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Law Firm Overview

Evans Law Firm, Inc. is located in San Francisco, California and serves clients throughout the Bay Area, including Alameda and Marin Counties.
Practice areas consist of elder law, including financial and physical abuse, caregiver fraud, and nursing home abuse as well as cases involving financial and other consumer fraud, whistleblower claims, estate planning, employment law, and personal injury.

Ingrid Evans is a Board Certified Civil Trial Advocate and Civil Pretrial Practice Advocate by the National Board of Trial Advocacy who has been practicing law for 15 years. She is an experienced litigator in state and federal courts, admitted to the State Bar of California, the U.S. District Courts of California, the U.S. Court of Appeals 9th Circuit, and the U.S. Supreme Court, among others.

Attorney Evans provides objective and straightforward legal advice that is tailored to the needs of each clientís unique situation. Highly skilled and knowledgeable in even the most complex matters, she is committed to representing clients with vigorous advocacy.

Year this Office was Established: 2010

Languages: English, Spanish

Areas of Law

Additional Areas of Law: Caregiver Fraud; Financial Elder Abuse; Long-Term Care Insurance Fraud; Power of Attorney Fraud; Undue Influence; Physical Elder Abuse; Bed Sores; Pressure Ulcers; Restraining Orders; Annuities Fraud; Banking Fraud; Consumer Fraud; Wage Violations; Annuity Abuse Litigation; Financial Annuity Fraud; Health Insurance Denials; Insurance Bad Faith; Shadow Insurance; Denture Cream Zinc Poisoning; Fosamax Injuries; Tourist Injuries; Waste/Landfill Lawsuits; Electrical Shock Injuries.

Areas of Law Description

- Physical Elder Abuse

Thousands of the elderly people are abused each year by staff in nursing homes, by their own family members who care for them, or by reliable professionals. An elderly person can suffer from abuse no matter how well they function, and the abuse often occurs by those most trusted by the victim.

- Elder Financial Abuse

Financial elder abuse involves the illegal or improper use of a seniorís funds, property, or resources. At the Evans Law Firm, we litigate all types of financial elder abuse including those against insurance agents, insurance companies, banks and their employees, caregivers, and relatives.

- Personal Injury

Costly and life-changing injuries can happen to you or a loved one when you least expect it. These personal injuries can devastate you physically, emotionally, and financially. When something happens that is due to the negligence, recklessness, or carelessness of another party or parties, you may be able to recover compensation and seek justice for your injury.

- Estate Planning

Estate planning can be a complex project to tackle, but is often beneficial and conducive to providing security for relatives and loved ones. In addition, estate planning establishes measures and guidelines to ensure that your affairs are treated adequately should you become incapacitated.

- Insurance Fraud

Donít let fears of the future cause you to be vulnerable to insurance fraud. Insurance is a vital component of any investment plan, but also one that is complicated. Today there are insurance choices for almost any eventuality (health, long-term care, life, property).

- Banking Fraud

Banking fraud can encompass a broad range of deceptive practices and/or banking and financial products. Offering checking accounts, savings accounts and loans are just a small part of the banking business today. Consumers can walk into a bank and purchase a mutual fund, annuity, and even insurance products.

- Consumer Fraud

The Evans Law Firm handles cases involving consumer fraud. The general concept of consumer fraud encompasses a broad range of deceptive practices and is generally defined as an unfair, fraudulent or illegal business practice that enriches a company or person at the expense of consumers.

- Wage and Hourly Claims

Wage and hourly law in California is both complicated and easily abused. As an employee, you have certain rights and entitlements, the violations of which are unlawful. If your employer has violated wage and hourly laws, you may be entitled to compensations and penalties.

- Civil Harassment Restraining Orders

A restraining order is a court order that requires someone not to contact you or stay away from you, your home (unless you are roommates), and your work. You can ask the court for a civil harassment restraining order if you are concerned about your safety for any number of reasons by someone with whom you do not have an intimate or familial relationship.


Ingrid Evans Ms. Ingrid M. Evans
Family Law, Insurance, Litigation, Personal Injury


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 Arbitration Agreements: Nursing Homes May Soon Be Allowed to Force Seniors to Sign

Rules may soon be overturned that were created to prevent nursing homes from limiting the rights of abuse victims to sue. Our California and Santa Clara County elder abuse lawyers explain.

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 Understaffing and Undertraining in Nursing Homes: Results Can Be Deadly

Recently, an 82-year-old woman died in a hospital after developing severe dehydration, malnutrition, bruising, and cuts, all of which could have been avoided, had the staff been more attentive and better trained.

