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Law Firm Overview

Cindemir Law Office is located in Istanbul, Turkey and focuses on Turkish business, state’s private law, and European/European Union law.
Practice areas include corporate and commercial law, contracts, company law, international trade, debt collection, due diligence, energy law and investment, escrow and real estate and conveyancing, tax law, rights concerning the Ankara Agreement, banking and finance, and administrative law. In addition to local and international litigation, the firm offers alternative dispute resolution options such as mediation and arbitration.

Since 2004, the firm has been providing legal services and counsel to international organizations and businesses, as well as individuals. The lawyers work across multiple practices and jurisdictions, bringing together their collective specialties to serve clients.

The combined experience and knowledge of the multi-lingual Cindemir Law Office legal team is applied to represent clients’ rights and interests while working to obtain the most favorable results possible in their legal matters.

Year this Office was Established: 2004

Languages: Turkish, English, Russian, French, German, Dutch

Areas of Law

Additional Areas of Law: Debt Collection Service; Due Diligence; Incorporation; Purchase Of Shares; Company Liquidation; Winding Up Proceedings; Sale Of Goods; Escrow Agency / Escrow Agreement; Conveyancing; Rights Concerning Ankara Agreement; Land Disputes; Sale Of Goods; Construction & Building Contracts; Medical Negligence; Hire Purchase And Recovery; Security / Collateral Documentation; Master Indemnity Agreements; Bridging Loan Agreements.

Areas of Law Description

We provide legal assistance on the following areas of law:

- Debt Collection

With our global network, we do not only follow up debt collections in Turkey. Our law office cooperates with its dedicated colleagues all around the world and particularly in Europe.

- Due Diligence

Our law office provides also due diligence service with its attorneys and also financial experts.

- Energy Law and Investment

One of the main service that we provide in Turkey as a Law Firm is Energy law and related investment legal matters. Additionally, we follow the last developments in the renewable energy sector which is essential for the world future and its resources. We assist companies related to energy sector in order to establish their business and to facilitate their investment to the country.

- Escrow Agency / Escrow Agreement

The amounts in escrow are paid into separate escrow accounts especially opened for the transaction. In agreement with the parties and depending on term of the escrow agreement the amounts are deposited as daily call money or fixed term deposit. We provide our clients with individual escrow agreements especially adapted to the transaction in question. Only individual escrow agreements are able to properly provide for your needs.

- Real Estate & Conveyancing

Apart from the standard conveyance and application for loans for housing and development projects, our scope of work also extends to: Conversion, amalgamation, subdivision, partition land; Forfeiture of land by virtue of breach of condition of title; Joint venture & Development agreements; Foreclosure proceedings; Surrender and exchange of land with the State Government; Tenancy agreements; and Eviction & Distress (recovery of rental) proceedings.

- European Law & Rights Concerning Ankara Agreement

In the light of new decisions based on Ankara Agreement, Turkish citizens acquired privileges in the field of freedom of establishment and providing services in EU countries. Visa requirements and requirements for capital investment are essential obstacle for Turkish citizens. Accordingly, the firm assists its clients aiming to establish business or provide services in EU countries via coordination with law firms in EU countries.

- Litigation & ADR

The firm strongly believes in the benefits of Alternative Dispute Resolution namely Arbitration and Mediation as an alternative to litigation. However should our clients request that the matter be placed before the court, then our lawyers having vast experience in general litigation matters as well as in specific areas such as banking, corporate, insolvency, securities, employment, construction, insurance and arbitration.

- Administrative Law

The firm has always been at the forefront of issues which are of public concern to the community. The act, omission & neglect by any Public Authority is analyzed against the prejudice and detriment to the community. The firm objective is to engage public authority into a discussion and to make decisions which will serve to benefit the community

- Banking & Finance

We act for all the domestic financial institutions. Our job scope includes drafting and advising financial institutions in relation to loan structures and security, enforcement of security documentation which include foreclosure proceedings and loan recovery.

- Corporate & Commercial

We offers a wide range of corporate and commercial law services with banking and finance, company incorporation, privatization, accounting, joint ventures, insurance, investment and real estate. We can assist companies to establish operations in Turkey in association with local partners.

- Criminal Law

The firm handles a broad spectrum of cases which are classified as criminal in nature.

- Employment Law

Employment law has become increasingly complex in view of numerous statuses which protect the rights and interest of workers / employees. In view of such complexities, we are focused in practical outcomes which benefit both the Employer and the Employee.

