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Cores & Associates, LLC is a family law firm located in Howell, New Jersey and serving clients throughout Mercer, Atlantic, Hudson, Hunterdon, Essex, Union, Ocean, Middlesex, Monmouth, Camden, Bergen, Burlington, and Morris Counties.
Our practice areas encompass divorce, child custody and support, adoption, domestic violence, post-judgment issues, pre-nuptial agreements, college contribution, removal, adoption, international custody and kidnapping, family law appeals, children in court (DCPP) and all areas of LGBT law, including civil union dissolution and estate planning.

Attorney Amy Cores, Esq. is Certified by the New Jersey Supreme Court as a Matrimonial Law Attorney and is licensed to practice in all courts in the State of New Jersey. The firm’s highly skilled and experienced attorneys are dedicated to helping minimize conflict and protecting your children.

Our team approach to handling family law matters ensures that your case will receive the full attention of accomplished professionals who are focused on working with you in pursuing the goals desired for your case.

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Cores & Associates LLC is a law firm in Howell, New Jersey devoted to family law as it pertains to divorce, custody, family law and child support. Strong moral fiber coupled with a drive to succeed is the winning combination that makes Cores & Associates a top contender in the field of New Jersey family law.

If you are experiencing duress, or require the services of a top family lawyer please consider our firm. We are highly motivated to provide the very best service attainable and our truly compassionate towards our clients. We handle and oversee every case as it it were our own.

Schedule a free consultation with our law firm today and get the legal advice you and your family require.


Amy Cores Ms. Amy Cores
Adoption, Alimony, Child Custody and Visitation, Child Support, Collaborative Law

Melanie Szuba Appleby Melanie Szuba Appleby
Administrative Law, Adoption, Alimony, Child Custody and Visitation, Child Support


Melissa Roth Ms. Melissa A. Roth
Child Custody and Visitation, Child Support



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Articles Published by Cores & Associates, LLC

 Child Custody and Same Sex Divorce in New Jersey

Since the increase in same sex marriages in New Jersey after the supreme court ruling decided that they must be allowed to marry in 2013, there are now same sex couples filing for divorce and entering these proceedings together.

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 Can Anti-Depressants affect Custody in a NJ Divorce?

It was only a few decades ago that a minor most likely remained with their mother following the separation and divorce of their parents, with the father restricted to mostly visitations.

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 Managing New Jersey Parenting Time During a Divorce

The divorce process is difficult for all parties involved, including children. It is important that all parties are able to be civil and show a united from in front of children in order to make the divorce process as smooth and stable as possible.

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 Will Divorce Hurt My Credit Score in New Jersey?

The divorce process in itself will have no impact on your credit score. What can however affect your credit score is the financial actions of your acts before, during, and after the divorce process.

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 Changing Beneficiary Designations after a Divorce

Divorces are never easy. Aside from the emotional aspects of it that are always difficult to deal with, there are many practical things to consider after a divorce is complete that few people think about until it actually becomes a problem.

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 Sexual Harassment Laws in New Jersey

Much like at the federal level, sexual harassment is prohibited by the state of New Jersey. It is quite important for you to know your rights in case you become a victim of sexual harassment.

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 Interstate Custody Laws in New Jersey

Custody of children is always a complicated situation. Especially when it comes to cases of interstate custody and the laws surrounding it.

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 What Are the Benefits of a Joint Will in New Jersey?

If you have assets that you want to pass onto spouse should anything happen to you then you may have considered a joint will.

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 How Is Child Support Calculated In New Jersey?

There are many variants that can affect the amount that the non-resident parent is liable to pay towards the child’s/children’s upbringing which will mean that a friend or family member with the same amount of dependants may be paying a different amount.

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 Are Irrevocable Trusts in New Jersey a Good Idea?

Although there are some circumstances where a revocable trust is useful it is usually not necessary.

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 How Do You Prepare for Divorce Mediation in New Jersey?

If you have decided that divorce mediation is the way to go, then you will more than likely have already booked your first appointment.

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 Estate Laws in New Jersey

Estate laws in New Jersey are changing as of 2017. The estate laws are expected to be repealed altogether during the 2018 calendar year.

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 Should We Try Divorce Mediation: The Pros and Cons

Divorce Mediation takes place when neither side can come to an agreement on how to properly dismantle a marriage and it requires the assistance of a third party.

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 Can You Avoid the Gift Tax in New Jersey?

If you have left anything of value in your will to gift to a loved one in the event of your death, then you should be aware that in the State of New Jersey anyone who has lived or owns property there will be subject to inheritance and state estate tax.

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 How Do You Update Your Estate Plan in New Jersey?