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 Elder Abuse: Underreported and On the Rise

Two million and counting elders suffer from elder abuse every year in the United States. However, with elder abuse on the rise, and the fact that elder abuse are often not reported, the actual number can exceed 2 million.

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 Seniors Should be Cautious When Purchasing Deferred Annuities

Financial Conduct Authority says the deferred annuities market is messy, so seniors and elders need to be more careful when buying.

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 Who Owns the Nursing Homes in California?

When moving your loved one into a nursing home, you want the best. Except, that info isn't readily available to the public.

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 Unwarranted Drug Tests On Senior Citizens

Senior citizens have been given certain unnecessary drug testing in a Medicare fraud scheme.

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 Transamerica Life Insurance Co. Indexed Universal Life Insurance Policies

If you're wondering whether you should buy an indexed universal life insurance policy, read to find out why you might not want to.

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 Performance of California Nursing Home Chains

Many nursing home chains in California have been shown to underperform when it comes to quality-of-care, staffing, and inspection measures.

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 Potentially Misleading Advertisement for Indexed Universal Life Policies by Insurance Marketing Organizations

Insurance marketing organizations may have been providing misleading Indexed Universal Life policy ads.

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 Equity Indexed Universal Life Insurance Is Not For Most People

Indexed Universal Life Insurance policies are unsuitable for most people. Read on to find out why.

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 Securities and Exchange Commissionís Whistleblower Program Is No Joke

The Securities & Exchange Commission's whistleblower program is proving itself to be a force to be reckoned with.

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 Elder Abuse and Fraud Prevention

12 tips to help prevent elder abuse and fraud.

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 Indexed Universal Life Polices: Sales Illustrations Problems

Prospected high returns promoted by Indexed Universal Life policies (IULs) sales illustrations may not be that high in reality.

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 Seniors and Elders Remain Alert for Annuity & Insurance Scams

In the world of investment, seniors and elders are prime targets for financial scams. To protect yourself, read on to learn about the different schemes.

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 Indexed Universal Life Sellers Promise Higher Gains Than Actually Expected

Sellers of Indexed Universal Life policies have been projecting higher gains than what buyers may actually receive.

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 Hiring a Caregiver

If you have been thinking of hiring a caregiver for yourself or someone you love, read the following tips before you make a decision.

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 Abuse Tactics Used On Elderly Women

Abuse comes in many forms - emotional, physical, verbal, sexual - and to anyone - young or elderly. Learn how to identify abuse and prevent it.

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 From an Assisted Living Facility to a Skilled Nursing Facility

Learn what are the causes and reasons an elder or senior citizen may be transferred from an assisted living facility to a skilled nursing facility.

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 Factors Elderly and Senior Investors Should Know

Investment risk factors seniors, elders, and their friends and family should be aware of.

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 Financial Fraud Schemes Victimizing Elders and Senior Citizens

There are many fraud schemes used by sellers intent on defrauding seniors and elders of their hard-earned money. Learn what they are to protect yourself.

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 Equity-Indexed Annuities

Equity-Indexed annuities are a type of deferred annuity that bases its returns on a stock market index. However, insurance companies have the option of using one of three calculation methods to determine the returns, and each has its own pros and cons.

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 Whistleblower Failure-of-Care Claim Settled for $38 Million

Recently, a whistleblower failure-of-care claim was settled against a nursing home chain for $38 million. Even nursing home abuse can be stopped with whistleblowing.

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 Things to Know before Purchasing Deferred Variable Annuities

Seniors and elders, are you aware that deferred variable annuities may not be beneficial? If not, read on to learn about the risks of buying annuities.

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 Concerns Buyers Should Know About Indexed Universal Life Policies

Indexed Universal Life insurance policies are a rather popular type of life insurance. However, there are several concerns associated with Indexed Universal Life policies that one should be familiar with.

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 Seniors: What You Should Know About Annuities

Annuities sound like a good idea for elders and senior citizens. However, the opposite may be true. Annuities are not right for everyone and seniors and elders should learn why before purchasing an annuity.

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 Reverse Mortgages Should be the Last Resort for Senior Citizens

Reverse mortgages may not be as beneficial to seniors as one may think. Learn more about the associated risks before taking out a reverse mortgage.

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 Reasons For Being A Whistleblower

Whistleblowers don't normally report fraud for financial gain - they report it because they've been wrongfully retaliated against.

