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We practice tax and charity law and represent people all over Canada in matters which primarily involve the Income Tax Act (and related laws).

Many people are confused by the combination of tax and charity law , thinking that "as charities and not-for-profits are non-taxable entities " it is

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 Canadian Charities Operating Overseas

Overseas operation is fundamental to the operation of many charities, especially religious charities, and so it is important for these charities to have a good understanding of the law regarding carrying out charitable activities overseas. Given that the government subsidizes registered charities to the extent that it gives tax credits for the amount donated, it should not be surprising that the CRA attempts to exert as much control over funds spent overseas as funds spent domestically.

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 Disputes with the CRA - Canada

Since June 2005, the Canada Revenue Agency has had the power to impose penalties on charities for breaking certain rules which stop short of revoking the charity's registered status. These intermediate penalties range from a $500 penalty for not filing a charitable information return to paying 110% of an undue benefit bestowed upon a third party.

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 Not for Profit Bankruptcy Case Shows the Law in the Area is Clear as Mud - Canada

We are periodically faced with the unfortunate situation when a charity or not for profit is forced into bankruptcy or receivership. Unfortunately, giving clear advice in the area is complicated by the relative lack of applicable law. In one circumstance we were confronted with a situation as to whether a going concern operating as a charitable trust could make a proposal in bankruptcy.

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