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Garrett Law Group, PLC is a criminal defense law firm based in Virginia Beach, Virginia. The attorney that represents your criminal defense case will play a significant role in helping to shape your future. Have a proven and experienced lawyer at your side that will put the necessary time, effort and care into your case. In Virginia Beach, and throughout Eastern Virginia, Garrett Law Group, PLC offers the quality, experience and resources that clients need. Our attorneys guide clients through the complicated legal landscape criminal defense. Rely on our experienced lawyers to provide reliable legal counsel.

As a strong advocate for clients, Garrett Law Group, PLC has a proud reputation among former clients and within the Virginia Beach legal community for providing effective advice, reliable representation and a commitment to service for his clients. Our lawyers believes that the key to any case comes from thorough preparation, whether we are protecting your right, providing DUI defense to save your driving privileges or preserving your freedom in a criminal assault case. You expect your attorney to walk into the courtroom or a negotiation with opposing counsel having done the work necessary to pursue the best outcome.

Our Virginia Beach law office cares about your future. Your lawyer will work closely with you throughout your case to keep you involved, informed and protected. Your rights and your future; they all matter to your attorney. The lawyers at Garrett Law Group, PLC handle a wide range of cases for clients in the areas criminal law, putting proven strategies and a commitment to excellent service behind everyone we represent. If you need strong guidance and dependable counsel and/or an aggressive attorney that can fight for you, we are ready to serve clients throughout Eastern Virginia.

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Articles Published by Garrett Law Group, PLC

 How Are Sentencing Guidelines Used in Criminal Cases in Virginia?

Virginia uses sentencing guidelines during sentencing for felony charges. After someone is convicted of a felony in Virginia, whether it be after entering a guilty plea or a trial, the Circuit Court judge will order a presentence report. A presentence report is prepared by a probation officer and includes various background, family, and employment information about the defendant. One of the items included in the presentence report is a calculation of sentencing guidelines.

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 What is a Guardian Ad Litem and Why Do I Need One for My Child Custody Case?

In Virginia Beach child custody cases, judges often appoint a Guardian ad Litem (GAL) for the children. Most family court judges do not favor having children testify in court during a child custody hearing. Custody cases are stressful and emotional matters for the parents involved, and even more so for the children. A Guardian ad Litem (GAL) is an experienced family law attorney who is appointed by the court to represent the interest of the children in a contested child custody case.

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 Abduction Cases Are Not Always Tied Neatly With a Bow

Abduction, or kidnapping, can be charged for many common situations that donít require being tied up and held against their will. The Virginia Code defines abduction as the unauthorized holding or transporting of someone against their will by force, threat, intimidation, or deception.

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 How is Military Retirement Split During a Military Divorce?

Military divorces are subject to both state and federal regulations for retirement distribution. In Hampton Roads, VA the military divorce lawyers at Garrett Law Group are available to answer your questions. Due to the extensive military presence in Hampton Roads, it is no surprise that many divorces filed in Virginia Beach are filed by military members or military spouses.

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