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The Demerath Law Office offers legal representation and consultation about your right to payment for injuries suffered in car accidents, motorcycle accidents, or construction accidents. With 35 years of experience in personal injury litigation, Omaha personal injury lawyer Larry R.

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 Nebraska Premises Liability Claims

Whether itís spilled milk on the floor at a grocery store, a cracked pavement, or a missing handrail, thousands of people every year are injured, many seriously, by a dangerous condition on someone else's property. When this happens, the injured person may have a "premises liability claim."

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 How to React to a Nebraska Auto Accident

If you are in an accident the first thing you should do is stop your vehicle, turn on your hazard lights, and if necessary, move your vehicle to a safe position near the location of the accident. Nebraska law requires that you stop at the accident scene; failure to do so could result in serious repercussions which can lead to a traffic ticket or a warrant for your arrest.

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