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Wrongfully Terminated? Experiencing Discrimination, Harassment, or Intimidation at work? Let one of our experienced employment lawyers take the case. 323-645-5197

We are a boutique firm located in Los Angeles' bustling financial district. Specializing in Discrimination & Harassment, Wage & Overtime disputes, Intimidation & Retaliation, and Wrongful Termination cases, principal attorney Allen Felahy has the trial experience to win your employment case.

In just over 17 years at practice, Mr. Felahy has secured a 95% successful resolution rate with an average settlement or judgment amount over $100,000.

We excel in taking the fight to the other side for our clients with a smart and aggressive style of litigation. When you're going up against a fraudulent or abusive employer, you need an expert employment lawyer to take your case,

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 Gender Discrimination in The Workplace— Where Are We in 2016

The history of women in the workplace is one of steep prejudice and small steps. Progress tends to come at an agonizing pace because the subject of gender discrimination in the workplace comes pre-packaged with all kinds of assumptions and biases. Talking is the first step towards action, and this is a conversation that has heated up in the public sphere, particularly with the prospect of a woman president on our horizon. So let's talk. And I want to talk about the way we talk.

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 Court Ruling Strengthens Protections Against Cell Phone Tracking

A judge from the federal district of southern New York has decided to invalidate evidence obtained through the use of a cell phone tracking device. This decision may serve to clarify rules about when it is appropriate to use such technology with and without a warrant.

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 Right to Die Law Raises Questions of Disability Discrimination in California

California's so-called right to die law went into effect  June 9th, and its potential ramifications have been hotly debated between proponents of physician assisted death and disability advocates. Notably, the Disability Rights Education and Defense Fund, a group that seeks to ensure legal help for disabled people, has released an in-depth statement expressing vehement opposition to the new law .

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