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Denmon & Denmon is a personal injury law firm in Tampa, Florida that represents clients throughout the area in any matter resulting from someone else's negligence or misconduct. The firm's experienced mediators and trial lawyers expertly prepare compelling presentations to offer the responsible

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 What Does Child Support Pay For in Florida?

Although child support typically covers a child’s basic expenses, how the funds are going to be spent is decided upon by the custodial parent. He or she may set aside the received payments and spend them specifically for the child, or may choose to combine them with household funds to purchase grocery items for the family or to pay for utilities and rent.

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 Florida Divorce FAQ

In the state of Florida, divorce is more officially known as “dissolution of marriage”. Either spouse can file for divorce, as long as specific requirements are met. Below are some frequently asked questions about the divorce process in Florida.

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 The Florida DUI Court Process

In every Florida DUI case, two separate cases flow from the same offense. Apart from a civil case filed against you with the DMV, you will also have to deal with criminal charges and penalties. There are several processes and procedures involved in an average Florida DUI criminal case.

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 Florida Military Divorce Issues to Consider

Military officers and service members may face family law matters, just like their civilian counterparts. However, there are also other complex issues that a military member facing a divorce must deal with, such as pension, child relocation, retirement and the like.

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 Winning DUI Jury Selection: Three Tips to Help You Succeed

If you consider yourself a DUI lawyer or criminal defense attorney, then you will find yourself trying cases and picking juries. With a little bit of prep work, you can make your jury selection work for you, and earn valuable points with the Judge and Jury while doing so. Winning Your DUI: Jury Selection - Do you consider yourself a Criminal Defense Attorney? If so, you must surely be trying cases in front of a Jury, right? Right??

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 Can I file A Florida Paternity Action Before My Child is Born?

Sometimes the relationship between an unmarried mother and Father falls apart before the child is born. In such a case, either parent may be forced to turn to the Courts to determine paternity and child support. Which begs the question: Can a party file a paternity action before the child is even born?

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 How to Reduce Alimony in Your Florida Divorce

Paying spousal support to your former spouse after marriage can be an emotionally and financially painful experience. And if a divorce is imminent, she will come at you asking for the kitchen sink. Below are some tactics and techniques that you can use to reduce alimony payments in your divorce case.

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 How to Minimize or Eliminate Alimony in a Florida Divorce Case

While most men do not mind supporting their wives during marriage, the thought of continuing the financial support months or years after the marriage ends can be difficult to swallow. Luckily, there is something men can do to minimize, if not eliminate, their alimony payments.

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 Child Custody in Florida: An Overview of the Court Decision Making Process

There is nothing more important in your Family Law Matter than the well-being of your children. A close second is continuing to foster and build a strong relationship with your children, even if you are not the primary residential parent. Below we discuss some of the considerations the Courts make when determining the child custody arrangement with the child.

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 DUI FAQ - To Blow or Not to Blow

Talk to any DUI attorney, and they’ll probably tell you that the question they get asked the most is whether one should blow or not into a breathalyzer machine. They’ll also tell you that the answer they most often give is that there’s no absolutely right or wrong answer to such a question.

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