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Garland, Samuel & Loeb has a reputation for excellence that is widely recognized and respected in the legal community. A reputation built on more than 20 years in pursuit of one goal, obtaining justice for every client.

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 Aggressive Action Against Aggressive Driving

The Georgia Department of Public Safety, along with sheriff's deputies, are joining forces to stop aggressive drivers as part of the Georgia Targeting Aggressive Cars and Trucks initiative.

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 The Losing Battle Over Indigent Defendant Rights in Georgia

In 1963, the US Supreme Court held in the landmark case Gideon v Wainwright that the Sixth Amendment of the US Constitution requires state courts to provide attorneys to any criminal defendant who is unable to afford one. In the past 46 years, however, many states have been unable — sometimes even unwilling — to meet this important obligation.

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 Hard Times: Prisons Slash Food Costs to Save Cash

The recession is hitting hard at all sectors of society, from the wealthy on Wall Street down to prisoners locked up in the nation’s penal institutions. States are cutting back on prison meals, hoping to save money.

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 Social Media in the Jury Room can Sabotage Trials

No one needs to be reminded of the stressful number of emails, voice mails, texts, and other “messages” which await them each day in their office in the practice of law. But how is this translating to jurors in the trial arena?

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