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Fruytier Lawyers in Business Overview

Fruytier Lawyers in Business is a Dutch law firm, located in Amsterdam. The firm's services are focused on all areas of law needed by entrepreneurs. They include matters related to banking and finance, real estate; renting and construction, corporate; market, compliance, contract disputes, regulations and procedures, debt collection, bankruptcy and restructuring, mergers and acquisitions, employment, intellectual property, media, and information technology (IT).

The firm was originally established in 1974, and the partners themselves are acting as entrepreneurs, giving them unique perspectives on business matters. The firm's partners in business are also knowledgeable in other areas such as accounting, valuation, financial analysis, or tax consulting. The lawyers serve clients in hospitality and leisure, IT and e-business, fashion and entertainment, shipping, retail and consumer goods, business services, energy, and real estate.

The legal team at Fruytier Lawyers in Business possesses a broad range of experience and includes skilled negotiators and litigators, dedicated to professionally representing clients with integrity and confidence.

Year this Office was Established: 1974

Languages: English, Dutch, German, French.

Fruytier Lawyers in Business Areas of Law

Additional Areas of Law: E-Business; Innovation; Fashion; Employment Contracts; Non-Competition and Engagement Clauses; Study Agreements; Employment Incapacity; Liability; Transfer; Collective Labor Agreement; Participation Law; Project Agreements; Renting; Disputes, Regulation/Procedures; Debt Collection; Restructuring; Consumer Goods; Shipping; Competition Law; Compliance; Insolvency and Restructuring; Information Technology Law.

Fruytier Lawyers in Business Areas of Law Description

At Fruytier Lawyers in Business, we provide legal representation and services in the following areas of practice:

* International Debt Collection
Fruytier Lawyers in Business has great expertise in debt collection and recovery in the Netherlands as well as abroad. As debt collection attorney’s we take care of the entire process of debt collection, from the first notice of default to the enforcement and execution of a court order.

*Corporate law
Fruytier Lawyers in Business employs lawyers with a passion for entrepreneurship and law. Since our lawyers also do business themselves, we know what entrepreneurs encounter in their daily work. A corporate law attorney takes pride in helping entrepreneurs doing business successfully.

* Mergers and acquisitions
The lawyers at Fruytier Lawyers in Business have extensive experience and legal expertise in supervising mergers, divisions and business acquisitions. We take all our clients’ interests into account, because we have the necessary disciplines. We are often involved in – supervising – the sale of our clients’ businesses and, if necessary, we do so in consultation with other professionals. Examples include accountants, tax or corporate finance consultants, so that we do not lose sight of the financial and tax interests of our clients. Our specialists provide advice on setting up joint ventures, organizing management buy-outs/management buy-ins and they advise on what are often difficult acquisitions, like family businesses for example.

Something you definitely do not need is a lengthy and very expensive court procedure. It might sound strange coming from lawyers but we are no fan of going to court. This attitude stems from the fact that we ourselves are very pragmatic entrepreneurs. Court case are of lengthy, energy consuming and expensive. We have become really skillful negotiators because we know that the last thing you need is a lengthy procedure.
However if going to court is inevitably you’ll find we are very skilled litigators in most areas of the law.

* Intellectual property
Listed among one of a company’s valuable assets is its intellectual property as copyrights, brands, logos, models, products, trademarks and patents, or services offered. In order to protect this Intellectual Property, it is important to register them, use them strategically and act accordingly when violated. Also, registration of rights and agreement of compliance with partners, license holders or staff belongs to the field of Intellectual Property.

Lawyers of Fruytier Lawyers in Business frequently advise in the Intellectual Property area and guarantee to be competent to secure your rights. They offer a wide range on advice on choosing and registering names, brands, domain names and will manufacture or adjust property agreements as licences or conduct transfer of contracts.

Not only does Fruytier Lawyers in Business advise but litigate as well to protect your rights or counter breaching allegations.


Marcel Fruytier Mr. Marcel Fruytier
Senior Partner
Accident, Admiralty and Maritime, Arbitration, Banking and Finance, Bankruptcy

Jop Fellinger Mr. Jop Fellinger
Banking and Finance, Bankruptcy, Business Formation, Business Law, Corporate Law

Bert Gravendeel Mr. Bert Gravendeel
Business Law, Business Litigation, Commercial Law, Commercial Litigation, Consumer Law

Vincent van Oosteren Mr. Vincent van Oosteren
Arbitration, Banking and Finance, Bankruptcy, Business Formation, Business Law

Myrddin van Westendorp Mr. Myrddin van Westendorp
Arbitration, Banking and Finance, Business Formation, Business Law, Business Litigation

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