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Dudkowiak & Kopec Law Firm Overview

Dudkowiak & Kopec is a business and corporate law firm with offices in Poznan, Krakow, Warsaw, Zielona Gora, and Wroclaw, Poland. We provide legal services, litigation, and arbitration regarding company incorporation and partnerships, mergers and acquisitions, property purchase and real estate, construction, insurance, debt collection, inheritance, European law, share capital, taxation and customs, auditing and accountancy, regulations, antitrust and competition, public procurement, employment law and social security, intellectual property, licenses and permissions, administrative law, personal data protection, family law, and criminal law.

Dudkowiak & Kopec was established in 1992 in response to the thorough economical transformation Poland was undergoing at that time. Our three divisions include business specialization, services and carrying out project for international clients, and dedicated private and individual client services.

Our attorneys provide representation in Polish Courts including appeal procedures and enforcing Court rulings. In addition to litigation, they offer dispute resolution strategies such as negotiation and mediation.

Year this Office was Established: 1992

Languages: British English, German, Spanish, Polish, United States English.

Dudkowiak & Kopec Law Firm Areas of Law

Additional Areas of Law: Mining Law; Minerals Law; Bill of Exchange Law; Public Procurement; Debt Collection.

Dudkowiak & Kopec Law Firm Areas of Law Description

Company Law and Corporate Law in Poland:
- LLC registration in Poland
- JSC registration in Poland
- Formation of Polish Companies and Partnerships
- Shareholders Meeting of Polish Companies
- Share Purchase in Polish Companies
- Purchase of Polish Company
- Appointing and dismissing Directors and Supervisory Board Members in Polish Companies
- Advisory on Polish Corporate Law

Debt recovery in Poland:
- Demands for payment
- Negotiations with Polish debtors
- Debt restructurizations and settlements with Polish debtors
- Court orders against Polish debtors
- Litigation with Polish debtors
- Enforcement of foreign courts’ judgments in Poland

Employment Law in Poland:
- Drafting Polish Employment Contracts
- Advising and Drafting Polish Non-competition Agreements
- Drafting Polish Confidentiality agreements
- Advising on Termination of an Employment Contract in Poland
- Drafting and Introducing Work Regulations and Remuneration Regulations
- Representing clients in Labor Disputes
- Representing clients in front of Polish Labor Unions

M&A in Poland:
- Mergers in Poland
- Due diligence of Polish companies
- Drafting NDA, term-sheet, investment agreements in Poland
- Purchasing shares or stocks of Polish companies (SPA — share or stock purchase agreement)
- Share or stock option agreements
- Merger control procedures in Poland
- Regulatory issues in mergers in Poland

Litigation in Poland:
- Commercial litigation
- Corporate litigation
- Litigation in international trade

Contracts with Polish Companies:
- Polish counterparty verification (due diligence)
- Reviewing contracts from Polish perspective (validity, enforcement in view of Polish Law)
- Drafting and advising on Polish Contract Law
- Negotiating contracts in Poland
- Enforcing contracts in Poland

Public Procurement in Poland:
- Preparation, assessment of tender documentation, public procurement contracts
- Appeals to National Chamber of Appeal
- Consortium agreements in Poland
- Verification of tenders and offers in Poland
- Reviewing the validity of tender rejection, exclusion of a contractor

Polish Banking Law:
- Regulatory issues (Banking Law of Poland)
- Representation before the Polish Financial Supervision Authority (KNF)
- Advising on Polish bank secrecy, personal data protection, KYC procedures, anti-money laundering
- Banking activities outsourcing in Poland
- Drafting and assessment of standard agreements, credit and loan agreements
- Consumer credit – preparation, assessment and implementation of standard agreements, adjustment to the new legal regulation
- Advising on and representation in recovering, negotiating and securing claims
- Drafting and assessment of banking and insurance cooperation agreements


Andrzej Dudkowiak Mr. Andrzej Dudkowiak
Senior Partner
Arbitration, Banking and Finance, Business Formation, Business Law, Business Litigation

Michal Dudkowiak Mr. Michal Dudkowiak
Senior Partner
Administrative Law, Arbitration, Aviation Law, Banking and Finance, Bankruptcy

Tomasz Kopec Mr. Tomasz Kopec
Senior Partner
Business Formation, Business Law, Commercial Law, Contracts, Corporate Law

Piotr Putyra Mr. Piotr Putyra
Senior Partner
Business Law, Employment, Estate and Trust, Estate Planning, Industry

Massimo Di Marco Mr. Massimo Di Marco
Arbitration, Business Formation, Business Law, Business Litigation, Civil Litigation


Denis Ushakov Mr. Denis Ushakov
Business Formation, Business Law, Civil Litigation, Commercial Law, Contracts

Of Counsel

Jozef Dudkowiak Mr. Jozef Dudkowiak
Of Counsel
Administrative Law, Construction Law, Corporate Taxation, Federal Law, Foreclosure

Ewa Ewczynska Ms. Ewa Ewczynska
Of Counsel
Administrative Law, Consumer Law, Tax

Bartosz Konopka Mr. Bartosz Konopka
Of Counsel

Katarzyna Lubin Mrs. Katarzyna Lubin
Of Counsel
Administrative Law


Robert Hibner Mr. Robert Hibner
Adoption, Child Pornography, Criminal Defense, Domestic Violence, Drug Crime

