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Engel Law Group, PS is an experienced, dedicated law firm located in Seattle, Washington. They provide representation for divorce related matters including child custody, child support, relocation disputes, property division, paternity, spousal support, alimony and much more. No matter what type of family law dispute you are facing the attorneys at the firm are always standing by waiting to help. They understand the stress caused by these types of matters and will be able to assist you throughout the entire legal process.

Engel Law Group, PS handles prestigious clients such as Fortune 500 companies including Boeing and Microsoft, professional football players, executives from the Television and Film industry, professional baseball players, and even CEOs and executives of some of Seattle’s hottest startups, we've worked with hundreds of spouses in the Seattle area and guided them through many legal matters.

Attorneys of Engel Law Group are hands-on in handling your legal cases. Your attorney will be with you every step of the way. Our belief is that divorce affects everyone in a family, and you need someone on your side looking out for everyone’s benefit. We have an office located in Seattle to serve more clients in Washington.

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 Seattle Divorce Attorney Reveals How Social Media Affects Your Divorce

Social media can play an important role during a Seattle divorce. Find out how from Seattle divorce and family law attorney Eric Engel of the Engel Law Group. Social media sites are helpful tools when looking to network or reconnect with friends and family. However, these types of sites can also negatively impact your divorce, as well.

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 Relocations and Child Custody Arrangements

Over time, circumstances change for a number of reasons. If a primary residential parent wishes to relocate with their child, they must notify the court and the non-moving parent before moving. The move may go ahead as planned or, the non-moving parent may contest such a move which will have to be addressed in family court.

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 Protecting the Best Interest of the Child

When parents divorce, the Parenting Act of 1987 helps address issues might face concerning their children. Although there many different issues it might help, the blanket issue that it addresses is protecting the best interests of children.

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My Spouse is having an Affair - What do I do? Seattle Divorce Lawyer Eric Engel Discusses

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