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Law Firm Overview

Dr. Hosser Rechtsanwalt is a multifaceted law firm with offices in Frankfurt and Karlsruhe, Germany, specializing in estate planning/administration and inheritance law. The firm also handles company law counselling by taking respective tax implications into consideration. Founding attorney Dr. Marcus Hosser has a wealth of experience consulting with individuals and businesses of all sizes and has won multiple awards and accolades as a professional. He is also a full member of the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP Ltd.), London. STEP members are the most experienced and distinguished attorneys in the field of trust and estate law. He is German certified inheritance lawyer and German certified tax lawyer.

Dr. Hosser is a pre-eminent practitioner of trust and estate law, helping clients establish and administer their wills and trusts in accordance to German inheritance laws. Additionally, he is also a specialist in international inheritance laws. He is also able to advise businesses on complex matters of asset acquisition and protection, as well as business succession. Dr. Hosser is extremely well-versed in these matters and can help resolve them efficiently.

All client matters are handled personally by Dr. Hosser. He is widely regarded as an expert attorney with vast reserves of knowledge and an unparalleled work ethic. He helps clients understand all of their options so that they can formulate a comprehensive plan for their future, and he then helps them put that plan into action.

Year this Office was Established: 2011

Languages: Deutsch, English.

Areas of Law

Additional Areas of Law: Last Will and Testaments; Company Succession; German Inheritance Law; International Inheritance Law; Estate Administration; International Inheritance Tax; International Gift Tax; Litigation in Inheritance Disputes; Assets; German Inheritance Tax Law; German Gift Tax Law; German Tax Law; Inheritance Tax Avoidance Strategies; International Inheritance Tax Law; International Gift Tax Law; International Tax Law.

Areas of Law Description

Our areas of expertise include:

- Succession

We advise private clients on regard to all legal issues in the context of inheritances, anticipated transfers with respect to an estate, both in national or international context. Additionally, we will take the respective tax law implications into account. Marcus Hosser is experienced in advising private clients and high-net-worth individuals in connection with international company succession, international succession planning and with inheritance tax avoidance strategies. We can assist our clients regarding an estate’s administration in Germany or in foreign countries.

• Estate Planning
• Last Will and Testaments
• Company Succession
• German Inheritance Law
• International Inheritance Law
• Estates and Trusts
• Estate Administration
• Probate Procedures
• Anticipated transfers regarding an estate
• International Inheritance Tax
• International Gift Tax
• Litigation in inheritance disputes

- Assets

This field of expertise mainly covers company law and foundation law issues, civil and contract law questions and asset protection. We provide litigation services in disputes between the persons involved.

• Choosing the matching form of organization
• Setting up the articles of association and other contracts
• Adaption of the articles of association or of incorporation
• Reorganization of the enterprise
• Litigation in disputes between the partners or shareholders
• Asset Protection
• Civil Law issues with focus on contract law
• Formation of a German foundation
• Assistance with the formation of foreign-law-foundations or trusts
• Procedures regarding the registration of the new foundation and
• Acceptance of the foundation’s charitable status for tax purposes.

- Taxes

Our law firm focuses on tax questions with emphasis on private clients. We can advise you in international context with regard to international inheritance and gift tax or to income tax matters.

• German Inheritance Tax Law
• German Gift Tax Law
• German Tax Law with relevance for private clients
• Inheritance Tax Avoidance Strategies
• International Inheritance Tax Law
• International Gift Tax Law
• International Tax Law (Double Taxation Treaties etc.).

- Other Fields of Practice

As a law firm focusing on succession and asset issues, we cannot counsel you to all kinds of legal issues. You can be sure that we will only advise you in legal fields we have special knowledge about. Should you not be able to find a certain legal topic which is of interest to you please talk to us about it.


Marcus Hosser Dr. Marcus A. Hosser
Asset Protection, Estate Planning, Inheritance Law, International Law, Litigation



  • German Federal Bar Association
  • Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP Ltd.)
  • German Association for Inheritance Law and Succession

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International Inheritance, International Last Will & Testament

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