Marcin Kreglewski Mr. Marcin Kreglewski
Business Formation, Business Law, Civil Litigation, Commercial Law, Commercial Litigation

Piotr Kruk Mr. Piotr Kruk
Civil Litigation, Construction Law, Corporate Litigation, Foreclosure, Litigation

Krzysztof Kubiak Mr. Krzysztof Kubiak
Administrative Law, Bankruptcy, Business Law, Civil Litigation, Commercial Law

Alicja Mysluk-Landowska Mrs. Alicja Mysluk-Landowska
Arbitration, Bankruptcy, Business Litigation, Civil Litigation, Commercial Litigation

Mrs. Joanna Palka

Anna Szymielewicz Ms. Anna Szymielewicz
Alimony, Arbitration, Banking and Finance, Business Formation, Business Law

Martyna Wilkoszarska Ms. Martyna Wilkoszarska
Adoption, Alimony, Child Custody and Visitation, Child Support, Construction Law

Mr. Piotr Zak
Corporate Taxation, Tax

Grzegorz Zochowski Mr. Grzegorz Zochowski
Business Law, Consumer Law, Copyright, Industry, Intellectual Property

Dudkowiak & Kopec Law Firm Affiliations

  • Polish Bar Association
  • Polish Legislation Society
  • European Criminal Bar Association

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Articles Published by Dudkowiak & Kopec Law Firm

 Employment Law in Poland

Key rules and regulations of Polish Employment Law.

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 Supervisory Board in Polish Corporate Law

The Polish Corporate Law provisions which define duties and powers of Supervisory Board Members of Polish Companies, and the rules of appointing, dismissing and remunerating Supervisory Board Members of Joint Stock Companies in Poland.

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 Polish Concessions for Coal, or the Final Nail in the Coffin?

Polish Parliament intends to introduce concession for coal trade. Experts indicate: concession would be a poorly chosen medication for healing the situation. It will not solve the issue with the Russian coal and it will deadly threaten the Polish mining.

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 Debt recovery process in Poland

If you have a debtor in Poland you will probably need to face standard debt recover process with your Polish lawyer. Before doing so you may have a look at the stages and court fees that you will have to cover in order to find a way to justice.

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 Polish Joint Stock Company - S.A. (JSC Poland)

Polish S.A. (Spółka Akcyjna) is the most professional form of doing business in Poland by foreigners. A Joint-stock company is a legal entity with a separate legal personality from its stockholders. This is the safest way of doing business for the stockholders as they not liable for the company’s obligations, they only bear a risk up to the value of stock contributed.

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 Acquisition of Polish LLC or Stock Purchase in Polish Joint Stock Company

The complicated process' of mergers and acqusitions are very often concluded by a simple contract - share purchase agreement. Polish M&A regulations do not differ from standards established in other countries, there are very few conditions to be met, however they must be strictly obeyed otherwise the deal might be null and void in view of Polish Law.

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 Incorporating Limited Liability Company in Poland

Polish LLC is the most common form of doing business in Poland by foreigners. Limited Liablity Company may be established for any purpose allowed by law. EU nationals can establish and run a company free of any restrictions. Non EU nationals can also freely establish and run Polish company, however in some matter they are up to restrictions provided by law.

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 Polish Bill of Exchange Law

As a loan document the bill of exchange appeared somewhere in Italy at the turn of the twelfth and thirteenth century in the transactions of merchants and bankers. At that particular time Northern Italy was divided into a number of small sovereign states. Each of them was beating its own coins. This forced the buyer to permanent currency exchange in case they wanted to go shopping to the neighbors. At some moment to simplify the transaction they started to use the services of bankers.

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 Purchasing Property in Poland - Due Diligence of Polish Properties

Transactions related to the acquisition of real estate in Poland usually require a large investment funds. Potential risks associated with such transactions should, therefore, be subject to a particularly careful evaluation. The negative effects of omissions of legal defects or adverse facts relating to property acquisitions may endanger not only the viability of the project, but sometimes even the financial stability of the entrepreneur.

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 Bankruptcy of Polish Debtor - Submitting a Claim to the Polish Court

If your Polish debtor went bankrupted you must submit your claim before a Polish insolvency court within the period prescribed in the bankruptcy ruling. If you fail to do this you will lose the possibility of recovery it in the future. Our lawyers assist to foreign creditors in the process of drafting, filling and supporting the claim before the insolvency court.

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 Liability of Management Board Members in Polish Limited Liability Company

As a principle, members of the management board shall not incur liability for the debts of LLC. However, the principle in question is not absolute - due to exceptions provided for in articles 291 and 299 of the CCC (Polish Commercial Companies Code of September 15th, 2000).

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 Polish Antitrust Regulations in M&A transactions.

Every merger or acquisition, having even an small and indirect impact on Polish Market shall be considered in the view of Polish antitrust regulations, otherwise the transaction might be void and null for the perspective of Polish Law. Even a small subsidiary company in Poland might cause problems to huge international M&As.

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 Limitation of Business Freedom in Poland

Economic freedom in Poland is guaranteed by article 20 of Polish Constitution. However, it does not mean that the Parliament cannot specify terms and conditions in which economic activity may be undertaken and subsequently carried out. In some spheres, due to important public interest, the Parliament retained the right of permitting economic activity to the discretion of economic administrative bodies.

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