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Law Firm Overview

Duffy Law, LLC is a criminal defense firm located in New Haven, Connecticut and representing individuals and businesses.
Our practice areas encompass defense of federal crimes – white collar crimes such as fraud, cybercrime, and tax offenses, gun and drug violations, hate crimes, police misconduct, and supervised release violations as well as witness representation and sentencing advocacy; state crimes – DUI/DWI and traffic violations, assault, theft, violent crimes and homicide, juvenile cases, drug and weapons offenses, probation and parole violations, restraining orders, and expungement; college code of conduct violations – hazing, academic dishonesty, property damage, and other allegations; and Title IX actions including the rights preventing gender discrimination, sexual harassment, and unlawful retaliation.

Our attorneys have decades of experience on both sides of the criminal justice system — one as a former federal prosecutor (an Assistant United States Attorney) and one as a former federal defender.

We bring a highly disciplined process of analysis, strategy development, and tactical execution to every client’s case and aggressively protect the rights of our clients with exceptional knowledge, skill, and advocacy.

Languages: English

Areas of Law

Additional Areas of Law: Federal Crimes; State Crimes; College Code Violations; Title XI; Gun Offense Violations; Mail Fraud; Healthcare Fraud; Mortgage Fraud; Bank Fraud; Government Fraud; Cybercrime; Police Misconduct; Hate Crimes; Tax Offenses; Harassment; Stalking; Forgery; Kidnapping; Restraining Orders; Sexual Assault; Criminal Mischief; Breach of Peace; Reckless Driving; Violent Crimes; Misdemeanors; Probation and Parole Violations; Alcohol Possession and Distribution; Hazing; Fake ID; Plagiarism; Cheating or Improper Collaboration; Residential Conduct; Falsification or Fabrication; Safety or Fire Violations; Anti-noise Violations; Trespass; Sexual Misconduct; Cyber Stalking; Texting, Sexting, or Social Media Misuse; Threats In-person or Academic Dishonesty; Property Damage; Charges against Organizations; Violations of Local, State, or Federal Law.

Areas of Law Description

– Federal Criminal Defense
Defending against serious allegations on the federal level involving white collar fraud, drugs, weapons, and other charges.

– State Criminal Defense
Handling a wide range of state-level cases from fraud to serious sex offenses and violent crimes.

– College Conduct Code Defense
Protecting college students accused of violating their school's conduct code against serious charges such as sexual assault, hazing and drug distribution.

– Title IX Actions
Standing up for the rights of students and employees at educational institutions who have suffered unlawful gender discrimination, harassment, or retaliation.


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