If you have an estate plan in place, the likelihood of circumstances changing over the course of time is high.

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 How Do You Change Alimony in New Jersey?

After a divorce has taken place, it can leave both or one of the parties’ involved in financial problems.

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 Why Divorce Mediation Might Not Work

Couples do not always agree on everything when they are considering a divorce.

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 What Is the Landlord Tenant Law in New Jersey?

When a landlord takes on a tenant certain information has to be disclosed. The usual practice for doing so is to put it into the rent agreement. This will alert tenants as to whether they live in an area that is a flood zone or similar.

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 What Are the Separation Laws in New Jersey?

Divorce in the New Jersey in is legally referred to as the termination of marriage in a court of law. A separation agreement is the first step in the divorce case.

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 What Are Common New Jersey Real Estate Laws?

Whether selling or buying knowing the common NJ real estate laws is important to help you to make the right legal decisions. As the process is stressful enough as it is you do not want to worry about legalities holding up the process. The first thing you need to do if you are selling is get an attorney. The attorney’s job is to review your contract and help you to make any revisions necessary to ensure it is legally binding.

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 What Is a Probate Notice in New Jersey?

If it cannot be clearly decided as to whom the recipients of a will are then assets will be taken into probate until it is decided how inheritance is to be divided.

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 How Divorce Affects Social Security in New Jersey

In the state of New Jersey, there are two types of social security benefits a person can receive within a marriage.

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 Is Denying Medical Treatment to Minors Legal in New Jersey?

Legally, minors are incompetent and lack the necessary experience on matters such as their education and medical care. It is, therefore, the responsibility of parents to take care of their children by ensuring they are healthy.

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 How to Legally Change Your Gender Identity in New Jersey

In New Jersey the National Center for Transgender Equality or NCTE, has completed the renovation of the rules for the gender and name change guide.

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 How Long Does an Uncontested Divorce Take in New Jersey?

Luckily, more New Jersey family courts are beginning to recognize and address issues of parental alienation when presented with them in court. If you think your child has been the subject of these tactics you need to secure an experienced Mercer County family lawyer.

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 How Do You Transfer Assets in a New Jersey Divorce?

Part and parcel of the divorce process is disclosing full income to determine the appropriate alimony and child support to be paid. In some cases, one spouse may choose to not make full disclosure, which results in much lower child support payments. Do you suspect that your spouse is withholding financial information? Enlisting an experienced Family Lawyer will help you ensure your settlement adds up.

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 Top 5 Custody Dispute Mistakes

Children are the most delicate and emotionally charged element of a divorce. As such, many couples can struggle to hash out all of the issues regarding this matter and come to a compromise through the mediation process. Leaving them with no choice but to appear in front of a judge in search of a child custody order.

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 Restraining Orders in New Jersey

Anyone who is feeling like they are being harassed, verbally or physically abused, or otherwise receiving harm from a specific person can file for a restraining order through the court in New Jersey. A restraining order is essentially a form of protection that enables a victim to live safely and free from abuse, threats, stalking, and harassment.

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 Domestic Violence in New Jersey

Domestic violence occurs when one’s safety is compromised. The safety in question includes one’s physical, mental, sexual, and economic, and emotional well-being.

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 New Jersey Marriage Contract FAQs

What Is a Marriage Contract in NJ ? When two people decide to get married, this is a contract to the state as much as it is a commitment to the people involved. A marriage contract is a prewritten negotiation of the details. You may not be planning on divorcing, but the possibility of divorce exists, so a marriage contract acts as clarity on what you have agreed on before committing to marriage. A marriage contract can clearly create the course of your marriage.

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 What Do I Need to Know About New Jersey Divorce Mediation

The break-up of a marriage is a painful time for all involved. And the division of two intertwined lives can be complicated. It usually brings a myriad of issues to the forefront that need to be addressed before either party can move on fully. Some such issues include child custody and property ownership.

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 Community Property and Unexpected Death in New Jersey

Death is one of those unavoidable issues that none of us wants to think about. Particularly when it comes to our loved ones. Unfortunately, not acknowledging it doesn’t stop it from happening. And when it does happen suddenly it can leave the spouse left behind both grief-stricken and stressed out over what will happen to any property they owned together.

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 Common Law Marriage and Child Custody

Years ago, common law marriage was a much more popular and accepted practice. Now it is only acknowledged in a handful of states. However, if you live in one of those states and have been part of a common law marriage, you may be wondering how child custody works after a divorce.

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 Maternal Custody Laws in New Jersey

New Jersey has adopted the Uniform Child Custody Act that was founded in 1979. The Uniform Child Custody Act helps prevent inner-state custody disputes.

