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At Curcillo Law, LLC, we are dedicated to providing clients with a skilled defense against all criminal charges. Serving Central Pennsylvania and beyond, we handle misdemeanors and felonies, traffic charges and sex crimes. Whatever the offense, we can help you obtain the best possible outcome. This may mean an acquittal, a dismissal of the charges, a negotiated plea that reduces your jail or prison time, or alternative penalties, such as community service.

Our practice focuses on helping people charged with any criminal offense, from traffic violations to sex crimes to white collar crimes. We know that even a minor charge is a very serious matter to our clients, and we let them know that we are there to fight for their rights, their futures and their freedom. Whether you have been charged with a white collar crime such as embezzlement or are facing an on-campus underage drinking charge, we can help.

Our principal criminal defense attorney, Joseph A. Curcillo III, has been practicing criminal law since 1985. His more than 20 years of experience gives our clients an advantage; he knows how the prosecutor is likely to prepare the case, whether he or she might be open to negotiations and what kinds of alternative penalties can be negotiated. His experience with the court systems and court personnel in Central Pennsylvania gives our clients a big advantage, one that he uses to seek favorable results.

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