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 Illegal Evictions of Elderly Nursing Home Residents

Nursing homes can't evict elders based on ending Medicare coverage, lack of long term beds, or refusal to readmit after a hospital stay.

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 Increased Amount of Securities Exchange Commission Whistleblower Cases

The Securities Exchange Commission has investigated over 686 whistleblower cases in this year alone - the highest amount since 2011.

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 Whistleblowers Donít Just Expose Fraud Ė They Can Save Lives

When whistleblowers report fraud within hospitals and pharmaceutical companies, they may also unknowingly stop risky medical practices.

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 Nursing Home Elder Abuse Is Due To Understaffing

Studies show that understaffing is directly linked to elder abuse in nursing homes.

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 More than $30 Million Awarded to an Overseas Whistleblower

A record amount of $30 million was awarded to an overseas whistleblower for providing key information to detect an ongoing fraud.

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 Seven False Claims Act Lawsuits Settled for $98 Million

Seven whistleblower suits against Community Health Systems and associated entities was settled in August for $98 million.

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 Male Nurses Accused of Committing Elder Abuse Faces Trial and Potentially Six Years in Prison

Two male nurses accused of committing elder abuse faces up to six years in prison if convicted at trial.

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 Medicare Conditional Payments Claimants Can Now File Private Cause of Action Lawsuits

Primary plan employers or carriers have to pay damages to both Medicare and individual lawsuits for failure to pay conditional payments.

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 Medically Underwritten Annuities

For senior citizens living with a chronic condition yet expect to live a long life, medically underwritten annuities may be the right annuity.

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 Potential Bigger Rewards For Wall Street Whistleblowers

Attorney General Holder proposes an increased cap for awards to Wall Street whistleblowers.

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 Support The Passing Of Bills Dedicated to Protecting Elders From Elder Abuse In Nursing Homes

This month, legislators passed a bill entitled The Residential Care Facilities for Elders Reform Act of 2014 (ACT), effective July 1, 2015.

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 Financial Elder Abuse Reported to Cost $2.9 Billion Each Year Ė And Increasing

According to a recent MetLife study, financial elder abuse is reported to cost $2.9 billion each year Ė and it's increasing.

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 Extended Filing Window For Whistleblowers To Report Misconduct

Whistleblowers now have up to five years to report fraud, abuse or waste.

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 Wrongfully Terminated UC Davis Whistleblower Awarded $730,000

Whistleblower Janet Keyzer awarded $730,000 after being wrongfully terminated for reporting unethical research methods used at UC Davis.

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 Nursing Homes Caught Willfully Committing Elder Abuse All Over Los Angeles

Nursing homes in LA discovered prematurely closing claims regarding elder abuse before completing investigation

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 The US Department of Justice Joins Whistleblower Lawsuits Against UnitedHealth Group Inc.

Whistleblowers brought two False Claims Act lawsuits for Medicare fraud against UnitedHealth Group, Inc. the first in 2011 and the second in 2014. The U.S. Department of Justice joins these whistleblower lawsuits against UnitedHealth Group, Inc. for Medicare fraud.

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 Proposed Legislation for Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly (RCFE) Reform Act of 2014

Status updates on proposed legislation for the Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly (RCFE) Reform Act of 2014 that are up for review at the next legislative session.

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 Studies Show Aging Causes Mental Impairment, Incompetency, and Lack of Capacity to Make Good Decisions

Studies show that aging has a negative effect on decision making abilities in elders. Elders should be aware of an increased risk of falling victim to fraud due to increasing inability to make good decisions.

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 Healthcare Fraud Whistleblower Lawsuits Plentiful

A large portion of the whistleblower lawsuits that are filed are related to the healthcare industry. The government funding of Medicare and Medicaid has lead to the large number of complaints related to healthcare fraud.

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 Los Angeles Area Man Arrested on Financial Elder Abuse Charges

A financial advisor was recently arrested at a seminar in Los Angeles on financial elder abuse charges.

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 Stock Risk Comes With Some Life Insurance Policies

The rising stock market has also broadened the appeal of certain investments such as variable universal life and indexed universal life insurance policies that are linked to stock performance.

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 California Insurance Agent Sentenced For Financial Fraud That Targeted Seniors

A Los Angeles area insurance agent accused of defrauding senior citizens will spend five years in jail and was ordered by the court to pay $1.2 million to compensate his victims.

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 Whistleblowers Helping the Public By Exposing Fraud

The 2010 Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act was enacted to assist the government with discovering financial fraud. A recent SEC whistleblower received a $14 million dollar reward for reporting a real estate scam.