- Estates & Trusts

Our experience in trusts includes setting up corporate trust structures and private trusts. We are also experienced in handling disputes relating to trusts and probate/wills. We provide advice to individuals, trustees, executors, charities, corporate clients and others in the area of trust, estates and charities. We also handle cases dealing with will contested wills, disputes concerning trusts and the administration of trusts and estates.

- Family Law

The firm is extremely sensitive to issues relating to family and matrimonial disputes. It is the firm's practice that litigation is seen as a last resort. The firm endeavors to bring parties to settlement table.

- Insurance Law

The firm acts for numerous insurance companies and the nature of work is predominantly motor vehicle accident (MVA) claims recovery of premiums and performance bond recovery.

- Training

The firm strongly believes equipping its client with knowledge of the legal implications for the day to day management of their organizations. We are focused on providing in house training to our clients, so that they better manage their organization so as to avoid any pitfalls which may result in their organization being subjected to litigation.


Hakan Cindemir Dr. Hakan Cindemir
Administrative Law, Business and Industry, Criminal Law, Divorce, Estate and Trust

Gökhan Cindemir Mr. Gökhan Cindemir
Alimony, Child Custody and Visitation, Child Support, Customs Law, Divorce


  • Istanbul Bar Association

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Articles Published by Cindemir Law Office

 Turkish Citizenship by Depositing 3 Million Dollars in a Turkish Bank for 3 Years

Obtaining Turkish citizenship became easier for foreign investors with the changes made to Turkey’s current citizenship law. The recent regulations were published in the Official Gazette on January 12, 2017.

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 Turkish Citizenship by Real Estate Investment in Turkey

Getting Turkish citizenship has become easier for foreign investors with the changes made to Turkey’s current citizenship law. The recent regulations were published in the Official Gazette on January 12, 2017.

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 Car and Traffic Accidents on the Road in Turkey

In case that traffic accident victims are not willing to file a case against vehicle driver who led road accident, they can claim against insurance company of mistaken driver’s car. In general, both driver and insurance company are set as defendants in one case due to the reasons mentioned below.

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 Recognition of Russian Court Decisions in Turkey

Under Turkish Law, there is a difference between recognition of foreign decision and enforcement of the decision. Applicant may ask recognition of the foreign decision solely but the decision on recognition will not enable applicant to enforce the decision by the execution department.

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 Compensation of Damages for Foreign Victims Due to Terror under Turkish Law

Within the scope of the Law No. 5233 on the Compensation of Damages Resulting from Terrorism and the Fight against Terrorism, the damages of our citizens who are victims of terrorism are compensated. Under Law No. 6353 and Law No. 6495, employment rights in the public services and salaries are provided for our citizens (including foreigners) who are victims of terrorism.

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 Introduction to Jurisdiction of Divorce in Turkey

Divorce principles in Turkish Law related to divorce. Enforcement of a Foreign Divorce Decree in Turkey requires some standards.

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 Wrongful Death Claim in Turkey under Turkish Law

As in common law countries, Turkish Law also covers damages stemming from death involved incidents by third parties. Traffic Accidents, Construction Accidents and other death involved accidents caused by third parties are subjected to Turkish Tort Law and also Criminal Law. Wrongful Death is also stipulated under Turkish Penal Law under the section of “intentional murder” or “murder with negligence”.

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 Enforcement and Recognition of Foreign Arbitral Awards in Turkey

Explaining current provision and practice of enforcement and Recognition of Foreign Arbitral Awards in Turkey. New York Convention and Turkish Private Law and Procedure Act (Called MÖHUK in Turkey International Private Law and Procedure Act) related to enforcement of foreign arbitral awards are the main provisions governing terms of subject concerned.

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 Consensual Divorce in Turkey - Uncontested Divorce

Explaining Divorce in Turkey with settlement agreement.

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 Notice of Termination for Employment Contracts in Turkish Labor Law

In Turkey, the employment contract may be terminated in several ways;

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 Personal Injury Liability in Turkey

Personal injury liability is well described under Tort Law Definition of Turkish Obligation Code. Under Turkish Law, there must be 4 conditions for tort liability (in other words, personal injury liability): Acts Against Law,Damage, Causal Relation, Negligence, and Act Against Law.

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 Statute of Limitations Related to Personal Injury Cases in Turkey

The claims of compensation because of a unlawful act cease after a certain period of time. Normally the term is 2 years running from the date on which the damaged person received knowledge of damage and of the person who had caused the damage. This may not be longer than ten years from the date when the act causing the damage occurred. (New Code of Obligation of Turkey entered into force in 2011, article 72).

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 Enforcement of UK judgments in Turkey

How to enforce UK judgments in Turkey. Uk Decrees are generally enforceable in Turkey based on high court decision.

