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Law Firm Overview

D’Amore Law Group is a personal injury firm with locations in Portland, Bend, and Lake Oswego, Oregon as well as Vancouver, Washington. The firm represents clients in Oregon, Washington, California, including Seattle, Redmond, Spokane, Eugene, and others.
Practice areas include trucking and auto accidents, construction site accidents, motorcycle and bicycle accidents, pedestrian accidents, product liability, sexual abuse and assault, nursing home abuse, medical malpractice, brain injuries, and wrongful death. The firm also represents individuals and counties in bad faith insurance and banking practices.

With vast experience, the attorneys have represented thousands of clients. The legal team includes a former insurance defense lawyer, and Tom D’Amore is a board certified civil trial advocate of the National Board of Trial Advocacy.

D’Amore Law Group is dedicated to asserting the rights of clients who have been injured by the negligence and intentional conduct of individual and corporate wrongdoers. The firm is committed to protecting the current and long-term interests of clients, while providing compassionate and knowledgeable legal advice and representation.

Year this Office was Established: 1994

Languages: English; Spanish

Areas of Law

Additional Areas of Law: Highway/Roadway Accidents, Sinus Surgery; Sexual Abuse Victims.

Areas of Law Description

Attorneys at D'Amore Law Group provide clients in Oregon with legal advice and representation on the following practice areas:

- Wrongful Death

Suffering the loss of a loved one who dies unnecessarily due to the carelessness of another is life’s most devastating experience. We understand the delicate balancing act that is necessary to compassionately represent grieving families while aggressively representing their interests. The wrongful death lawyers at D'Amore Law Group understand a family's need to obtain justice.

Insurance companies often quickly try to settle wrongful death claims. Initial settlement offers tend to have little relation to the needs of the surviving family. Moreover, they are an effort to minimize the insurance company’s financial exposure. D'Amore Law Group highly recommends that you do not sign anything before talking to an experienced wrongful death attorney.

If a close family member is killed as a result of a negligent accident or act, then his or her loved ones have rights under wrongful death laws to hold the negligent party responsible and recover damages. Wrongful death can occur as a result of a variety of circumstances, including auto, truck or motorcycle accidents, head injuries, nursing home negligence, medical malpractice, or on the job site /construction site accidents. Wrongful death victims and their families are usually merely going about the ordinary business of their lives when tragedy strikes. One young woman was killed while riding in the passenger seat. The cause? A negligent driver. A patient receiving dialysis lost her life due to the negligent act of a health care worker. A construction worker was crushed to death while working on a job site.

The loss of a family member often has lasting financial, monetary and emotional consequences. While no amount of money will make up for the loss of a family member, compensation can often be fairly negotiated by experienced and compassionate attorneys. If trial is necessary, you should hire an attorney that is experienced. The wrongful death attorneys at D’Amore Law Group strive to minimize the emotional impact of a wrongful death trial and only go to trial when it is in the interest of the family.

- Highway / Roadway Accidents

You should question an insurer’s recommendation that you do not need to consult with an accident attorney if you have sustained serious injury or if a loved one has died as a result of an auto, truck or motorcycle accident. You could be signing away your ability to recover the cost of your medical bills, lost wages, future losses, and pain and suffering caused by the life-altering accident. You should also be aware that there is a time-frame in Oregon, Washington and California that allows your accident attorney to recover damages for you for car, truck or motorcycle accidents. Once this time-frame has lapsed, it may be difficult for you to recover anything.

- Automobile Accidents

The automobile accident attorneys at D’Amore Law Group understand what a significant effect an auto accident can have on your life. It can range from the inconvenience of being without a vehicle, to permanent catastrophic injury or the loss of a loved one. If you or a loved one has been involved in a serious car accident, learn more about what to do immediately after an accident and then call the attorneys at D’Amore Law Group for a free consultation to discuss your rights. We will work hard to determine what insurance coverage is available through a thorough investigation of the policies involved in the accident including uninsured or underinsured policies. We will hold the insurance companies responsible for what compensation is owed to you and your family under your policy.

Our experienced auto accident attorneys will thoroughly investigate your claim using accident reconstruction, analysis of police reports and witnesses, medical experts to determine necessary future medical treatment, expert forensic economists to determine lost wages and future earning potential as well as pain and suffering and the loss of enjoyment of life. Insurance companies try to minimize your settlement in their best interest. The automobile accident attorneys at D’Amore Law Group will use all resources necessary to show how serious your injuries are and how they affect your life or your family’s lives.