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 Whistleblower Reward Is $63.9 Million In JP Morgan Mortgage Fraud Case

A whistleblower will receive $63.9 million for providing information to the government that lead to a recovery.

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 Federal Whistleblower Complaints Can Be Filed Online

Whistleblowers are now able to file certain complaints online. Whistleblower complaints that are overseen by OSHA can be filed online.

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 Whistleblower False Claims Case Settles for $6.5 Million

A $6.5 million dollar settlement has been reached in a federal whistleblower lawsuit. There were allegations that a military contractor had submitted inflated bills to the government.

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 Elder Abuse Hurts Families

The cycle of violence is hard to break. Problems can occur when a child that was abused becomes the caregiver for the parent that did the abusing. Elder abuse can be the result when a child that was abused is forced to take care of a parent later in life.

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 Three Convictions in Medicare Fraud Case

A federal jury recently convicted three people on charges related to Medicare fraud. The fraud took place during the time frame of 2006 - 2011. The defendants in the case operated a durable medical goods company out of the Los Angeles area.

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 Six California Residents Arrested For Financial Elder Abuse Scams

Six California residents have been arrested for scams that targeted senior citizens. The suspects were arrested in southern California.

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 Disagreement About Handling of California Caregiver Abuse Cases

Long -term care advocates and officials disagreed at a recent Assembly hearing.

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 Los Angeles Assisted Living Facility Held Responsible for Injuries of Resident

A Los Angeles County assisted living facility has been ordered by a judge to pay a woman who was injured by a fall.

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 Health Care Industry the Target in Whistleblower Lawsuits

The United States Department of Justice has provided the public with some information regarding recent whistleblower cases. In one of the cases there have been allegations made against Health Management Associates.

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 Scammers Offering Free Initial Services Target Seniors for Financial Elder Abuse

In California, senior citizens have been a target for con-artists and scammers. A recent scam has affected seniors in the state and officials want the public to be aware of the scam. This scam has been called the "free inspection scam."

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 $48 Million Settlement in Medicare Fraud Case

A California based nursing home operator has agreed to pay $48 million dollars in a settlement related to two whistleblower lawsuits.

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 Securities and Exchange Commission Saved $439 Million For Whistleblower Rewards

The Securities and Exchange Commission has saved money to spend on it's whistleblower rewards program. It is likely that there will be larger rewards in the future as tips have increased recently.

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 Sutter Health Settles Whistleblower Case for $46 Million

Sutter Health decided to settle a whistleblower case before trial. The case involved allegations of double billing for anesthesia services at hospitals in California.

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 California Passes Bill to Help LGBT Senior Citizens

California recently passed legislation that will help LGBT elders to receive respectful care in their twilight years.

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 Whistleblowers Programs Could Help Regain Funds From Tax Dodgers

According to the California Franchise Tax Board, the state is owed more than 6.5 billion dollars in tax revenue. Some contend that implementation of a whistleblower rewards program could help to bring in some of that lost revenue.

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 Patients Abandoned By Caregivers at Castro Valley Assisted Living Facility

A Castro Valley assisted living facility was shut down by state social services last month. Patients were left with minimal staff to attend to their needs.

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 Whistleblower Comes Forward to Talk About Experience at SunFirst Bank

A whistleblower recently spoke at a conference in Las Vegas to discuss her experiences. She was the compliance officer at a bank where gambling funds were processed. She cooperated with federal regulators and exposed the illegal operations at the bank.

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 Attorney Allegedly Commits Financial Elder Abuse, Steals $3.5 Million From Elderly Doctor

A San Francisco attorney allegedly committed financial elder abuse when he defrauded an elderly doctor. The defendant in the case has been disbarred for his actions.

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 California Medical Equipment Supplier Found Guilty in $11 Million Medicare Fraud Case

The owner of a California durable medical equipment firm was recently found guilty of Medicare fraud. The scheme resulted in more than $11 million dollars in fraudulent Medicare charges. Los Angeles false claims attorneys say that Medicare fraud is a problem that is continuing to grow, at the expense of taxpayers.

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 Identifying and Preventing Elder Abuse

Senior citizens across the nation are being taken advantage of. Physical elder abuse and financial elder abuse have become commonplace.

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 Long-Term Care Insurance - Be Careful of Unscrupulous Agents and Policies Targeting Senior Citizens

Protecting Yourself from Unscrupulous Long Term Care Insurance Practices and Policies - Unscrupulous agents target seniors for improper long-term care. Be careful of long-term facilities that do not meet your needs or are misrepresented.

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