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 Enforcement of US Judgments in Turkey

As a civil based law country (continental European Law) in Turkey, enforcement of foreign judgments are entitled to specific provision in International Private Act (MOHUK). It is noteworthy to mention that Turkey is not part of European Union and accordingly Brussels Convention and other relevant legislation which deal with judgement enforcement does not have any effect in Turkish Law.

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 Paternity Suit in Turkey Under Turkish Family Law

Paternity Suits in Turkey under Turkish Family Law. Results of Paternity suits will enable the mother to request financial support from the father.

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 Enforcement of a Foreign Judgment in Turkey - Is It Possible to Enforce Romanian Judgments in Turkey?

This article aims at explaining enforcement of foreign judgments obtained from Courts of Romania in Turkey. It explains the procedure of implementation of Romanian Decrees/Decisions in Romania based on judicial and legal cooperation agreement which enables reciprocity between Turkey and Poland as a core treaty. It also touches arbitral awards enforcement which are given by Romanian Courts.

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 Deportation Law in Turkey

This article aims to explain the rules deportation which applies on the foreigners who are subjected to deportation procedure. In this article, there are many reference to the provisions of law regulating deportation called Law on Foreigners and International Protection which is recently entered into force.

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 Application for Turkish Citizenship

This article aims at explaining procedure of application to Turkish Citizenship. It has touched on required document and method of examination regarding citizenship application.

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 Getting Turkish Citizenship through Marriage

This article explains obtaining Turkish Nationality through marriage. It focused on acquisition of Turkish citizenship passing through by spouses. Accordingly in this articles, it is aimed at explaining the conditions of getting Turkish citizenship under Turkish Nationality Law.

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 Enforcement of a Foreign (Poland) Judgment in Turkey - Is It Possible to Enforce Polish Judgments in Turkey?

This article aims at explaining enforcement of foreign judgments obtained from Courts of Poland in Turkey. It explains the procedure of implementation of Polish Decrees/Decisions in Poland based on judicial and legal cooperation agreement which enables reciprocity between Turkey and Poland as a core treaty. It also touches arbitral awards enforcement which are given by Polish Courts.

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 Enforcement of a Foreign Judgment in Turkey - Is It Possible to Enforce Chinese Judgments in Turkey?

This article aims at explaining enforcement of foreign judgments obtained from Courts of China in Turkey. It explains the procedure of implementation of Chinese Decrees/Decisions in Turkey based on judicial and legal cooperation agreement which enables reciprocity between Turkey and China as a core treaty. It also touches arbitral awards enforcement which are given by Chinese Courts.

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 Enforcement of Foreign Judgments in Turkey

This article aims to explain Enforcement Procedure and Conditions in Turkey. International private and civil procedure law of Turkey and Turkish Procedure Law are the main laws governing the procedure of enforcement of Foreign Judgments in Turkey. In this article, we’ll guide our readers based on the provisions of these laws. It is also important to note that Turkey ratified Convention on the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards which apply to the cross-border enforcement.

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 Contractual Liability of Administration in Turkey

This article is aiming at to explain Contractual Liability of Administration in Turkey.

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 Resolution in the Course of Litigation Proceedings Regarding Turkish Law

This article aims to explain about Resolution in the Course of Litigation Proceedings regarding Turkish Law. Dispute resolution in the course of litigation is held with article 313 – 315 of Turkish Procedural Law. Article 313 states that dispute resolution is an agreement between the parties in order to cease the dispute partially or completely at the presence of the court.

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 Appointment of a Turkish Lawyer with Power of Attorney

This article aims to explain about Appointment of a Turkish Lawyer with Power of Attorney. - Representation of an applicant at the court is only possible by giving power of Attorney. In Turkish Law, representative is called as an “Attorney” and “Applicant” who will be represented called as a “Client”. In Turkish Law, the power of attorney can be solely issued on behalf of an attorney for practicing law in Turkey.

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 Interim Injunctions In Turkish Law

This article aims to explain Interim Injunctions in accordance to Turkish Law. Interim injunctions are required to avoid any possible negative results in the course of the case. Therefore, in the course of the case, court may decide cautionary judgment in order to prevent any damages. İnterim injunctions can be requested from the court before or after the case is filed.

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 Turkish Procedural Law

This article aims at explaining the stages of legal proocedings in Turkey and in Turkish Procedural Law. Subsequent to establishment of modern Turkish Republic, the law regarding procedural law had been changed in the light of Swiss law in 1927. Since 1st October 2011, Swiss adopted rules were applying to the proceedings of lawsuits in Turkey. Due to the need of speeding up the litigation procedure and candidateship for EU, a new Turkish procedure law is entered into force in 1st October 2011.

