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Our Team of experienced San Diego Small Business attorneys specialize in all aspects of business law including, but not limited to: Business Formation, Contracts, Employment issues, Civil litigation, Mediation, Trademarks and Copyrights.

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 Considerations in Settling a California Dispute

[There are] advantages of filing a lawsuit, even where you know from the outset that the other party will likely agree to settle, so you can use a “Stipulated Judgment”, under CA Code of Civ. Procedure § 664.6 to aid in collection efforts if the settlement is not timely paid.

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 Video Recording on Private Property in California

Over the years, clients have inquired about the legality of installing video cameras on their privately owned commercial real estate or business premises. The short answer is that such recordings are legal in California. However, a more complete answer requires that legal counsel for the client determine whether such recordings violate (or may foreseeably violate) a person’s constitutional right or reasonable expectation of privacy in the recorded area.

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 Arbitration Agreements Including Emergency Relief Provisions

There are many sorts of business disputes where “emergency relief” may be called for. One common example is where trade secrets are stolen, often by employees or former employees. In view of that possibility, it is common for employment agreements to not only require the employees agree not to divulge company trade secrets, but likewise authorize the employer to seek emergency, “injunctive relief” to stop the use of stolen trade secrets.

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 Required Notices for Terminating Employees in California

These lists of notices are grouped by federal requirements and California requirements.

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 California’s “Good Faith Settlement” Law: An Example from a Recent Case

Lawsuits are expensive, as we all know, and as experienced business law litigators, we frequently find ourselves advising our business clients to settle their claims, usually at some reduced value, rather than pursue expensive, distracting litigation. But sometimes, even where your adversary is willing to agree to pay a reasonable settlement amount, filing a lawsuit may be advantageous.

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 A Trustee’s Responsibilities Administering a California Living Trust

Estate planning clients often have a lot of questions about their obligations as a trustee of their living trust. Where the acting trustee is also the creator or “grantor” of the trust, the trustee typically has plenary power to act on behalf of the trust and may amend or even revoke the trust in its entirety.

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 Remedies for Cybersquatting

Have you ever noticed that when a person or business name becomes popular or well-known, there’s often an unrelated third party prepared to park or register website domains in the name of that person or business? In many such cases, the third party’s objective involves making an easy profit by holding the domains “hostage” until the rightful owner of the name or mark is willing to pay a premium for the domains. This is called cybersquatting and it is illegal.

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 California’s Anti-SLAPP Laws Increase Risk when Suing Based on Consumer Complaints

California anti-SLAPP laws are are designed to protect the public right to petition and free speech in matters of public interest and concern, including in connection with lawsuits, legislation, in public forums and discussions, and generally in matters of public interest. Where anti-SLAPP law applies, however, it can spell disaster for a plaintiff who is found to have filed a contravening lawsuit as illustrated by the example below.

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