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Furtuna Law Office is a law office based in Republic of Moldova.
Office provides a full range of legal services, with a large amount of business working with international clients in the Moldavian market and moldavian clients in the international market.
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 How to Appeal a Civil Case in Moldova

What is the appeal. - In law, the appeal is a process through which parties may request from a higher court to change decision of the court of first instance. Which decisions can be appealed. - Moldovan Code of Civil Procedure explicitly determine which decisions could be appealed, but generally speaking, may be appealed decisions of the courts of first instance.

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 Free Economic Zones in Moldova and the Benefits Offered by Them

In accordance with national law, free economic zones (free enterprise zones) are part of the customs territory of the Republic of Moldova, economically separated, with strictly demarcated perimeter, where for local and foreign investors, according to the law, are allowed on preferential conditions different types of business activities.

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 The “Convenience” of Moldovan Flag for Yachts Registration

Everyone who buys or builds a yacht sooner or later are thinking about the registration and obtaining the right to property of vessel. Registration of yacht or another type of vessels, gives the right to navigate under the flag of the State in which the boat is registered, as well as the property right over it, which means that it must be registered in the Register of Shipping of some concrete state.

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 Registration of Vessels in the Republic of Moldova - Right to Navigate under Moldovan Flag

The main legislative document of Republic Moldova in field of maritime law is the Merchant Maritime Code, in force from 30.09.1999. Besides a lot of specific regulations for maritime law, the code regulates also the procedure and conditions for registration of a ship under the flag of the Republic of Moldova.

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 Starting a Business in Moldova: How to Register a Limited Liability Company

In this article, the author will briefly describe the procedure for registration of enterprises in the Republic of Moldova.

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 Non Residents of Republic of Moldova and Real Estate

Today, one of the most interesting objects for investment in Moldova is real estate. This fact it is grasped by both the Moldovan and foreign investors. The right of ownership in the Republic of Moldova is regulated by the Law "On property". According to this law, the subject of property rights can be any individual, legal entity, state, and local authorities.

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