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 What Is Power of Attorney in New Jersey?

Perhaps one of the most vital, and frequently neglected, aspects of personal and estate planning is legal and financial protection, in the event of incapacity or disability. Many older people, and their families, fear that the onset of physical or mental disability for their elderly loved ones as they advance in age.

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 Remember to Include Incapacity in Your Estate Plan

The purpose of estate planning is to guide the transfer, and management, of your property in a manner that makes sense for your family. While it may sound simple, it can only be achieved through careful planning. Failure to plan carefully may result in unintended beneficiaries receiving your property, or result in unnecessary transfer taxes.

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 What Are the Legal Birth Certificate Guidelines in New Jersey?

Births must be registered within 5 days of occurrence. The certificate should be completed legibly, in black or blue ink, and filed with the local registrar.

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 Which Parent Gets the House in a Divorce in New Jersey?

If you have decided to have a divorce in the state of New Jersey, knowing how to divide the property is important.

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 How to Avoid a Will Dispute in New Jersey

Unfortunately, it’s a tale as old as time. A death in the family, and in the midst of mourning, the fights start as the will is read. Although it isn’t the case for many families, it’s devastating when it does occur. It’s important to take certain steps to ensure that it doesn’t happen.

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 Why Is a Successor Trustee Necessary in New Jersey?

A trust is an effective tool in estate planning. One of the most popular trust types is a revocable living trust. It offers the creator a flexibility to make changes if and when they are needed.

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 How to Terminate Joint Tenancy in New Jersey

What is joint tenancy? It’s a form of joint possession of property. It’s similar to tenancy in common, however, the difference is that joint tenancy includes the survivorship right.

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 Race Discrimination in New Jersey

In New Jersey, it is against the law for anyone to be discriminated against because of national origin, color, or race. You cannot be discriminated against in public accommodation, housing, or in employment.

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 How to Modify Child Support in New Jersey

In most cases of separated parents, one or the other will receive child support to help provide the child with the life he or she deserves. In some cases, however, the original child support order is not enough to sustain a quality lifestyle.

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 How to Qualify for Permanent Alimony in New Jersey

The concept of alimony has been a hot button issue in the state of New Jersey for years. And though it’s been modified in recent years it’s sure to be a pressing topic for future generations as well.

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 Frequently Asked Questions: Child Support & Custody in New Jersey

The responses to the following frequently asked questions related to New Jersey child support case guidelines are for reference purposes and general awareness.

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 Primer - New Jersey Family Court, Mediation & Motions

New Jersey family courts are under Superior Courts – Family Divisions. New Jersey Family Court has jurisdiction over family law matters like the following:

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 Cape May County Guidelines - Custody & Support

Some families are blessed with children who are extraordinary and incredibly talented. What happens if you’re raising the next Carli Lloyd or Derek Jeter? There is no question that with extreme talent comes increased expenses in the form of supplies, lessons, travel, and practice. In the event of a divorce who would be responsible for paying all of these costs? While exploring case history, we also explore the guidelines specific to Cape May County in order to uncover these answers.

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 Community Property States and Asset Division

When it comes to divorce, there are a great many things that can make the process overly complicated. Being aware of what they are and how they work before heading into one is one of the best ways to ensure that you avoid as much of this hassle as possible, and that includes community property states and asset division.

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 Uncontested Divorce and Property Division in New Jersey

The general image of a New Jersey divorce is one of stress, frustration, and conflict. While it is true that many divorces are all of these things and more, if you are contemplating an uncontested divorce they do not have to be.

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 How Do You Change a New Jersey Divorce Agreement?

There are many people in New Jersey that have sought to legally alter their divorce decree or agreement over the decades. It happens for various reasons, but some people are reluctant to undergo the process simply because they do not know everything that it entails.

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 Types of Alimony in New Jersey

Alimony in New Jersey can be complicated. There are many different types which can lead to confusion. The laws surrounding alimony are not straightforward and modification of alimony involves several additional factors.

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 New Jersey Custody Laws: What Are They & How Are They Determined

When a couple divorces in New Jersey, and they are the parents of minors, one of the situations that must be resolved is the issue of custody.

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 What Is Residential Custody in Monmouth County?

Situations regarding child custody often present themselves in cases with divorced or unmarried parents. In Monmouth County, New Jersey, courts will sometimes refer to “physical” custody as “residential” custody but the two are synonymous.

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 How Do You Get Full Custody in New Jersey?

If you will soon be entering a legal situation regarding full custody of your child, chances are you may be nervous, and moreover, unsure of whether New Jersey allows for full custody and if so under what circumstances this may occur.

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