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The law office of Fisher & Talwar, located in Los Angeles, California, provides legal representation in real estate, eminent domain and civil litigation. Our firm strives to find creative solutions and implement cost efficient strategies in order to meet our clients' goals.

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 Liability in Bus Collisions

A freeway accident on March 27th, 2013 involving an SUV and a bus injured 11 people. Only minor injuries were reported from the crash, which occurred at about 7:30 a.m. Reports indicate that a municipal bus and an SUV collided on an on ramp in Riverside, CA - further details as to the cause of the crash remain unknown. The bus was carrying a total of 29 passengers.

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 Accidents Involving School Buses

A recent school bus accident in San Bernardino seems to back statistics that most school bus crashes are head-on collisions. Elderly couple driving a Jeep struck the bus after running a red light. Fortunately, no kids were on the bus. Unfortunately, the bus driver and the elderly couple in the Jeep were hurt.

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 Semi Truck Scares Interstate Drivers in Wrong Lane

The driver of a semi truck got lots of attention on the morning of March 18th, 2013 when he drove for about 10 miles in the wrong direction on an interstate. Police dispatchers were first alerted to the wayward semi a little after four in the morning, when motorists began calling in handfuls to report the truck, which many reported forced them to swerve in order to avoid a collision.

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 Employee Awarded Millions in Patent Infringement Damages

A former Sony Corp employee has been awarded $30.2 million in damages resulting from his claims that Nintendo infringed on his patent for 3D technology. Plaintiff claimed that the globally recognized video game leader used his technology in producing the Nintendo 3DS, a handheld, 3D capable gaming console. What makes the product and plaintiff’s invention unique is that it allowed the effect of 3D visuals without the need for 3D glasses - a major step forward in 3D technology.

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 Why Slip and Fall Cases Often Settle

Retail giant Target has settled a slip and fall claim that was filed in 2012 and based on an injury sustained in 2010. The injury was allegedly caused by a soda spill in the aisle of one of Target’s stores. The claim also named several “John Does” who may have been to blame in creating the hazard.

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 Motorcycle Victim's Rights

A motorcycle rider was killed on Thursday, March 7th, when the driver of a car attempting to make a turn entered the rider’s path - the rider, who was wearing a helmet, was just 21 years old and died later of his injuries. This accident occurred in Bradenton, Florida and is the second fatal motorcycle accident that the city has experienced in a week.

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 Semi Truck Driver's Liablility

A speeding trucker is responsible for causing a chain reaction that caused traffic to back up for hours. According to reports, the at fault semi truck driver was navigating a ramp too fast when the truck tipped onto its side and slid across the highway, blocking every lane on that side of the expressway.

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 Wrongful Death Liability in Accidental Shootings

Eugene Collier, a long time hunter well into his 60s, was recently acquitted of manslaughter charges in the accidental shooting death of Marine Reservist Christopher Ochoa, 20 years old from California. According to testimony, Collier believed he was shooting at a bear when he pointed his rifle at Ochoa and pulled the trigger from about 100 yards away. Collier admits to shooting Ochoa, but calls the incident a “tragic accident”.

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 Criminal vs. Civil Charges

A cab driver was taken to the hospital after being assaulted and battered by a customer who didn’t want to pay his fare. According to reports, the driver of the cab had just finished dropping off four customers when one of the customers pulled a handgun and used it to strike the cab driver in the head.

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 Oral Promises as Contracts

The former CFO of Sterne Agee Group, Inc is suing the Alabama based investment bank for breach of contract, among other allegations. According to court documents, former CFO Brian Barze worked as the CFO of another company which was grooming him for a CEO position when Sterne Agee approached him about the CFO position at its own company.

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 2 Steps to Take When Served with a Summons and Complaint

Owning a business is not without certain legal risks. Businesses are vulnerable to the perils of being served with a business litigation summons and complaint at any time. Customers can think of all kinds of reasons to bring a lawsuit against a business.

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 Premises Liability Law and Personal Injuries

There are several dynamic elements to pay attention to when it comes to personal injury law. Lawsuits involving injuries require the attorney to pay close attention to the location of where the injuries occurred. Whoever the owner is of the premises where an individual sustains a personal injury is liable for any financial damages associated with that injury.

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 Automobile Congestion and Accident Risks

Auto related accidents involving serious to fatal injuries happen every day in and around Los Angeles. The most common cause of auto accidents, no matter where they occur, is operator error. Whether they’re overcompensating for road conditions or simply not paying attention to the road, vehicle operators improperly operating their vehicles is among the biggest causes of auto related accidents.

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 Arguments in Dog Bite Claims

Dog bites are not limited to causing physical injuries. Yes, there may be pain from lacerations, prolonged complications as a result of wound infection, and scarring, but dog bites also leave emotional scars – especially in younger people. Dog owners are generally obligated to keep their pet on a leash when walking public streets and sidewalks.

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 Considerations in Burn Injury Cases

We surround our lives with them every day – furniture, appliances, and toys. We trust our products to be good, properly manufactured and safe. Unfortunately, not all products are safe. Some result in life-altering burns more frequently than we’d like to admit. Polyurethane, a type of foam found in household furniture is a highly flammable material.

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 Pedestrian Safety and Concerns

Failure to yield to pedestrians most often results in terrible injuries. In California, specifically Los Angeles, pedestrians are said to be in 3x more danger than the national average. If you are someone who walks the streets of Los Angeles, consider the following:

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 Defenses Insurance Companies will Use in Bicycle Accident Cases

If you were injured in a bicycle accident you may think you have a clear case of driver negligence and don’t need to worry about hiring an attorney. Think again. Insurance companies can refuse to pay your claim based on the following defense, and unless you have an attorney to argue them you may be out of luck:

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 Will Positive Train Control Save Lives?

After the horrific train accident of 2008 in Chatsworth, CA, Congress passed an act that would require all passenger trains to be outfitted with the Positive Train Control system (PTC) by 2015. The city of Los Angeles on the other hand has taken further initiative to make that requirement come true much earlier.

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 Avoid Bodily Injuries by Staying Current on Auto Recalls

There’s been quite a few auto recalls recently in the news. From defective GM fuel pumps to potentially fire-hazardous power steering cords – you name it. Just recently Honda recalled 600,000 vehicles for a faulty power steering hose that has the potential of causing a fire with its leaking steering hose. To add to the list, Honda is recalling 820,000 Civic sedans to expand an earlier recall this year for a faulty headlight wiring system.

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 Los Angeles County Traffic Accident Statistics

Every time a driver gets behind the wheel they are at risk for experiencing an accident. A car accident can affect people’s lives in several different ways. First of all, traffic accidents are one of the leading causes of deaths and injuries throughout the United States.

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 Tips to Qualify for Social Security Disability

Social Security disability insurance is specifically designed to help people who suffer from certain severe conditions. There are two major factors that dictate who can qualify for disability benefits from Social Security Insurance. These two factors are an individual’s job situation and physical impairment.

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