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At the Law Office of Fred Mark Dry, criminal law attorney in Chicago, we understand what it takes to defend successfully. For over 34 years, Fred has aggressively challenged the law and prosecution with the sole intention of achieving the following results:

* Reduced charges to a lesser charge or different offense
* Reduced penalties or otherwise negotiating a plea to avoid conviction
* And in some cases, a complete dismissal of all charges

An Internet search for "Chicago DUI Lawyers" would undoubtedly return thousands of attorneys. Unfortunately, quite a few of those lawyers are more concerned with volume of cases handled, rather than a sound, aggressive defense. Whether you're facing a serious drunk driving, DUI, domestic battery, gun or other criminal charges, the consequences of a conviction and the impact it will have on your freedom, your family, your financial well-being and your ability to work can be enormous.

That's why it is critical to hire an attorney with one interest at heart - representing you skillfully and strategically to achieve the best possible outcome.

With more than 34 years as a criminal defense, traffic law, and drunk driving lawyer, Fred Dry provides his clients with meticulous, intelligent planning and defense. Fred carefully examines all aspects of your case to ensure the proper legal groundwork is prepared, the appropriate course of action is pursued, and your rights are protected.

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