate litigation law firm located in Louisville, Kentucky. Attorney Bruce A. Brightwell is thoroughly knowledgeable in the applicable areas of law and has helped countless clients throughout the Louisville area to effectively secure their assets for the benefit of their families. He believes that every client's matter deserves careful attention and prudent action, and he is prepared to provide highly individualized service for any matter regarding an estate.

When matters of probate require litigation, Attorney Brightwell assertively and effectively pursues the interests of his clients in court. He understands the finer points of asset exemption in regard to Medicaid, and he has successfully obtained benefits on behalf of many clients who had previously thought that they were ineligible. In addition, he has assisted veterans in obtaining the benefits they deserve for their injuries and disabilities.

Drafting your will or otherwise planning an estate does not have to be a painful process, and Mr. Brightwell will help to ensure that it is not. If you require litigation for the proper distribution of your loved one's estate, Attorney Brightwell will work diligently and vigorously to see that any further conflict is minimized, and that your interests are properly and fully represented. With a favorable reputation throughout the community, Attorney Bruce A. Brightwell continues to demonstrate a considerable investment of energy into each client's case, and his extensive, specialized experience in estate and elder law is reflected in all of the work that he does.

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