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 Trust Fund Recovery Penalty – A Nightmare for Businesses

Payroll tax problems are highly unique by a number of measures. Payroll tax problems are generally regarded much more seriously than other tax issues and are also detected and moved against by the IRS much faster. In addition Payroll Tax Problems are different in another way – the number of people who can be personally liable. When it comes to payroll tax problems it’s not just the business owners or the “corporation” that can be held liable for the back taxes.

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 IRS Tax Liens and Levies - The Strongest Debt Collection Methods

If you owe money to the IRS and they find that you are not paying your taxes they will take money from you right out of your bank account. Tax liens and levies are used by the IRS to take over your bank accounts, property, and other assets.

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 Payroll Taxes and Trust Fund Recovery

The IRS has made some changes, taking advantage of new payment technologies that remove any wiggle-room for employers to make the payroll tax payments. As of January 1, 2011 Employers are required to make their federal tax payments through the electronic federal tax payments system. This system is free but employers must register to get started. To make things more complex the employer must make separate payments for each different tax return type including tax forms 940, 941 and 945.

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 Three Legal Programs To Get Out Of IRS Tax Trouble

Many people have heard or seen advertisements from tax help firms tax speak of settling back tax debt for “Pennies on the dollar”. The program these advertisements are referring to is called the offer in compromise. While in some cases is really is possible to have this successful outcome, a debt stricken taxpayer should know they will have to qualify for the OIC first. The next question asked of course will be “How do I qualify for the offer in compromise program?”

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 Payroll Trust Fund Tax Problems Are in Another League

A lot of businesses are skating on thin ice when it comes to trust fund taxes. However easy it may be to rationalize using the payroll taxes withheld from your employees to help keep the lights on, you might as well be waiving a red cape in front of an angry bull.

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 What Is the Difference between an IRS Bank Account Levy and Garnishment

Bank Levies and wage garnishment are often confused. Many times a bank levy is mistakenly referred to as a "Garnishment". The main differences are as follows - a bank levy is when the IRS will gain legal access to a taxpayers assets for the purpose of paying off the taxpayers tax liability.

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 Payroll Taxes Are Very Different than All Other Types of IRS Problems

With some tax problems - like not paying or even not filing personal income taxes - it can take the IRS a while (even years) to “catch on”. And even when they do finally realize there’s a problem, they may not react so quickly.

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