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DC Law was started by Matthew Cunanan. During a heavy period of growth Drew and Christopher joined DC Law in 2013. In its inception DC Law was a small practice taking only real estate and bankruptcy clients. However, the practice quickly grew as our clients trusted us and asked that we handle other

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 The Qualities of Seattle Immigration Lawyers Spoken About

So what is it that makes the Immigration Lawyer Seattle an important part of the immigration procedures? Is this a question which has been running your heads for a long time now? Well, there are many answers to this question, and allow us to answer them all for you.

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 Bankruptcy for Struggling Businesses

Businesses fail for many reasons but one of the main problems that may plague a business is bad debt. If you enter into contracts that turn out to be a bad deal, if you have an investment property that significantly declines in value or if you borrow money at too high of an interest rate, this can make it impossible for your business to become profitable even if you have a solid product and a good customer base.

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 Do I Need a Real Estate Lawyer in Seattle to Build a New Home?

It has become widely accepted that it is important to have a real estate lawyer Seattle when you are buying an existing home. After all, you will need a real estate lawyer Seattle to help you to negotiate a purchase and sales agreement with the seller and to make sure the agreement contains the appropriate protective clauses.

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 Are There Any Free Immigration Lawyers in Seattle?

If you are facing difficulties with immigration issues, you likely already know that you need advice from immigration lawyers in Seattle. However, you may be concerned about how you are going to pay for these immigration lawyers in Seattle, especially since you have likely heard that legal fees can be expensive. Naturally, this may lead you to ask whether there are any free immigration lawyers in Seattle.

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 Can a DUI Lawyer in Seattle Help Me if I Refused a BAC Test?

In Seattle, it is possible to be arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol and to face criminal sanctions based on your refusal to take a blood alcohol test. A blood alcohol test, or a BAC test, is a test to determine if you are driving when over the legal limit. If you refuse this test, you need to call a DUI lawyer Seattle right away since you refusal can have serious consequences.

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 Will a Bankruptcy Attorney in Seattle WA Help Me Reduce my Car Loan?

Having a car is a necessity in this day and age, but unfortunately cars can sometimes be very expensive and you will almost always need to take out a car loan to buy yourself a vehicle. Cars also lose value quickly, meaning that you may find yourself owing more on your car than what the vehicle is worth, or unable to sell the car and pay off your loan if you fall on financial hard times.

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 DUI Lawyer in Seattle WA Warns to Use Caution this Summer

Summer is a season for fun in the sunshine, beach parties and many holidays. As your DUI lawyer Seattle WA knows, however, summer is also a season when many people get arrested for a DUI. DUIs are especially common in the summer for many reasons including both the increased likelihood of sitting around a BBQ or summer party drinking beers or other cool drinks and also the strong likelihood of DUI checkpoints on certain key summer days.

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 Four Reasons You Need to Hire a Seattle DUI Attorney

When you have been arrested for driving while intoxicated, hiring a Seattle DUI attorney is the only course of action that really makes sense. A Seattle DUI attorney can provide you with important legal assistance that you would not otherwise get from a general public defender or criminal defense attorney. Your Seattle DUI attorney will be your advocate and will help you to have the best chance of avoiding a conviction for DUI.

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 Can a Real Estate Lawyer in Seattle Help with a Lease?

If you own property and you wish to rent it out to residential or commercial tenants, you may be uncertain of how to get started or of what type of help you need. One question that you may have is whether a real estate lawyer Seattle can assist you with your lease. Likewise, if you are a commercial or a residential tenant who is about to enter into a leasing agreement, you may be uncertain as far as where to turn for legal advice and guidance.

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 What to Look for When Hiring Seattle Immigration Lawyers

When you are immigrating to the United States or when you have a family member that needs to immigrate to the United States, Seattle immigration lawyers can help. Seattle immigration lawyers work with clients on a number of different immigration issues and can provide assistance with both obtaining temporary permission to remain in the U.S. and with becoming a permanent resident or citizen of the country.

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 Do I Need a Seattle Real Estate Lawyer to Invest in Real Estate?

If you are considering purchasing investment property, rather than a primary residence, getting help from a Seattle real estate lawyer can be especially essential to ensuring that you make a wise and informed choice. A Seattle real estate lawyer will assist you with all aspects of the transaction and will help you to do your legal due diligence before you buy the property.

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 Three Situations When You Need Help from Seattle Immigration Attorneys

Immigrating to the United States can be a challenging prospect as there are many legal requirements to navigate. Seattle immigration attorneys can assist you with the process of determining what method of immigration to use and can answer all of your questions about green cards, visas, the naturalization process, amnesty and other issues related to immigration.

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 DUI Checkpoint Arrest? A DUI Attorney Seattle WA Can Help

Throughout Seattle, law enforcement agencies routinely set up DUI checkpoints. These checkpoints are intended to catch people who are driving under the influence of alcohol. If you are stopped at a DUI checkpoint and you are found to be intoxicated and arrested for a DUI, it is absolutely imperative you consult with a DUI attorney Seattle WA as soon as possible. A DUI attorney Seattle WA can review the case against you and the manner in which evidence was obtained.

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 Avoiding Debt Settlement Scams with a Bankruptcy Attorney Seattle

If you are drowning in debt, often the best and only real solution to your problem is to file bankruptcy with the help of a bankruptcy attorney Seattle. While you may be offered other "solutions," by companies who promise to make your debt problems go away, unfortunately you will often find yourself in a much worse position if you take advantage of these offers than you would be if you just got help from a bankruptcy attorney Seattle and filed bankruptcy in the first place.

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 Does a Juvenile DUI Offender Need a Seattle DUI Lawyer?

Like all states, Seattle has strict rules when it comes to minors and driving while intoxicated or impaired by alcohol. Because the rules are so stringent when it comes to minors and DUI, it is imperative to contact a Seattle DUI lawyer if your child is charged with driving under the influence.

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