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Law Firm Overview

Doogue + George is a criminal defence firm with offices in Melbourne and Sunshine, Australia. Areas of law include white collar/corporate and financial crimes such as insider trading, large fraud allegations, ASIC charges, bribery, and money laundering as well as drink and drug driving, other driving offences, and other jury trial matters.

Among the firm’s 18 lawyers, seven are Law Institute Accredited Specialist Criminal Lawyers. These lawyers have at least 5 years of experience in criminal law (some have decades) and have undergone specialist exams. All of the lawyers have been involved collectively in hundreds of jury trials and many thousands of other cases, including high profile cases involving people in the media, high interest matters, and politicians.

Doogue + George offers clients support and helps them navigate complex criminal and regulatory problems while pursuing the best results when they have been accused of wrongdoing.

Year this Office was Established: 1999

Areas of Law

Additional Areas of Law: Corporate Crime; Driving Law.


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Criminal Law


  • Law Institute of Victoria Accredited Specialists
  • Australian Defence Lawyers Alliance

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Articles Published by Doogue + George

 Documents Where Duplicity May Arise in Australia

After being charged, an offender will be served with a charge sheet outlining the particulars of the crimes alleged. If it is a more serious crime, these allegations will also be detailed in an ‘indictment’ drafted by the prosecution.

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 Australia: Royal Commission into Misconduct in the Banking, Superannuation and Financial Services Industry

It is interesting to reflect now on how this Royal Commission will proceed and on what lessons can be learnt from the recent Royal Commissions. What follows is not a legal opinion but really just my musings on some of the issues that arise.

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 Failure to Comply with Requirements Under Taxation Law in Victoria

In Australia, failure to comply with taxation laws can lead to a Commonwealth criminal charge. What happens if you are found guilty and what penalty can you receive? Know the law for this offense and what you should do if you are charged.

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 Breach of Intervention Order or Family Violence Order in Victoria

Breaching an intervention order? If you live in the state of Victoria (Australia), breaching a condition of an intervention order could land you in prison for more than a year. So, how do you fight the breaching intervention order charges in Court? Read on to know the possible defenses.

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 Driving Under the Influence of Intoxicating Liquor or of Any Drug (DUI) in Victoria, Australia

Charged with a DUI? What consequences are you likely to face if found to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs while driving? Learn about the criminal law for this traffic offense and get advice from an expert about how to deal with the charge in Court.

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 Failing to Comply with Reporting Conditions (Sex Offender Registry) in Victoria, Australia

Are you listed on Victoria’s (Australia) sex offender registry? If you fail to comply with any of the reporting conditions, you will be charged with a criminal offense. Find out the law for this charge and know what exemptions are being accepted by Courts.

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 Culpable Driving Causing Death in Victoria

Can your driving be considered culpable? What legal consequences are there for culpable driving causing death in Victoria? Learn about the criminal law for this offense – possible penalties, defenses, and what you should do when charged.

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 Bigamy in Victoria, Australia

Having more than one wife or husband in Victoria can lead to you being charged with Bigamy. What are the exact elements of this charge? Find out how the charge is established and defended in Victorian Courts.

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 “Duty of Driver, etc. of Motor Vehicle if Accident Occurs” in Victoria

Got into a car accident? If you were driving a motor vehicle in Victoria when the accident occurred, you could be charged with “Duty of Driver, etc. of Motor Vehicle if Accident Occurs”. Find out the possible legal consequences and the best way to deal with this charge.

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 Careless Driving in Victoria - Australia

When can you be found guilty of careless driving? If you’re in Victoria, this article can help you prepare to face the Court on carelessly driving charges. Learn the legal aspects surrounding the offence of Careless Driving.

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 Extortion with Threats to Destroy Property in Victoria - Australia

When can you be found guilty of Extortion with Threats to Destroy Property? Learn about the Victorian criminal law for this charge – the penalties, criminal defenses, legislation, and the steps you should take when charged with this offense.

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 Recklessly Causing Serious Injury in Victoria - Australia

Do you know the Victorian criminal law for Recklessly Causing Serious Injury? Find out how the charge is established and defended in Victorian Courts.

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 Causing Injury Recklessly in Victoria

Have you been charged with Causing Injury Recklessly in Victoria? Learn more about this charge and how you can defend yourself in Court.

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