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 To File a Case in Turkey (Petition)

This article explains what is required for lawsuit petition in Turkish Procedural Law. In consideration of litigation, there are two procedures in Turkey. Written Proceeding which can be appllied to the court of first instance. In this procedure, preparation of the case sources requires written documents. It is noteworty to mention that the court is also obliged to review oral proceedings.

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 Debt Recovery in Turkey

This article aims to explain the procedures regarding debt collection. There are two separate procedures in Turkey in order to follow your debt. 1. Debt Execution Procedure which will be provided by Administrative Body and 2. Litigation Procedure which will be examined by the Court.

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 Malpractice Cases in Turkey

This article explains the general trend of malpractice cases in Turkey. This study had been review in the light of recent amendments in legislation related to Turkish Law.

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 Narcotic Crimes, Drugs and Cordials in Turkish Penal Code

Narcotic crimes and crimes related cordials are formed under Turkish Penal Code with three provisions by three separate sections. Our article shall touch on narcotic crimes and cordials and those crimes shall be examined three different title.

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 Work Permits for Foreigners in Turkey

This article aims to explain basic principles governing the acquisition of work permit for foreigners in Turkey. The article is committed to clarify relevant issues with questions and answers.

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 How to Obtain Turkish Citizenship

This article aims to clarify the matters concerning Turkish citizenship acquisition in relation with Turkish Citizenship Law. The article touched on the questions and answers related to Acquisition of Turkish Citizenship.

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 Debt Collection - Turkey

Methods of debt collection in turkey, status of foreign legal or personal entities regarding debt collection in Turkish law.

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 Compensations Arising from Traffic Accidents Resulted in Death and Injury as regard to Turkish Law

In this article, you can find relevant responses for the questions concerning traffic accidents. Compensation and civil law procedure is explained with details in accordance with Turkish Law.

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 Testamentary Disposition and Testaments in Turkish Inheritance Law

This article aims to explain the types of testaments in Turkish Inheritance law and Testamentary dispositions according to Turkish Law. It also tells about the procedure of conclusion of the testaments.

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 Turkish Inheritance Law

This article tells about the share percentage of the inheritors and generally aims to describe main principles of Turkish Inheritance Law. The article contains questions and answers related to the issue.

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 The Scope of Turkish Labor Law

This Article is aiming to shortly touch on the the scope of Turkish labor law. The article also described the main elements of the labor law.

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 Basic Principles of Turkish Labor Law

In this article, the author touched on the basic principles governing the Turkish employment relations. Readers of this article shall be enlightened about Turkish labor law and its elementary principles.

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 Tort Law in Turkey

This article discusses the concept of Tort in Turkey.

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 Anti-dumping Measures

Regulation (EC) No 384/96 aims to transpose the provisions of the new agreement on the implementation of Article VI of the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade 1994 (1994 Anti-dumping Agreement) into Community law with a view to ensuring appropriate and transparent application of the new anti-dumping rules.

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 Concept of Settlement Related to the United Nations Commision on International Trade Law

This article aims to explain the concept of settlement related to the United Nations Commission on international trade law and Turkish perspective.

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 The Structure of Board of Directors According to the Turkish Commercial Code

The article aims to explain the the Structure of Board of Directors According to the Turkish Commercial Code.

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 Electric Distribution And Transmission in Turkey

The article aims to explain the institutions and organizations which are responsible for electric distribution and transmission in Turkey and their legal grounds by taking account of their duties and hierarchic structures 4628 numbered Act defined the main frame of the institutions and organizations which are responsible for electric transmission and distribution.

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 Direct Foreign Investment Law in Turkey

The article aims to clarify the conditions of being foreign investor in Turkey and the scope of Turkish Direct Foreign investment law which come into force August 20, 2003.

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 How to Divorce In Turkey

This article aims to clarify the matters concerning separation and divorcement in relation with Turkish family law. The article touched on the procedures of divorce and also grounds of divorce in Turkey.

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 Alternative Dispute Resolutions in Turkish Law

In this article, historical background of Alternative Dispute Resolutions and its legal position in Turkish law are examined.

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 Sales of Real Estates To Foreigners In Turkey

This Article examines the legal situation of Sales of Real Estates to Foreigners in Turkey. The recent changes in Turkish legislation in regard with real estate had been also taken into account. One of the influence of globalization to nation states is concerning with sales of real estates sale to foreign entities. In this article, you can find the story of EU candidate Turkey and Europe in relation with sales of real estates.

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