- Trucking Accidents

Due to road conditions, limited mobility and vision, as well as the size, weight and momentum of these vehicles, accidents involving semi-trucks or commercial vehicles often cause serious injury or wrongful death for the victims. If you or a loved one have been seriously injured in a truck related accident, contact the trucking accident attorneys at D’Amore Law Group who understand the devastating effects these accidents have. Long-haul truck drivers are often victims of negligence because they spend thousands of hours and miles on the road.

There are strict rules and regulations that commercial vehicles must follow. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) lays out the safe and correct way for commercial vehicles to be loaded, maintained and driven. Trucks involved in accidents are often in violation of one or more of these regulations and are not fulfilling their duties as responsible drivers.

The truck accident lawyers at D’Amore Law Group will hold the negligent truck driver and the trucking company responsible for their negligence and fully investigate whether there is further liability with the manufacturer of the equipment should it show to be part of the reason for the accident. We will find all responsible parties and make sure they properly compensate the injured people and their families. The insurance companies have attorneys working hard to minimize settlements and protect their best interests. Make sure you have an experienced and effective truck accident lawyer working to protect yours.

- Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents can cause very serious, often permanent, injury and wrongful death. Most motorcycle drivers are extremely careful and cautious for their own protection and almost all bicycle accidents involve another motor vehicle. The motorcycle accident attorneys at D'Amore Law Group know that many of these motorcycle accidents are not the fault of the motorcycle driver, but rather the other vehicle involved.

Unfortunately, motorcycle drivers sometimes have a negative image on the roadway. Often distracted drivers do not see the motorcycle and therefore make no attempt to avoid the accident. Due to negligent drivers and the large difference in the size and momentum of the motor vehicle and motorcycle, the driver of the motorcycle is often ejected from their bike leaving them open to very serious injury.

If you or a loved one has been involved in a motorcycle accident, make sure that your rights are protected by consulting with a motorcycle accident attorney to find out the best way to handle your claim. The experienced motorcycle accident lawyers at D’Amore Law Group will work hard to make sure you receive the compensation you are owed for your injuries. Many people are not aware that the insurance companies are looking to settle your claim for the least amount of money, not for what is in your best interest.

- Construction Site Accident Injuries

Construction site accidents and injuries sustained on the job injure or kill thousands of Americans every year. Many terrible personal injuries are caused by poor safety procedures, negligence, faulty equipment, poor supervision – and most could have been prevented. Often times injury or death occur because a negligent company is more interested in profit than safety.

- Medical Malpractice

Thousands of medical errors occur each year. When injury or death is caused by medical malpractice through negligence or failure to follow the standard of care, you or your loved one should be compensated for all damages suffered. Examples of medical malpractice or medical negligence include: Failure to diagnose or a misdiagnosis, birth trauma injuries, botched sinus surgery and other surgical mistakes, nursing home negligence, and wrongly filled prescriptions or prescription error.

The medical malpractice attorneys at D’Amore Law Group are experienced in all types of medical malpractice and medical negligence claims. Our medical malpractice lawyers routinely work with a variety of medical experts to determine the cause of the negative medical outcomes and assess accountability.

- Medication Errors

There are an estimated 2.5 billion prescriptions dispensed by pharmacies in the U.S. An estimated 3.75 billion drugs were administered in hospitals. Errors in medication are a major source of medical mistakes that can cause injury or death. Prescription and medication errors that can occur in pharmacies or in hospitals include:

* Wrong medication: the patient gets the wrong medication despite the doctor prescribing the correct one.
* Drug name mix-ups: several medications have similar-sounding names. The physician and pharmacist need to be vigilant about ensuring they are not negligent in prescribing or dispensing the wrong medication.
* Wrong medication combinations: there are numerous types of medications that should not be mixed because of life-threatening or fatal side effects or cross-reactions when combined.
* Side effects of medication: Almost all medications have some types of side effects. Some are mild, some significant, some can be fatal. Sometimes a drug will be inappropriately prescribed to a patient with a documented allergy.

- Spinal Cord and Head Injury

Accidents – on the job site, on the playground, car, truck or motorcycle accidents – can happen anywhere, and they can cause serious head or spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury, or paralysis. All it takes is one horrible moment in your life – or the life of a loved one – to be forever and traumatically changed.

