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 Doing Business in a Transcontinental Country: Russia

Doing Business in a Transcontinental Country: Russia - What gives you an advantage over local and global competitors in your areas of expertise? We have a deep knowledge of Russian law combined with a strong expertise in cross-border processing based on practical cases. We believe that the main thing about us is our eagerness to evoke trust between us and our clients.

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 Foundation of JV in Russian Jurisdiction

Deciding on a joint venture’s location (joint venture vehicle) is one of the most important steps in the planning and structuring of a joint venture. Such a decision generally depends on different factors, including but not limited to preferable tax regime, flexible corporate legislation, commercial benefits, cost of incorporation and management, nationality specifics, accounting requirements and many others.

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 Legal Aspects of Investing in Russia

This article will attempt to outline some of the legal issues that are of relevance to foreign business in Russia. These will be addressed from a business standpoint rather than a strictly legal one; thus, allowing all readers understand fully what these issues are.

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