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ERP Lawyers is made up of a team of entrepreneurial and innovative lawyers who seek to provide personalized legal services in the different areas of law. Our main focus is on corporate and real estate law, but we are a full service law firm which delivers innovative and dynamic solutions in every

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 Corporations in Costa Rica: Get to Know the Percentages for the Payment of Taxes Defined by Law

The new law 9428 that establishes the new taxes on corporations is already into force. This law defines the tax amounts that the corporations must pay per year.

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 Parameters to Request the Granting of a Concession in a Maritime Zone

If a private person or a legal corporation wants to purchase a property at the beaches of Costa Rica, whether it is to build a house, hotel, resort or business, first it should be informed about the requirements to obtain a concession in the maritime zone. To have a concession means that the person doesn’t acquire the property, but obtains a permit for using it, that allows the exploitation and enjoyment of the land, according to the parameters established by the local regulatory plan.

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 Luxury House Tax in Costa Rica

On Thursday, January 1st, 2015, the updated Manual de Valores Base Unitario por Tipología Constructiva (MVBUTC in Spanish) took effect, which helps to establish the tax value of real estate properties that cost ¢121 million or more, including luxury houses, and that must pay the Solidarity Tax to the Strengthen of Housing Programs (Law 8683).

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 Guidelines for Submitting a Property to the Condominium Regime in Costa Rica

The need to submit a real estate property to the Condominium Regime must take into account a number of requirements and procedures before the Registro Nacional and the Colegio Federado de Ingenieros y Arquitectos, among other Costa Rican institutions.

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 Mandatory Change of Vehicle License Plates in Costa Rica

The National Registry Board in Costa Rica, approved the schedule for the mandatory change of vehicle license plate, which includes a safety device, starting next July 15th. It is mandatory for all vehicles, except for those purchased from January 2012, date when the new security measures, such as the third plate (the windshield sticker), were implemented.

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 Tax on Legal Corporations in Costa Rica

Corporation taxes came into force on April 2012, which applies to all legal entities that are duly registered in the Costa Rican Public Registry (e.g. “S.A.”, “LTDA”, among others), as well for those corporations that are in the process of being registered or that will be registered in the future.

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 Requirements to register a “Sociedad Anónima” or a “Sociedad de Responsabilidad Limitada”

We resume the incorporation of the “Sociedades Anónimas” (S.A.), also known as Corporations, and the“Sociedades de Responsabilidad Limitada” (S.R.L.) or Limited Liability Companies, by explaining the legal information and requirements to submit and registered them into the Costa Rican National Registry.

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Since the year 2012 ERP Lawyers & Associates has worked to be consolidated as the best boutique law firm, with an effective and versatile service oriented to individuals and companies, at a national and international level. It is formed by an interdisciplinary team of lawyers which are expert in different branches of law. The excellent performance of the law firm has gained the recognition of its clients in Costa Rica and abroad.

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