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Falk & Falk, PA is a law firm dedicated to handling your personal injury, insurance claims, and, hurricane claims.

Our hurricane attorneys have experience in helping victims of natural disasters—and other home-owners’ nightmares—recover from their loss.

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 Filing a Homeowners Insurance Claim after Sinkhole Damage

Sinkhole damage can be costly and devastating. When you suspect a sinkhole is forming near your property, notify your insurance company and contact a Florida homeowners insurance attorney.

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 Basics of a Business Interruption Claim

When your business operations are interrupted because of a commercial property loss or damage, you will need to file a business interruption claim. This is the best way to recover lost income because of closure.

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 Condo Unit Owner Insurance Claims

As the owner of a Florida condo unit, you will need to purchase an insurance policy to cover your personal property. Your building will generally be covered under the condo association’s master policy.

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 Florida Flood Insurance Claim

You will need to purchase a separate insurance policy for flood damage coverage in Florida. This policy will cover damage from waves, ground water runoff and overflowing bodies of water.

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 Filing an Insurance Claim for Fire Damage

After your home has been damaged or destroyed by fire, you should notify your insurance company and thoroughly read your insurance policy to see if you can file a Florida fire damage claim. To preserve your fire damage claim, you will need to be completely honest with the insurance company.

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 Insurance Agent Negligence Claim

An insurance agent negligence claim can arise when your insurance agent makes mistakes that lead you to believe you have coverage that you don’t have. If you are the victim of a negligent insurance agent, you may be able to seek compensation for damages.

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 Homeowner's Insurance Terminology You Should Know

Homeowner's policies aren't the easiest to understand. Here is a brief explanation of just a few of the most frequently used terms.

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 How to Acquire Flood Insurance

While flood insurance used to be hard to get, the National Flood Insurance Program has made it easier for those living in areas prone to natural disasters. What is the NFIP, and how can it help you protect your home?

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 How Can a Hurricane Attorney Help Me?

A hurricane attorney can help you navigate the difficult process of homeowners and hurricane insurance claims.

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 Gov. Calls for Filing of Compensation Claims

Florida's Governor encourages residents to file claims for compensation.

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 Getting a Better Understanding of What a Hurricane Really Is

Hurricanes are becoming a more and more severe natural occurrence. Learn more about exactly what a hurricane is.

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