When most people picture traumatic brain injuries, or closed head injuries, they think of severely brain damaged people in a vegetative state. More common are mild traumatic brain injuries, which cause a variety of symptoms. These injuries do not always present outward symptoms and are more difficult to prove. Some issues common with mild traumatic brain injury victims include:

* Impulsive Behavior
* Short Term Memory Loss
* Personality Changes
* Impaired Perception
* Severe Head Aches
* Loss of Taste and Smell
* Diminished Concentration
* Hearing and Balance Disorders
* Cognitive Fatigue
* Concussions
* Coma
* Mild Seizures

If the injury has long-term consequences and was caused by the carelessness — or negligence — of another, you may have a claim. Aside from recovering the costs of your medical care, you may have the right to recover loss of wages, loss of consortium, pain and suffering — and any other expenses that result from your injury.

- Sinus Surgery Injury

D’Amore Law Group has successfully represented patients who have suffered terrible and permanent injury from an increasingly popular type of sinus surgery.

Sinus surgery may be dubbed a “simple, outpatient procedure,” even “routine.” Patients suffering from chronic allergies or sinus infections are opting to undergo outpatient sinus surgery in record numbers. Though sinus surgery is labeled in many advertisements and on Internet sites as “minimally invasive,” this trendy procedure, if negligently performed, can cause serious personal injury.

The sinuses rest physically close to the brain, the eye, and major arteries. If the sinus surgery is not done properly, serious and permanent injury can result, leaving patients blind or with vision that is impaired.

Several of our clients were rendered “wall eyed” as a result of a botched sinus surgery – the tiny, rotating knife cut through the sinus wall and sliced through optical nerves, leaving our client permanently unable to move her eyes back and forth. She could no longer read, knit or play games – such as “catch” – that she used to enjoy with her children. D’Amore Law Group negotiated a significant settlement on her behalf.

- Nursing Home Negligence

The attorneys at D’Amore Law Group are experienced in claims regarding nursing home abuse and negligence. They understand the feelings of anguish over the thought of a parent’s or loved one’s neglect. Patients residing in nursing homes and specialized care facilities deserve to be safe and treated respectfully.

Nursing home negligence occurs when a resident is abused or neglected in a nursing home. Sadly, nursing home negligence can result in nursing home deaths.

Often, residents or their loved one suffer falls resulting in broken bones, malnutrition, dehydration, or other serious injury. One of our clients came to us after the death of his elderly parent. His father wandered off premises due to poor supervision, and died shortly after suffering a terrible head injury and enduring cold temperatures.

If a nursing home fails to care for you or your loved one in a professional and compassionate manner, and if you or your loved one has suffered from inadequate care, you may be entitled to compensation.

- Class Actions

Class actions can form as a result of consumer fraud (when consumers are injured by illegal scams, charged illegal bank fees, mass identity theft, etc.), human and civil rights violations, employee benefits disputes (such as not being paid overtime, or forced to work “off the clock”), as well as injury from environmental, toxic and other mass torts (such as chemical spills, defective products and pharmaceuticals or medical devices that cause injury).

The attorneys at D’Amore Law Group represent people in several class action lawsuits and proposed class action cases filed in various jurisdictions in the Pacific Northwest and across the country. One of our class action clients, a policyholder who was denied her auto insurance benefits, was featured on Dateline NBC.

- Insurance Fraud & Bad Faith

Bad faith refers to an insurance company wrongly denying coverage or benefits to its insured when they are rightfully owed that coverage. An insurance policy is a contract between the insurance company and its insured and this contract must be honored in "good faith." This obligation of good faith means an insurance company must take all necessary steps to fully investigate a claim and consider all the circumstances supporting it as well as respond to requests for information or communication in a timely matter. There are statutes of limitations or certain time frames in which a person must file a lawsuit in a personal injury claim. Insurance companies stalling or delaying necessary responses close to or beyond this time limit are suspect to evaluation of an act of bad faith. An insurance company cannot just look for reasons not to pay the claim, they must fully investigate it to determine if there is coverage under the policy.

It is in insurance company’s best interest to limit the amount of compensation they pay out to their customers. Sometimes a company refuses to pay a claim that clearly should be paid with the hope that the consumer will not fight the decision. Most insurance policies are complex and confusing documents with many terms and conditions. It is common that a consumer will not know everything that is or is not covered by their policy. We can explain what claims should be covered under your specific policy. If you think you have a bad faith claim, contact our attorneys to receive a free consultation to evaluate your policy and determine if the insurance company is acting in bad faith. Our attorneys hold insurance companies responsible if they do not fulfill their obligations as set forth in the insurance policy. Protect your rights and call us today.


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