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Doar, Rieck, Kaley & Mack is a criminal defense law firm serving clients throughout New York City, Long Island, and New Jersey. Doar Law provides top quality legal services at reasonable rates. Whether you face minor or major criminal charges, in state or federal court, you can trust Doar Law to provide you with an aggressive, affordable defense.

When your liberty is threatened by criminal charges, it is critical to seek experienced, skilled legal counsel. Doar Law’s chief trial lawyers, John Kaley and John Jacob Rieck, Jr. are former high level prosecutors who have practiced criminal defense law for over 20 years. Their extensive experience and unwavering dedication to clients has earned them the respect of adversaries, peers, judges and juries. They ably provide clients with a powerful defense at a reasonable cost.

Doar Law’s expertise in handling traditional criminal charges is supplemented by a team of attorneys with special experience in defending against white-collar crimes such as fraud, bribery, and tax matters. Moreover, appellate attorney Amy Rothstein works closely with Doar Law’s trial lawyers to provide strategic trial motions and fight for post-conviction relief. We also have top-notch investigators on our defense team who work tirelessly to uncover the facts necessary for your strongest defense.

It is impossible to guarantee the outcome of a criminal matter. However, early intervention by an experienced criminal defense team greatly enhances your chances of a successful result. If you face criminal charges, you need attorneys who are responsive and effective. Doar Law has the experience, resources and dedication to provide you with a vigorous and tenacious defense.

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