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Ferrer Shane is an experienced, dedicated law firm located in Miami, Florida. We represent individuals, families and survivors of those killed in fatal accidents. We are known for our tenacious advocacy. Everything is done with your interests in mind. For us, client service is paramount.

At the law firm of Ferrer Shane, we have the resources and knowledge necessary to represent you in all manner of personal injury claims. We can inform you of your options, deal with the insurance company and their adjusters, and advocate for you inside and outside of the courtroom. We are serious lawyers who are available to represent you in this difficult time.

We provide experienced representation for motor vehicle accidents, slip and fall accidents, premises liability, medical malpractice, nursing home abuse and accidents involving defective products. We also represent the family members of accident victims who have been catastrophically or fatally injured. While our firm is aggressive with insurance companies and others who may limit the amount of benefits that you receive, our service is also directed at your concerns.

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Articles Published by Ferrer Shane, PL

 Will Surveillance Cameras End Nursing Home Abuse?

A watchful eye may be the better alternative to no eye at all in a situation where abuse of elderly or otherwise vulnerable residents is known to happen.

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 American Gun Culture

In order to find ways to prevent terrible acts of violence from guns, and to reconcile those acts with our deeply-ingrained gun culture, we must first make steps to understand that culture.

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 Deadliest Jobs: 3 of America’s 10 Deadliest Jobs are Construction-Related

Three of the ten deadliest jobs in America are construction-related. Roofers are no. 4 on the list, followed by structural iron and steel workers at no. 5 and construction laborers at no. 10.

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 Traumatic Brain Injuries Inside (and Outside) the NFL

Brain injuries aren’t just the NFL’s problem, but if a concussion is one type of TBI, it’s downright irresponsible to “minimize the dangers” of having a concussion.

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 Enough Is Enough: Should We Abolish the Death Penalty?

Execution has evolved to become arguably more humane.

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 Don’t Blow off Your Hand - 10 Ways to Stay Safe with Fireworks

10 ways to keep both your body parts and your environment safe on this 4th of July holiday. With July 4 fast approaching, MSNBC reports that heavy drought and wildfires burning in parts of Florida have caused many affected counties and cities to ban the use of fireworks.

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 Florida Dog Bite Law and 10 Dangerous Dog Breeds

Last week, starting on May 15, it was Dog Bite Prevention week. Old news? Not if you’ve ever been the victim of a dog bite attack or other type of animal attack, or you’ve been threatened by an aggressive dog, you know that dog bite prevention is something that should be done year-round.

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