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Ellis Law is an experienced, dedicated law firm with numerous locations throughout New York State for the convenience of our clients. We have helped thousands of injury victims over the years, many referred by former clients who were pleased with our services, other lawyers who were confident enough in our skills to ask us to help their injured clients, or by doctors who trust us to protect their patients' rights. Because we know that many times personal injury accident victims are suffering financially, consultations at Ellis Law are always free, and you never pay attorney fees on your personal injury accident claim unless you receive financial compensation.

A large portion of our practice focuses upon Construction Accidents, in which we fight to obtain settlements for injured construction workers who fall from ladders, scaffolds, roofs or are otherwise injured on the worksite. We use a special provision of New York State Labor Law (Section 240) to fight for a settlement for them in addition to their Workers’ Compensation benefits. Ellis Law handles only injury cases and will only represent injury victims and their families. Ellis Law does not and will not represent any insurance company. Mr. Ellis has turned down several insurance companies that have requested that he represent their clients. Ellis Law has a unique "Client Relations Program"(sm) with many client-oriented features, which are designed to guarantee that each client is always treated like a person, not a file.

We offer a “For Settlement Only” program for those injury victims that are afraid or reluctant to go to Court. We will accept your case, investigate, obtain all necessary medical records and fight to obtain a fair “out of court” settlement. If we are unsuccessful, we will not proceed any further unless you want us to. There will be no pressure and no obligation. Our huge motor vehicle accident caseload includes many cases against drunk drivers. As injury lawyers, we have seen firsthand the devastation that drunk driving accidents cause. We are dedicated to doing something about it. Ellis Law sues drunk drivers! Do not drink and drive. If you make the mistake of doing so, do not make the mistake of injuring someone that becomes our client. Be forewarned that we will aggressively sue you to the limits of the law!

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